A Year Later…

Has it really been a year since my last post? Has it really been 5 since I started this blog? Do I even still sell on Poshmark? Where did time go… where did I go?

I will start with what I can actually answer. I took a break. I considered shutting down this blog and also my Poshmark account. Why? I was focused on other things and wasn’t being active or keeping up. I removed what was 100+ posts with advice on Poshmark strategy because… well… they were outdated. It was a lot of stuff that is no longer valid. There have been so many changes to the app that the info was completely obsolete.

Also, who wants advice from ME? I am a mediocre seller at best. I’m just having fun and making money on the side. I had two major decisions to make: What to do with my closet and my blog. Then… two months ago I decided to go all out and revamp my closet. If you want to see my closet, click here. Last week my blog ownership was set to expire and I had to decide whether or not to shut it down or keep it going. I decided I am not done- a break was what I needed- now I’m back.

I’m not here to tell you what to buy, how to source, or what your profit margins should be because I’m not a good authority on those subjects. There are many people out there qualified to do that… but it’s not me.

Here’s what I CAN do:

  • I can tell you what I am doing this week on Poshmark to attempt to increase my sales (like I have been doing for years).
  • I can tell you about some great books I have been reading.
  • I can tell you about my new favorite pants that I have been wearing on every flight I have been on this year.

If you are into that: here I am.

If this interests you … click on the subscribe button so I know you are out there! Also, got any questions? Ask ’em in the comments and I will check back in soon.




  1. I’m so glad you’re back! I am really having a hard time getting into the posh groove again since my mother passed. I took time off to care for her and I just haven’t “felt” posh, since! You have always inspired me, so maybe this will help be a kickstart for me!! Thanks for coming back!! Have a great day!!

    1. Jennifer I’m so sorry to hear about your mother ❤️ I hope this can inspire you if you want to get back in the swing of posh and know I am basically starting over too! Sending all the love!

  2. ♥️Hey my dear. Glad you came back. I’m just a part time seller and I don’t put as much into into PM like I once did. I make a sale here and there. I need to revamp mine too. I’m still here to read your blogs. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Cool beans, glad to see you posting again! Time flies, I retired 12/19 after 29 years on the job, Poshing and playing more, and retired airline, fly free the rest of my life, so I DEFINITELY will check out these pants you speak of!! 😉 And time now to read more, so yeah, looking forward to getting the posts again! Rock on!! \m/

  4. Glad you’re back! I loved reading your posts (they helped me when I was starting out my closet). I also recommended your blog to others who were starting out. Now I’ll start re-recommending your blog to new poshers! Possible future topic: write about a return experience you’ve had—the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve mostly had good/decent experiences once I realize that I’m mostly to blame. I also have had two returns so far that was because of the wrong size of one boutique item—they liked everything else but because of Poshmark’s policy, they HAVE to return everything! One lady had a clever idea of returning just the wrong size thing, she got her full refund, then she re-bought the same stuff again and I sent her the correct size, which allowed me to get fully paid. Currently, with the second situation, I sent via regular mail another buyer the correct size and told her to just keep the wrong size one, reposh it I don’t care (Poshmark took 4 days to respond and then coldly said to do the full return! My $ has been held up this entire time! I even asked Poshmark in the case review to send me a new label, I’ll pay for it…but no, they have a strict policy…it’s a stupid policy because usually the buyer likes everything else in the bundle, started wearing the clothes…and then days later is told to return everything???!!!)

    1. ☝️ To clarify, I’ve had several returns for single items, mostly used, where I didn’t notice a flaw, or I created one by staining something with Febreeze right before packing, etc.

      I’ve recently had two BUNDLE returns because 1.) I didn’t specify that a particular boutique item ran small in the description, and she still wanted it but a size up than her normal size, 2.) packed the wrong size of a boutique item. These two incidents made me realize I need to be extra careful when listing and packing, AND Poshmark has a sucky bundle return policy that needs to change!

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