Are you talking SHIP?



I was not around in the Poshmark world when shipping was $6.99… I joined just after it had been drastically dropped to $4.99 for packages less than 5 lbs.

Sounds pretty reasonable right?

Apparently not.

Ever since Poshmark has spoiled us with 0.99 promotional shipping… things seemed to have changed… shifted.

Have you experienced this scenario?

  • Posher is interested in your item… asks for it to be modeled… You model. Then she asks for measurements… you measure. She asks if you will take less… you discuss a deal. Then she says, “Do you mind holding this until the next 0.99 shipping day???”

Or maybe this one…

  • You have item listed at $40.00.  Posher asks, “Will you take $15???” You reply, “No, sorry that is too low.” She comes back with “But if I pay $15 plus $4.99 shipping then I will still be paying $20!”

Yes dear, you think to yourself, that is how math works.

Now, I certainly do understand a budget… and I am not referring to those of us who need to stick to a dollar amount for this week’s outfit addition. I am referring in this post to the mentality that $4.99 shipping is a rip-off.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when sites offer free shipping. Every company these days offers free shipping when you spend a certain amount… why can’t Poshmark offer it on a consistent basis too???

I do not know the financial business model for Posh nor is any of my opinion based on actual behind the scenes knowledge.

But I do know my basic math.

Let me explain how I see it….

Have you ever checked out your favorite retailer’s shipping charges when they are not having a promotion?

This morning I went to the Victoria’s Secret site and added a $10 lip gloss to my cart, then proceeded to check out. Standard shipping was $5.99 and I would receive within 4-7 business days. To make it “3rd Business Day” to compare to Poshmark… I had to add an ADDITIONAL $7.99 and don’t forget the tax! My $10.00 lip gloss became $25.42!!! I abandoned my cart.

Yes, “Vicky’s” has shipping promos on occasion… today was the last day for free standard (4-7 business days) on orders over $25.00.

Have you tried to ship a package on your own?

I live on the East coast and I looked up pricing to ship a package to San Francisco with 2-day Priority Shipping.

For 1 lb it was $6.41

For 5 lbs it was $18.87

Mind blowing!!! Do you realize that $4.99 with Poshmark is for 1-5 lbs??? Insanity!

Talk about a great deal! I am happy they have a deal with the post office!

Now, I totally get it that when you are buying a $5.00 t-shirt you don’t want to double the price. It makes much more sense to wait for the 0.99 promo shipping.

Let’s work on the math:

$5.00 t-shirt

Posh keeps $3.05 “commission”

Posh gets 0.99 for shipping

Posh pays $4.99 in actual shipping charges (that’s if they do not receive an additional discount, I have no clue)

3.05 + 0.99 = 4.04 – 4.99 = (0.95)

Poshmark just LOST 0.95 on that t-shirt you bought! If everyone did this- how would they pay employees??

Anyway, I know that is an extreme case… and please remember that I have ZERO knowledge on the price structure of Poshmark’s shipping and their cost basis. BUT, I do know what’s on my receipt when I make a Posh purchase!

I say this all only to make the point that maybe, just maybe, that $4.99 shipping is a STEAL and we should all go and make a few purchases today 🙂

What do YOU think about Poshmark’s shipping and promo prices? Does promotional shipping make you shop more? Would love to hear what you think!



10 thoughts on “Are you talking SHIP?

  1. Hey Elle! Yes I think that it isn’t too bad of a deal that we pay $4.99. This is only due to the fact that I am a bookkeeper and going to school for accounting so I do know the shipping rates that my clients have to pay when they send out items and I see it everyday in my job. It is hard though when I go to buy something and try SO hard to find an additional item in someone’s closet to bundle with and can’t find anything. But I just hold off and keep checking back in that closet or if I really really want it I go ahead and purchase it. I do know what you mean though with some people on posh who do to me what your examples were like!! I get frustrated and then I just block them. That makes me feel better!! Lol have a great day

  2. I applaud you! Your example of Victoria’s Secret lip gloss is the story of many online shopping carts left abandoned. It does leave me picking my brain about if POSH really loses $0.95 on shipping. I am sure that they have deals with the post office, profit some way, somehow.

    I myself, am a single mom of two. Shopping on POSH is not something I have done quite yet. But mostly because I am worried about items not fitting properly, etc. I personally am more of an in store shopper because I like to see how fabrics/textures feel and try them on and see how they look. BUT larger companies with fair in-store return policies definitely get my money online when there are good promo and shipping prices. Who doesn’t love a deal? 🙂

    <3 @des24rob

    1. There is no way to tell from our view if they REALLY lose money. But 4.99 is already a deal when a person sending a package would pay over $18! We may never know…

  3. Due to the fact that Poshmark has a partnership with USPS I honestly doubt that they lose money on the 4.99 shipping rate. They do not get to keep the full amount but they get to keep a part of that amount from every purchase since it’s a “flat rate” regardless of what is being shipped. I’m not sure if my ramblings make sense but I am sure that poshmark’s bottomline is profit regardless of what they may say. Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid posher and I think it is the best platform to sell my items on BUT please do realize that poshmark would not offer a shipping rate of 1.99 or 0.99 if they didn’t make a profit AND by getting that 2.95 for anything below $15 they ensure their profit.

  4. Hey Elle! I’d be lying if I said promotional shipping didn’t convince me to shop more, cause it definitely does. but I also feel like $5 really isn’t that bad at all. especially seeing as though a lot of other companies charge much more than that. if I come to an agreement with a seller (or another buyer for thise cases) I always ask that they lower the price to see if I can get discounted shipping at all? but if and when I like something enough, the $5 shipping isn’t that big of a deal. considering you can usually get a steal. I look at it as a big picture. I got a Lilly Pulitzer phone case for $8 the other day + $5 shipping. that’s still half of what I would be paying for a brand new one from the store. so it’s still a killer deal!

  5. Could not agree more about the shipping fees. 4.99 is really, really reasonable! To put it in perspective, 4.99 is less than what the USPS charges for their smallest flat-rate boxes! Those start at 5.05. I think what frustrates me the most are these scenarios:
    1) They make an offer, you accept, and then they are surprised that although the price dropped (via the offer) the shipping didn’t. And they blame you. 🙁

    2) You negotiate, you drop the price to meet the negotiation, they don’t get a lower shipping price even though you lowered and –POOF– they disappear. No purchase. 🙁

    3) Same scenario as number 2, except that when they don’t get the lower shipping notification then they want to renegotiate the price to make up for their shipping cost. Bummer. 🙁

    I’m also really conflicted about whether it’s ethical when someone says, “I want to bundle AND I want huge discount shipping. Please make the bundle, price it high, and then drop it so I get .99 shipping.” So then they’re not using the cool new bundle feature and you’re both playing this game with Poshmark and it just starts getting weird. I haven’t found a clear answer as to how Posh Corp perceives this; although my impression is that since the bundle feature arrived the super-low shipping days have decreased. Have you noticed this?


  6. Shipping at 4.99 is actually great. I used to send packages to my sister at yale for her first 2 years at school and the cost was outrageous. Almost $20 and obviously we had to pay for the stuff that went inside the boxes. So we only shipped when we knew that she would not be back for a while….

    We haven’t sent her anything for a while, but believe me i have contemplated sending her something through poshmark. Just make a listing for $3 and she would end up paying $3 + $4.99 shipping. That would come out to $7.99. We would have to make sure the box is under 5 lbs and done…. I know it sounds a little silly, but yea that’s just to show that the shipping cost is not all that bad at this point.

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