What’s Up with the Suggested User Program?

suggested user program

It’s time for a little update on my opinions and experiences with the Suggested User Program on Poshmark.

I have previously explained the program in my own words: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

… and given my opinions on how this program could be stronger: Suggested Updates to the Suggested User Program.

While I have no insider knowledge (no friends at PMHQ)… a few Posh- friends that went to PoshFest last September did inform me that the SU program was addressed and that updates were in the works but not available yet. I’m sure an overhaul of that magnitude takes quite some time for programmers to perfect.

So moving on… Due to the volume of questions I still receive on the subject, I feel like I need to make some comments on how my experience has changed since I first became an SU.

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Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram

I am a huge advocate of promoting your Poshmark Closet on Instagram.

Yes, there are so many Social Media platforms to promote with… Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are just a few.

When you make (or edit) a listing there is even an easy share option:

Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram


Or if you are just sharing the old fashion way:

Promoting Your Poshmark Closet on Instagram


For those who might be cynical and think “Of course Poshmark wants us to promote POSHMARK! That’s why it is easy…”

Let me tell you how this benefits YOU.

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Celebrating Two Years of the Gray Asparagus

Two Years of the Gray Asparagus

It’s the Gray Asparagus’s Two Year Anniversary!


It’s been TWO YEARS?

I cannot believe that TWO YEARS have passed since launching The Gray Asparagus.

Let’s back up…

I started keeping a diary at the age of seven. It held the basic secrets of a seven-year old… who I thought was cute and who my current best friend was. One day I found out that my brother had read my entire diary! In a panic, I took out an eraser and erased the contents… I erased all the words I had written (in pencil, of course) as if this too could erase the words from my brother’s memory. It didn’t, but life went on.

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Things I Learned from Closing My Poshmark Closet

Closing my Poshmark Closet

Closing my Poshmark closet didn’t happen on a whim. I knew I would need a break for an undetermined amount of time… I wasn’t trying to be dramatic. I just marked stuff down, deleted tons, and took a break. It felt weird… like I was quitting a job. Which, in reality is what I did. It feels like I was only gone a week, but it was two months.

I needed the time where I wasn’t constantly sharing, stressing over listing, or racing out to the post office, all the while trying to juggle my current responsibilities. Throw the holiday season in there and I was OVERWHELMED to say the least. That’s why I took a step back. Today I am waiting for the rain to stop so that I can hopefully get good natural lighting to take pictures so I can post some new listings!! But in the meantime, I wanted to share with you what I learned while I was gone.

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