A Word of Advice for Me… From Me

When scrolling through social media sites it’s hard to not become envious of others.
The snapshots on Instagram of the perfect sunset or coffee by the river evokes jealousy of strangers. Then there are our friends on Facebook whose posts are about perfect, loving boyfriends or their amazing weekend road trip…
If you actually were a fly on the wall- you most likely would find that things aren’t as perfect as they post.
The same can be said for Poshmark.
Let me explain.

As I have confessed before… early on I suffered from closet envy. I thought- if I had 100k+ followers I would be selling tons… or If I had the time to take better photos than I would get that many likes! I bet if I hosted a party then my closet would sell out!!!

I recently conducted an experiment.
Well, honestly, I accidentally conducted an experiment.

I took a break. I needed to step away from my obsession with Posh. I needed to not begin obsessively sharing from the moment my eyes opened in the morning. For almost 3 weeks I stayed away. I actually did some updating as I mentioned in the post What to do when you have done it all and made some new listings and updated some older ones. I sorted through my real closet (and my friend’s closets!) to get together more items to list.
The main thing that I did differently was that I did not SHARE. I did share my PFFs listings some but that was about it- I barely shared my own listings.
I did not attend my normal share group or share from my newsfeed.

I currently have 160k+ followers… that should be enough to have steady sales… right? Isn’t that how it works???

Would you like to know what happened?


Nothing happened.

I went almost 3 weeks without a single sale.

I clearly needed to do something so this past week I got back into the swing of things… I needed to get active and get back to doing my normal routine. As soon as I did… I had a sale! Then the next day I sold a bundle!

Here is what I did:

  • Woke up at 5am and shared 10-15 listings from my “share list” (my share list is about 100+ of my favorite closets- I keep them saved in my computer’s “favorites” so it’s a quick link)
  • I “share bombed” my PFFs (A “share bomb” is typically 30-50 shares from one closet- sometimes more or the ENTIRE closet)
  • At noon I participated in a Share Group
  • I attended the afternoon party- that particular day it was ” Best in Tops.” I shared all my available listings that qualified and I did some sharing from the party to my followers.

Seems like a lot- but to me- it was fun! And it’s even more fun to have a sale! Contrary to my former belief, simply having followers do not equal sales. You have to spend some serious time sharing so that your followers will take notice of your closet. Like most things in life, it takes hard work to get things going and I certainly needed that boost to get a different result.

So with that said… I had to take my own advice from previous posts and get to sharing and participating to makes sales. If you have been having a tough week (or month) I encourage you to do what I did and get back to the basics!

Have you had success by doing something different or sticking to a certain routine? Would love to hear about it!



6 thoughts on “A Word of Advice for Me… From Me

  1. Great advice! Sharing from people who share my closet the most! Also following who follow a certain brand and sharing their things to get their attention has helped me make some sales. 🙂

  2. Great advise! I’m new to selling on Posh and was not big on sharing before (for no real reason) once I started sharing I started selling!! Great tips on creating a share list. I shall try that. Best wishes, Happy poshing

  3. I highly recommend the share, share, and share again method–your own listings and other’s as well, but I also have found that adding new items to your closet on a weekly basis helps get eyes in your closet. I recommended this to a PFF, she adds stuff every other day, and she’s had more sales with her 17k followers than I have with 140k for the past month. Followers help, but you need to focus on your closet as well. Thanks for sharing Elle! 💓

  4. I love your blog and I’ve been posting now for a year Ive done ok but i love selling and making my closet look good by nature I’m really a organized person for real and i try to have things in my closet that will get noticed… I love shoes and i didn’t want to just put my shoes on sale with our getting noticed well i shot the picture in a cute way in a circle and i also had a bakery to make cupcakes out of shoes well they were shaped like heels this post made my closet blow up a good poster or banner into your close get noticed too it has gotten so many likes and made my closet get noticed I love seeing covershoots too but i’m a visual person and sometimes a selfie don’t sell the item in fact truth be told I don’t like to see how some people look in that dress they are trying to sell JUST SAYING so a good photo styles works better I’m not perfect but i;m learning .. I love your blog on this subject and a good next topic may be Blocking yes being blocked or stupid blocking for no reason BLOOP love your post @poshboutique16 closet name love your BLOG 🙂

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