Are you talking SHIP?



I was not around in the Poshmark world when shipping was $6.99… I joined just after it had been drastically dropped to $4.99 for packages less than 5 lbs.

Sounds pretty reasonable right?

Apparently not.

Ever since Poshmark has spoiled us with 0.99 promotional shipping… things seemed to have changed… shifted.

Have you experienced this scenario?

  • Posher is interested in your item… asks for it to be modeled… You model. Then she asks for measurements… you measure. She asks if you will take less… you discuss a deal. Then she says, “Do you mind holding this until the next 0.99 shipping day???”

Or maybe this one…

  • You have item listed at $40.00.  Posher asks, “Will you take $15???” You reply, “No, sorry that is too low.” She comes back with “But if I pay $15 plus $4.99 shipping then I will still be paying $20!”

Yes dear, you think to yourself, that is how math works.

Now, I certainly do understand a budget… and I am not referring to those of us who need to stick to a dollar amount for this week’s outfit addition. I am referring in this post to the mentality that $4.99 shipping is a rip-off.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when sites offer free shipping. Every company these days offers free shipping when you spend a certain amount… why can’t Poshmark offer it on a consistent basis too???

I do not know the financial business model for Posh nor is any of my opinion based on actual behind the scenes knowledge.

But I do know my basic math.

Let me explain how I see it….

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A Word of Advice for Me… From Me

When scrolling through social media sites it’s hard to not become envious of others.
The snapshots on Instagram of the perfect sunset or coffee by the river evokes jealousy of strangers. Then there are our friends on Facebook whose posts are about perfect, loving boyfriends or their amazing weekend road trip…
If you actually were a fly on the wall- you most likely would find that things aren’t as perfect as they post.
The same can be said for Poshmark.
Let me explain.

As I have confessed before… early on I suffered from closet envy. I thought- if I had 100k+ followers I would be selling tons… or If I had the time to take better photos than I would get that many likes! I bet if I hosted a party then my closet would sell out!!!

I recently conducted an experiment.
Well, honestly, I accidentally conducted an experiment.

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What’s REALLY in My Bag

Contents of my Handbag



There is an overwhelming obsession in magazines and blogs to find out “What’s in her bag!” Typically it is a celebrity or other woman-of-the-moment.
I can remember being in high school and reading Seventeen Magazine (or was it YM?) and there was a supermodel who was sharing the contents of her bag. Unfortunately I have no clue who it was. What stuck out to me was how vastly different her bag was from my own. She had chapstick (check!) , a wallet with important cards (check!), a disc-man and favorite CDs (hmmmm), and a white t-shirt (WHAT??). She went on to describe that of course she needed that white t-shirt because you never knew when you needed a white t-shirt. The shirt she had was probably worth more than my whole purse and contents. I wanted to be that cool but couldn’t bring myself to actually stick a white t-shirt in my bag. sigh.
I didn’t need a white t-shirt.

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Things I wish I Knew about Clothing… in my 20’s



I promise this is not a lame fashion post about tired topics like “What to wear to the BBQ this weekend!” or “How to look effortless during festival season!” I mean, really? Well, you might still find it lame but whatever.

Like most of us, I have a full closet. I also suffer from “I have nothing to wear.” For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have a small selection of only my favorites. A few pieces that when I open my closet door I get overwhelmed because I want to wear everything THAT DAY.

Days I have felt that way so far? zero.

I hated everything. I used to buy tops just to wear them once or twice and end up despising them for whatever reason. I spent too much money at LOFT and then never wore what I purchased. Normally I would hate the way they felt or the fit was wrong but I loved owning them and liked having them hanging around in my closet.

Recently (within the past few years) my mind has been completely blown as I discovered a few things about clothing (and myself). If I could go back in time- this is what I would have sat down and told myself over a cup of coffee.

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What to do when you have done it all

You are sitting at your computer and your finger is tired of clicking the mouse to share listings. So, you switch to your iPad or phone. Click, share. Click, share.

Now you absent-mindedly check your Instagram to see if you have any likes… Now back to Poshmark.

Click, share. Click, share.

Oooooh… Facebook….

Must get on track… click, share.

Oh, a notification! A share back!

You keep sharing. It’s almost like being at a slot machine… the next share might be the one! The JACKPOT!  A Posher might see this listing and HAVE to bundle!

Click, share. Click, share.

Wait, where did that hour go?

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