What have I done?!



I blame it on the emotional connection we make with clothes.


Sometimes it happens when I am putting on the piece to take a photo to list it… and I am reminded of its redeeming value.

“This sweater is sooooo soft.” Regardless that it’s hanging in my closet IN THREE OTHER COLORS.

Or most times when I am packing it up after it sells online.

“I had so much fun that night I wore this dress to my friend’s birthday dinner… maybe I should have kept it… I don’t have anything in red anymore… I wonder what would happen if I cancel this order?”

Then there is the rare occasion that I get all sentimental when sharing.

“Gosh, I loved these jeans, why hasn’t anyone bought them? Ok, I’m going to mark them as ‘not for sale’ and maybe wear them this weekend.”

So, I never actually have cancelled a sale, but I sure have regretted selling! The regret never lasts long because I have moved on to something else… a new purchase that someone else regrets selling to me.

Has this happened to YOU?



One thought on “What have I done?!

  1. Ive never actually regretted a sale but I can see how one could. I’m usually too excited about making more room and buying something Id love more @yankat22

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