Selfish Sharing


If you aren’t interested in reading yet another person’s manifesto about the importance of sharing… I don’t blame you.

From the moment you sign up on Poshmark, the term and “importance” of the action is shoved down your throat.

Sometimes I view sharing like I viewed Lentil Stew as a child…  I know it’s supposed to be good for me but I just can’t stomach it anymore.

Let’s face the facts though, out of all of the currently popular selling platforms, none offer such a straightforward opportunity to get your listings out there. From what I have observed, to get attention on the other popular platforms it is advised to constantly list new items, utilize hashtags, and participate in forums (among others). All are well and good, but Poshmark offers an easier way… to Share.

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It’s Poshmark Party Time!

I have never been so excited to host a party on Poshmark!

This party is going to be held the evening of Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

But the absolute BEST part is who I get to co-host with…

I will be teaming up with the popular fashion blogger

Jessica from Cubicle Chic.




She gives amazing advice on how to stay fashionably appropriate at work… just check out her Instagram HERE.

And, of course, her Poshmark closet CubicleChic.


Also joining us is Lisa from the amazing Poshmark Closet




Believe me, her closet really IS fabulous! You can check out her Insta Style HERE.


I guess you can see why I am so excited… However, there is ONE problem…

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