The Crazy Cat Lady



First off, nothing makes me more excited than society’s sudden acceptance of all things CAT.

Look around you, shirts are adorned with the word “Meow!” and kittens dressed as astronauts. Also, the coffee world has embraced the market’s demand for kitty themed mugs. Pure bliss for a cat lover such as me!

But can we ever get away from the stigma of “Crazy Cat Lady”???

Long ago I decided to embrace it. Why? Well, you have probably decided that this mythical woman is nuts and must be avoided. Maybe it’s time to meet her… Read more

How to Practice Safe Poshing

Amidst all the positivity, buying and selling online can pose dangers and risks. We all know not to post our credit card numbers (duh) and not to mail cash (who would DO that???). But what about the things that can go wrong that are not necessarily common sense?

I am going to tell you about a few ways to be EXTRA careful when buying and selling online. Specifically on the Poshmark app. I will say that I feel 100% safe selling (and buying!!!) from this site. BUT, I have also seen some users engaging and posting things that can leave themselves and others vulnerable. Read more

Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets.


I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers and was following tons of closets. She went on to tell Posher B that she was not being a positive community member because she did not support others by following them. I was shocked by the bold accusations. I, too, only follow a few hundred! Am I doing something wrong???

To explain my opinion on this matter, let me tell you about my Poshmark following journey: Read more

Ratings: Elle’s Guide to the Stars



(This post has been updated on April 16, 2016 with some new content and tips)


Nothing can start a more heated debate than the simple word ratings.

Receiving a perfect rating can make your day! On the other hand, a rating that we feel is unjust can ruin your weekend.

In this post I will address the system, my opinion of how it works, decoding the stars, and then I will give full disclosure on my own personal ratings. Read more

Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party




Editor’s Note: This is not an official guideline. This is merely an opinion piece based on my experiences and how I personally organize and manage hosting a Poshmark Party! Timelines will vary and experiences will differ for everyone.


The day has finally come! The dream of hosting a Poshmark party going to be a reality. You opened up your email and there it is:

“You’re Invited to Host a Poshmark Party!”

In this blog installment I will go in-depth with what to expect every step of the way When hosting a Poshmark Party. All based on my multiple co-hosting experiences. Read more

The Poshmark Police

The Poshmark Police


Please Note: The following is my opinion. I am just telling ya like I would tell a friend over coffee. Please see Poshmark blog link listed or email Poshmark Support with any questions regarding specific rules and regulations and how they apply to you.



If Poshmark had a #trending section… “Follow Posh Rules” would be trending day after day, hour after hour.

What is the big deal?

Let’s talk about. The what and why of it all. Read more

… and the Theme is…


The party is this Saturday, March 7th, and I am SO excited about this theme! Although I would not describe my personal style as “RockStar”, I do appreciate so many elements of the theme. It is going to be a blast to help curate this showroom…


Now, let’s get down to business!

Each host is allowed to choose a maximum of 100 listings to have showcased in Saturday’s Party.

I am on the HUNT!! No time to waste!!

Please feel free to TAG me @vance289 in a listing you would like to have considered. It’s not a promise I will choose it, but it will certainly help me see closets I may have otherwise overlooked!

Please note: I am unable to choose if you have unsupported items listed (i.e. bathing suits without tags, make up that has been used/tested, perfume or alcohol based products, the list goes on- check out the Poshmark official blog post Here

I look forward to browsing through all of your fabulous closets!

Are you new to Posh? Check out my “Poshmark” tab on my blog menu and have fun reading through my tips and opinions!



Pricing Your Poshmark Closet

Pricing Your Poshmark Closet

A common question from Poshmark newbies and others looking to increase their sales: “How do you decide on pricing?” There are several different pricing strategies that I have tried. All have positives and negatives. I will review a few with you. Just remember… this is your item and you do not have to sell it for a price that you aren’t comfortable with!

Before we get into that, I must first set the stage by answering the question I get most: “How long does it take for a listing to sell?” That depends directly on pricing and demand. If you are selling individual, unique item (i.e. not wholesale, or something you have multiples of) you have to find the exact right buyer- It can take time, but he/she is out there. I have sold listings the day I posted them, and even just last week I sold a couple of things that were my first listings posted over 8 months ago! Be patient, things will sell. Consider the season too. Right now, people are gearing up for Spring- so it is unlikely that anyone is looking to invest in a North Face coat (they probably bought one last September).

Note to Newbies: Everyone asks me “When/How do I get my first sale?” It took me almost 2 weeks to get my first sale… then slowly but surely the sale came in. Don’t get discouraged- but I will recommend that you to accept the first couple of offers you receive! Just as long as you can “afford” to accept the price (I’m NOT suggesting you should accept $15 on a Tiffany bracelet!). A potential buyer wants to know that your closet is legit by seeing that you have a selling history. Rarely does anyone want to be your first sale, so sometimes it’s worth it to sacrifice a few dollars to gain buyer confidence!

Let’s get started on Pricing! Read more