i like to party.

It’s that time again…

I will be hosting my 3rd Poshmark party on January 22, 2016!

I won’t go over all the details about hosting because I already have HERE.

Once I find out the theme I will update everyone and finalize my host pick selections.

Wondering how to get a host pick, or what that even means??? Click HERE to read my past post about that…

I will say, when you post a “party announcement” in your closet, you get hundreds (if not thousands) of closet suggestions. It is incredibly difficult to go through every single one.

SO, if you are reading this post and you would like for me to look through your closet… Read more

How to Posh during the Holidays without Losing Your Mind


Last year was my first time buying and selling on Poshmark during the holidays. I was unsure what to expect. Was it going to be extremely busy? Would I even have time to pack up all the sales?

Based on my observations and experience I want to prepare you for what you may see this year during the holidays.


Let’s go back to last year… I am by nature a record keeper. I keep detailed records of my Poshmark activity on a daily basis. I even keep an account of how much sharing I do to see if there is a connection between how much I share and the impact on my sales (It’s no secret that Yes, they are directly connected!). Last holiday season, right around this time, my closet took a nose dive. I almost closed my closet down with the intention of opening back up in January. I didn’t though. I stayed open and continued to share and only had a few sales in November and December. I was completely shocked and hadn’t expected such a drastic change.

My plan was that this year I would close up shop for the month of December… I have since change my mind. I expect this year to be MUCH different.

Here’s my 3 thoughts on why…

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