Calculating Your Poshmark Sales

It’s the first day or a new month so I wanted to send you all a quick note about tracking and calculating your Poshmark Sales…

Why do I keep talking about this subject?

Like I said, I was a retail manager for almost 1 million years.

If you have every stood on your feet, in heels, for 9 hours a day then you know exactly what 1 million years feels like.

Also, you all know that I like numbers… I have always liked to find different ways to look at sales figures to see what strategies work best and what the sales trends are doing. It’s part of who I am at this point. Tracking your sales is key in determining patterns and what is or isn’t working in your Poshmark closet. Time after time- my feelings and hunches have been proved wrong by consulting sales reports.

… and it’s happened yet again.

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