5 EASY Steps to Listing on Poshmark

Listing your clothes on Poshmark is so simple and easy. You take a few pictures, describe how fabulous your item is, name your price and DONE.

So… WHY does it get so overwhelming??

Ideally I would add a new listing every day as I decide to sell an article of clothing… but, of course, I let it pile up until I have 20+ waiting for me.

Then I like to sit and stare at the basket full of clothes, with every intention to start listing. I get overwhelmed at the thought of even trying to start.. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. I will turn on the TV or find some other “important” activity to work on… like staring at the wall.



I have to remind myself constantly that these clothes are not ever going to sell if I don’t list them.

As I expressed in my previous post regarding Tracking Poshmark Sales, I like to find the most productive and time effective way to do things. It has taken a while, but I now have mastered a routine that makes the task of listing on Poshmark much less daunting!


Here it is….


5 Easy Steps to Listing on Poshmark


Before I can begin, I need my supplies.


They include:

  • Phone
  • IPad with keyboard
  • Lint roller
  • Measuring tape
  • Cup of coffee


Gather all my items to list.

You can organize them by category, whatever you find easier. I lay them all out flat into a neat stack (this helps them not to wrinkle and also makes Step 2 easier).


Measure and Describe

Since accurate descriptions are important, I inspect each item thoroughly.

Key places to inspect:

  • Seams- ensure there are no ripped seams or missing stitches
  • Underarms- no staining or deodorant residue
  • Overall search for holes or discoloration- I usually hold up to a window to catch any tiny holes- I triple check brands like J.Crew and Vince which are notorious for those tiny holes at the waist (due to the soft cotton material)
  • Pilling under arms

Yes, there are a million other things to look for when you describe- but these are just of few examples.

Even if you are selling retail or NWT I think it’s still important to inspect. Especially right before shipping. There is always a chance of factory damage.


As important as the description is, I find including measurements to be equally as important. In my closet, items with detailed measurements seem to sell faster due to impulse purchasing. If a potential buyer needs more information, in the amount of time it takes to ask a question and get a response- they may lose interest.

Examples of Basic measurements:

  • Underarm to underarm- tops and jackets
  • Back of neck to bottom of hem- tops and jackets
  • Flat across waist- skirts and pants
  • Inseam- pants and shorts
  • Front rise- pants and shorts

Some like to measure sleeve length too- I rarely get asked for it so I do not include in basic measurements. Everyone has different details they like to include so you can adjust accordingly.

Here is my secret to doing this task faster!

I have a prepared “script” for each category. I copy and paste within “notes” and then I fill in the blanks with my item specifics.


I can fly through the stack of clothes fairly quickly with this method. Once the stack of clothes is complete, I have a new file with this round of listings. I will use this new file in Step 4 of the process.

… and seriously, this keyboard is what keeps me sane.


Step 3


I take photos with my iPhone. Some Poshers like to use a real camera but since you cannot upload photos to Poshmark from a PC, I do not want the extra step.

For Step 3, I take 4 basic photos with the item on a hanger.

  • Front
  • Back
  • Tag
  • Detail

Easy as that. Because I am not “styling” these shots… this is quick and easy.


Combine within the Poshmark App.

This step can be done at anytime of the day. I use my iPhone to create the listing. I upload the photos and add a title. Also, I assign brand, size, color, and price. For description I will just put a dot or “coming soon.” Once I upload all the photos with required details… I move on to my iPad.

From my iPad I copy the description from my notes and paste it into the new listing I have created.







Update photos.

I find that my items get more “likes” and ultimately sell faster when I have a modeled covershot. Since this is the most time-consuming step, I leave it for last… and later.

This Step requires optimal natural lighting and a good amount of time (I have to rearranging my furniture so I have a free wall).

So I get to this within the next few days or sooner as time (and lighting) allows. While I am at it- I also update older listings that may need re-vamping. If it’s an item that does not fit me or if it is unflattering on my body type- I use my mannequin or keep the shot on the hanger. Also, some styles have details that need to be showcased differently and is another reason I may opt for a different style such as a “flat lay”.


Yes, I know I said “5 EASY STEPS” and now I am throwing in a SIXTH… But that is because the 6th step is NOT easy.

Put away the clothes.

I have a fabulous rolling rack for clothes that are easily wrinkled and require hanging. Pieces that can be folded are stored in labeled bins for easy access.



My bins are labeled:

Sweaters- solid

Sweaters- prints


Tops- solid

Tops- prints


Shorts and Pants

Dresses and Skirts


Vests and other


… and whatever other categories I currently have in my closet.


FYI, I hate, hate, hate, hate putting away clothes.


Well, there ya have it! This is exactly how I list my items quickly and efficiently.

Honestly, since using this method I have listed upwards of 40+ items in an afternoon.

What about you? What is your system for listing on Poshmark?




12 thoughts on “5 EASY Steps to Listing on Poshmark

  1. I feel like I repeat myself everytime I comment – but another FAB post!

    Love your methodology. I do something similar – since I have so much to post (and I’m always going thru my closet, thinking I know I love this but I STILL haven’t worn it!) I also don’t have a ton of time to style shots. I usually grab the pile of clothes I have time for and take photos. I write down all the measurements in a notebook that I can take with me easily, so whenever I’m able I can start my listings and add the measurements for each one. LOVE your idea for creating standard listings in the Notepad…what a time saver.

    As I’m cleaning my closet/re-organizing, I separate any items I want to list and throw them in a large bag, which I grab whenever I have free time & good lighting to take shots. I also have a clothing rack for hanging items, but need to figure out a better system for the shoes I have without boxes 🙂


  2. I copy and paste a similar listing to do new listings. You can also use temporary photos or start with just one then go back and finesse the listings. I always include sleeve length and measure between the shoulders on jackets, sweaters or hoodies. Easier to measure all at once then dig it out later when you have a huge closet. Some folks have attached a yardstick to a desk or table so they can easily measure everything.


  3. Are you available for hire? Genius stuff–esp the folders/copy and paste idea! I try to list different sizes and categories per round of listing. I’m hoping it maximizes eyes in my closet. In the end, I think we all understand how incredibly important a a well-lit picture can be.

  4. Ha ha. I sell online on 2 platforms for a living. I live in NYC on a high floor so I swear by daylight lamps. I can take my photos 24/7 and the colors are pretty true.

    Posh on,

  5. I hate modeling my clothes! I tend to over analyze anything I model and never use it anyway! A friend of mine tends to need my help with things online so we trade services, she models and I lend her my computer smarts! Other than that I’ve tried to limit time I spend listing to three -five items a day. I list on two platforms so it becomes pretty crazy if I do more outside my already full time job!!

    1. I try to upload the pics and combine the description one by one. Occasionally I will load the pics all at once and then add description or vice versa. When a listing (and I’m sure you know this- but someone else reading comments may not) is first uploaded it will show in the “Just Added” tab of the brand search so I want the picture to be there. Photos make a bigger impact than just a description and a “coming soon” graphic. Also, if I am uploading during a party or it gets shared to a party- it will go into the “First Look” section- and again, I want it to be complete so someone can impulse shop 🙂

  6. I’m definitely going to create a listing template for each item and start using my iPad with the Keyboard! Thanks for those tips!

  7. This is so helpful. I didn’t think to create a template in the notes app on my phone. And I’m definitely going to start using my iPad with the keyboard instead of just my phone. Thanks for these tips.

  8. Love these ideas. I had my sister taking pics of the clothes, and then I would measure them and write it down. And then I would create the listings. Also, I like to prep a batch of things before doing the pics. My big tip is having a caddy that includes, paper towels and cloth scraps for soaking up any water, a magic eraser sponge to clean shoes, a blue Scott brand sponge for scrubbing, a semi-stiff hairbrush for suede like fabric and dust out cracks of shoes, diluted spray cleaner for spot cleaning shoes, roller brush, measuring tape. I tape a yardstick to the table to quickly measure things.

  9. I was looking for ideas to list more quickly on Poshmark and came across your blog. Great tips! Thank you. Going to create templates in my Notes app right now and see if it helps me. 😊 Rachel @rjrkpt

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