5 EASY Steps to Listing on Poshmark

Listing your clothes on Poshmark is so simple and easy. You take a few pictures, describe how fabulous your item is, name your price and DONE.

So… WHY does it get so overwhelming??

Ideally I would add a new listing every day as I decide to sell an article of clothing… but, of course, I let it pile up until I have 20+ waiting for me.

Then I like to sit and stare at the basket full of clothes, with every intention to start listing. I get overwhelmed at the thought of even trying to start.. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. I will turn on the TV or find some other “important” activity to work on… like staring at the wall.



I have to remind myself constantly that these clothes are not ever going to sell if I don’t list them.

As I expressed in my previous post regarding Tracking Poshmark Sales, I like to find the most productive and time effective way to do things. It has taken a while, but I now have mastered a routine that makes the task of listing on Poshmark much less daunting!


Here it is….


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Offers: Don’t Take it Personal

I had a truly eye-opening conversation concerning Offers.

But let me start at the beginning…

My best friend is obsessed with shoes. She does not just claim to love shoes, it is a lifestyle for her.

She has a room in her home dedicated to her shoes. She has hundreds of pairs.

My best friend is also on Poshmark. She doesn’t sell, she has yet to purchase, but she does browse.

She browses the shoes, of course.

Occasionally she will ask my opinion on a pair she finds. I insist that she let’s me check out the listing to determine if it looks like a reputable seller and closet.

A week or so ago, we were sitting at Starbucks enjoying our grande flat white lattes when she showed me a pair of shoes she liked. They were really nice Vera Wang flats, not my style, but TOTALLY her.

This is how our conversation went…


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Tracking Your Poshmark Sales


I have a fascination with keeping records. I find value in recording stats in order to uncover patterns. I want to know the MOST EFFECTIVE way to do something so I can cut through the crap and accomplish things quickly and effectively. When it comes to Poshmark strategy, the way I do this is by keeping records of sales and my behaviors that may impact them. There are so many things you can track from self-sharing, time of day, who you share, what you share, price point, brands… I’m sure they have massive amounts of statistics at PMHQ (good grief- I would love to see their reports!!!) but I am going to focus on a simple few that I track and how I utilize this data.

First things first, I know we live in a world of technology… one where the techies of the world look down upon paper trails and don’t know what the word “filofax” means. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I am slightly obsessed with office supplies.

Well, sorry to disappoint some of you BUT, I use an old fashion calendar style planner to track my Poshmark closet.

There is nothing that thrills me more than buying a new planner and setting it up!

Side note: in my personal life I use a personal size Finsbury Filofax planner. I received it as a Christmas present two years ago and it was an organizational game changer!


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