BUNDLES: Strange Behavior Decoded



For updated advice on Bundles and “making an offer” click the link below:

Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

For so long we have petitioned and prayed for some sort of cart to make our lives easier and IT’S HERE!

Has it helped? What I have heard most from fellow Poshers is that they have yet to sell a bundle through the feature. The Bundle feature, which was launched in July of this year, allows a buyer to combine listings and purchase without the seller having to create a new listing. This new addition has also sparked some frustration as well as odd behavior (bundle and run?). I have held off on giving my opinion for a while now- because I had not had anyone purchase using the feature either… until recently.

Here are the Pros and Cons that I see:

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Group Therapy: How a Share Group can change your Life



Did you know that there is a secret society meeting going on right now within Poshmark???

Just kidding.


There really are not-so-secret groups meeting up on Poshmark. Some are exclusive and some have open membership. These gathering of Poshers are called SHARE GROUPS. You probably have come across a Share Group listing in your feed or maybe while browsing a closet. Being a member and participating in a share group can be advantageous as highly effective way to spend your time sharing.

But what IS a “share group” you ask?

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I “like”…. YOU

I took a year off of Facebook and recently re-activated my account. The “like” feature and it’s uses seem to have changed. It’s no longer that you actually like something… it now seems to stand for acknowledgment. Anytime someone comments on my status, I feel that I have to “like” it. If I don’t I fee like I am somehow being rude.

On Instagram, people collect likes… not even sure why I “like” anything on there. I mean, it doesn’t save it anywhere so I can go back and check it out. Are people supposed to “like” back?? Such a confusing thing to do.

Twitter doesn’t get involved in such nonsense… Thanks Twitter!

The there is the ever confusing Poshmark “like”….

Most new Poshers upon receiving a “like” on their listing may jump for joy with the perception that THIS PERSON IS ABOUT TO PURCHASE! Newbie Posher will then immediately comment “Interested???” to the liker hoping to secure the deal. Low and behold, the item sometimes this listing gets “unliked”, but typically you just get ignored.

If you are new to Poshmark, please continue reading… these are the potential reasons for a “like” …


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