The Polite Way to Re-Posh

One of my favorite things about shopping on Poshmark is Re-Poshing!

I know, I know, there should be a dictionary explaining all the Posh terms! For those who are new to this… “Re-Poshing” is when you resell something that you purchased on Poshmark.

This can be tricky and there is certainly an unspoken etiquette guideline.

Let’s go over a few basics:

1. I am on the fence on whether or not you HAVE to say that you are re-poshing. I do. I feel it necessary just in case the seller sees the listing- I want to ensure they do not think I am trying to “flip” their clothes. If you DO state that you are re-poshing DO NOT BASH THE SELLER IN THE LISTING. (i.e. ” I bought this on Posh and the seller said it was a medium but it’s definitely a small.”) That’s not cool. Resell and move on. Read more


I just celebrated my first anniversary with Poshmark (Yay me!). So I have experienced a complete year of many ups and downs. As with any retail business you will see shopping trends. There will seem to be days where everyone decided to jump on the internet and shop and then there will be weeks where you can hear an echo in your closet!



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Elle’s Guide on how NOT to take awful photos

“Use natural lighting!”

“Have amazing cover shots!”

“Make sure your pictures are clear!”

Yeah, yeah, we all have read this advice and we know it’s true. A great cover shot is the best way to get your item noticed and ultimately SOLD .

But what does this advice really mean? Well, I can’t tell you how to take amazing flawless photos. Why? Because I am not a photographer. My photos are mediocre at best. BUT, I can tell you how not to take awful ones!

So, here it is… Elle’s Guide on how NOT to take awful photos! Read more