The Sharing Controversy

Sharing Controversy

SHARING is quite possibly one of the most controversial topics amongst the Poshmark Community. I previously explained in my “Sharing is Caring” Post (found Here) the basics of sharing and how it benefits your closet and others. Today I will go more in depth with sharing styles and give my thoughts on those closets that seemingly don’t share.

I don’t think there is a “correct” number of shares that you should have under your belt. Some ladies simply do not have the time that some do. There are closets that serve as a Poshers full-time job. There are closets that belong to those who work long shifts at their regular job, and they struggle to even drop their sales off at the post office during business hours. So many factors in life effect our time that we have to dedicate to Poshmark- I can only imagine the juggling some Poshers do to balance work, family, kids, dating, preparing meals, taking care of loved ones, etc. and still have time to share! We all have our unique situation. We have all picked up our own sharing technique based on what works for us.

Let me recap a few styles that I have done/do/observed: Read more

Top 10 Things no one warns you about when you join Poshmark

Poshmark Warning

Poshmark should come with a warning.

Even if you read the “terms and conditions” they do not mention what really happens after you join.

This is your Poshmark warning.

Top 10 Things NO ONE Warns You About When You Join Poshmark:


1. You will become obsessed

2. You will decide Poshing is more important than sleep

3. You will start talking to your PFF more than your BFF

4. You will find that you have nothing to talk about at the dinner table other than what happened today on Poshmark

5. You will start avoiding your friends who don’t Posh, clearly you are growing apart

6. You stop shopping at the mall

7. You can’t remember the last time you were at a mall

8. “Full Price” is the new F’word

9. You live in regret over all the NWT clothing you got rid of over the years

10. Staying home on a Friday is the new “going out”







How to hit a Poshmark Lowball out of the Park

Poshmark Lowball Offer

If there was one word I could remove from the Poshmark vernacular it would be “lowball.” As in, lowball offer.

I hate it, it makes my skin crawl. It’s not the meaning behind it that I despise (although we all cringe at $5 offers on our designer jeans) but the word itself… it’s overused, but for a good reason.

I will explain two major ways that “lowball” offers are given in case you have not experienced one before, or if you are a buyer and not a seller.

Read more

The Truth about Poshmark Host Picks


Editor’s Note: The following is my opinion, from what I have seen, heard, and personally experienced and is not based on fact.

There are several major milestones for a Poshmark Closet. Co-Hosting a Party, becoming a Suggested User, and receiving a PM Editor Share to name a few. One of the very first ones that is “easiest” to achieve receiving coveted HOST PICKS.

“What are Host Picks?” you might be asking. Host Picking is the main function of a party Co-Host.

Here is how it works

When asked to Co-Host a party, you are given the task of curating the Host Pick Showroom. You and the other hosts each get to choose 50-100 items each by “sharing” them during a Posh Party. As they are shared, they are specially showcased in the Host Pick tab of the party. Shoppers go to this area to see the best of the best and to see items that best represent the theme. Browsers looking for inspiration may search this section to find new closet to follow. Meanwhile, the Hosts get to prove that they have an eye for style. That, in a nutshell, is a Host Pick. Read more

If I hear “sharing is caring” one more time, I will give you the Care Bear Stare

Just kidding.

Although you will hear and read this over and over.

Is sharing really important? Where do my shares go? Why do I want to promote someone else’s closet when I have my own stuff to sell???

I know it seems like you are passing out someones virtual “business card” by hitting that share button… but here is what really happens:

When you hit “share” on your own listing or another Posher’s listing you are making it appear in the “feed” of your followers. It doesn’t mean that all your followers will see it, they have to be scrolling their feed to see it (much like a twitter or instagram feed- you miss a lot of what is posted). This is why you want your listing shared as often as possible.

So why share another closet? Two main reasons: friendship and sharing back. Read more

What the heck is a PFF? Didn’t we stop the FF stuff in 8th Grade?

I can’t begin to imagine what a Poshing “newbie” thinks the first time they see the acronym “PFF” on this site where you sell clothes…

All I have to say is… if you don’t know what a PFF is, then you are in desperate need of a PFF!

A PFF by definition is a Posh Friend Forever. Before you panic and think “Between work, my family, my pottery class, my annoying REAL best friend… How am I going to have MORE FFs???”… calm down.

In reality, a PFF is a term of endearment and says- “Hey girl, you are cool, I like your closet, I’m gonna share the crap out of it when I have time, and let’s form an alliance.”

Why do these friendships matter, you ask? I mean, you have sold on eBay for years and never met a soul.

That’s one of my FAVORITE things about Poshmark… you can talk to other sellers… actually talk to your customers… and affect your success by the amount of work your put in.

This is something I learned early on… the benefit these friendships can bring and how much fun they can be!

How to start a friendship: Read more

Hey, I like your photos!


So, you wake up and start scrolling through your Poshmark feed and you see a photo of yourself…. Wait, I thought I sold that top?

You are half asleep and very confused. Finally it dawns on you that the person who purchased that top from you has listed the item again. We call that a “re-posh.” It happens all the time- and is a great way to re-coup your money and keep your wardrobe fresh. Once you get over the disappointment that she did not end up falling in love with the top (that used to be your personal favorite until you gained 10 pounds), you realize “Hey, THAT’s ME!!!” Read more