Elle’s Guide to Natural Lighting

I believe the single most important factor to get your Poshmark listings noticed comes down to one thing:



More specifically, your cover shots. A cover shot is the first image a buyer will see when browsing your listings.

I know “most important factor” is quite a claim… Yes, sharing is of the utmost importance too … But, c’mon, we all like pretty things.
I remember when my friend first showed me Poshmark and her “closet”, I was completely blown away by her photos! She took those with her phone??

Your photos will give an immediate first impression. Much like when you first meet a person. All the other factors such as price, condition, style- that’s like a person’s personality- it keeps you around, or in this case, purchasing.

Here are a few questions that go through my mind when a listing catches my eye:

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Poshmark Rules: The Day I Got Flagged

There is one mistake you could be making in your Poshmark closet… unknowingly.

Something that could be stopping you from becoming a Suggested User and from Hosting a party.

How do I know?

Because it happened to me.

The warning came in the form of an email. Subject line: “Note from the Poshmark Team”.


To fully explain, I must give you the background:

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