The Polite Way to Re-Posh

One of my favorite things about shopping on Poshmark is Re-Poshing!

I know, I know, there should be a dictionary explaining all the Posh terms! For those who are new to this… “Re-Poshing” is when you resell something that you purchased on Poshmark.

This can be tricky and there is certainly an unspoken etiquette guideline.

Let’s go over a few basics:

1. I am on the fence on whether or not you HAVE to say that you are re-poshing. I do. I feel it necessary just in case the seller sees the listing- I want to ensure they do not think I am trying to “flip” their clothes. If you DO state that you are re-poshing DO NOT BASH THE SELLER IN THE LISTING. (i.e. ” I bought this on Posh and the seller said it was a medium but it’s definitely a small.”) That’s not cool. Resell and move on.

2. Do not mark the item up. If you purchased a Free People dress for a steal at $10… Do not, I repeat, DO NOT resell it for $80. If you Re-Posh it- try to only recoup the money you spent. Trust me, I have seen this happen and it does not go well for the reseller. Don’t forget- if you gave it a 5-star rating, the amount you paid is up there in the “Love Notes.”

3. Do not borrow the original sellers photos without permission. Take your own photos or ask them for permission. You can get reported for this and it’s best to steer clear of upsetting others.

Ideas for Positive Re-Poshing:

  • If you seriously can’t get a better shot- ask to use the seller’s photos (she will normally say yes especially of you give her photo cred in your listing!)
  • Price it at no more than 20% more than you paid- most people understand the commission and wiggle room in pricing strategies.
  • If you feel like you need to, let the original seller know you are listing- she may even help you share!

What other thoughts do you have on Re-Poshing?




25 thoughts on “The Polite Way to Re-Posh

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve reposhed a few items myself. Mostly because they did not fit me (no fault on seller’s part by any means) and then just a few others that I found I didn’t wear much after purchasing. As it turns out, I was following good etiquette. I enjoy your blogs, thanks so much!!!

  2. I sold a bundle of 3 items including 2 very heavy and nearly new higher end shoes. I lost $8 shipping her the 7 lb bundle. A week later I see she posted one of the shoes for double the price I sold them to her for, and the other for $10 less than the cost of the total bundle (more than I made on all 3 items!). She’s also using my photos. I don’t want to start drama on someone’s page or ruin my reputation as a seller with less than 1500 followers, but how do I deal with this? It’s VERY uncool.

    1. Hi Lily! UGH! Sorry that happened to you! I would take screenshots and report it to While it isn’t against the “rules” to re-posh… It IS against the rules to use your photos without permission. I would just explain in the email the whole situation and include the screenshots to help them do the research. Fortunately there are more great Poshers than bad ones!

      1. I will definitely do this! I’ve only been on Poshmark for 2 months and have mostly encountered friendly and reasonable buyers/sellers, so this whole thing is a surprise to me. I’m tempted to blast her on her own listings but somehow think that wouldn’t help things… Some people are just not very nice!

  3. Thank you for all the advise. I have reposhed but only cause the item didnt fit. But I used my own pictures and did state I purchased on posh.
    thank you again

  4. Oh my, might as well ‘boo’ me now. I reposh when I feel like the item just isn’t what I thought I wanted or it doesn’t fit. I never blame the seller. However, I bought and paid for the item. It’s now mine. I don’t care what is done with my sold items, you paid what I accepted, it’s yours. Make it into a dustrag or use it as a flower pot. I’ve already detached emotionally from it and I truly don’t care if you can sell it for 4x times what you paid to me. So, troll my closet looking for your previously sold items if you feel the need. The item belongs to me. Get mad, have a hissy fit, get yourself reported and banned. I don’t flip items just to have something to do. However, my closet is already full, I’m not adding another single thing to that hot mess to save someone else’s feelings. I don’t call Nordy’s to say: these shoes HURT! Do you mind if I sell them at a loss? I’m not about to start that practise with other sellers, either. “HI, I’m Kaye and I reposh whatever, however I feel the need!” OTOH, I’m never going to boost someone else’s photos for any reason. Seriously, I don’t need stalker anti-reposhers in my closet. They may not like what they see and I could care less. I’m just sayin’

      1. I absokutely agree!! I would never, ever bash a seller for something I purchase, as long as there’s been no deception. Most people seem to try hard to be honest and I’m not filing a case against another seller until I check with her first. Did you know you sent a beige shoe? I ordered black, etc. & give her a chance to fix it. OTOH, it’s not her fault her size 8 shoes pinch my big toe! Stuff happens. But they are mine! I don’t understand why a seller would get all bent because I’m selling size 8 shoes that hurt me and she didn’t want. I’m not going to gank her pics, that’s just rude. If I make a few $ or lose a few I’m not blaming her because they pinch and I’m not asking her if I can ditch ’em. If she’s following her sold stuff, she probably shouldn’t have sold it in the first place. Maybe I don’t get attached to ‘stuff’; cheap stuff, expensive stuff, it’s all just stuff to me.

  5. Yes! I keep discovering re-Poshers who not only mark up the price way above what they paid themselves, but steal the original photos too! Do they not realize that anyone can view their past purchases under Love Notes Given? That’s also a copyright violation. I have been tempted to report but don’t want to interfere where I’m not directly involved. This is a good reason to start watermarking my photos I suppose! Thanks for the great post.

    1. Being a graphic designer and a product photographer, I understand intellectual property regarding photos. The problem is kids these days. Having grad from high school in the early 1990s, the following generations have no idea what I means to take someone’s image from the web and use it how ever they feel and to whatever gain. I’ve work for small and large companies where stealing imagery can mean devastating effects, big chunk out a small company, people go after the deep pockets of a large company.
      So there is a gray area, and an area where intellectual property rights are shifting. The biggest we take for granted everyday – when Apple started charging a buck an iTunes song. (You used to have to dish out $15 for an album or CD and not even know if you liked it.)
      I digress, the gray area associated with a reposh is using another Posher’s photos. Especially as a newcomer to Posh, my buying habits were not so sharp. I saw so many good deals, I bought stuff that was not so great for me. To get back in the game I have relished with the seller’s photos, and usually within 24 hours, taken new photos. NEVER bashing seller, even when there was a size glitch on her end. No big, it was a quality item.
      And following up with what Kaye had said, it no longer belongs to the original seller. That person asked a certain amount, had a certain amount of patience, and took the offer. If I have more patience, market it another way, a new trend appears, and I take advantage of it??? Well, that is the free market at work. And I can still be polite about it, too.
      Glad to chat this over with y’all!

  6. So I’ve been buying and selling quite a bit on Poshmark over the past 4-5 months however, have yet to re-posh anything Bc I didn’t know what the re-poshing “rules” were. After reading your above post as well as the comments, I’m still kinda on the fence. Now I 100% agree that ALL photos should be your own unless they’re stock photos from the manufacturer that has already given permission to use them…displaying your own fabulous cover photos is huge in my book. HOWEVER, it’s the pricing and asking permission from the previous seller thing that I’m not exactly in agreement with. I mean is there like a timeframe involved? Bc some of the items I purchased, didn’t like/fit and never wore but then there are some that I bought 3-4 months ago, wore a couple times, enjoyed them and now it’s time to sell…so for the latter items, would it still be necessary to contact the seller or state that it’s a re-posh? Additionally, the majority of the items I purchased were HUGELY discounted…I’m abstain shopper by nature which is why I do what I do to begin with…so if I was able to find a great deal on a designer bag for $50 when others are selling the same item on Poshmark for $250 then why should I have to sell it for $50 simply Bc it’s a re-posh? So that’s just my two sense…I think I’ll still hold off on my re-poshing for now just Bc I really just don’t want any drama however the pile is definitely growing! Lol

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head with “don’t want any drama” and my advice is based on avoiding issues. But in reality- you bought it- you own it- do whatever you want with it!!!

  7. Agreed in full Beth!! I used to be hesitant to relist things (with my own pictures of course Bc not only is it wrong to use someone else’s but I usually prefer my own 😉) for fear of drama coming to my closet from the seller but honestly, I’m on enough that if someone was to make a negative comment then they can easily be blocked from ur closet & then life goes on…but I’m a bargain shopper by nature so I usually don’t buy anything anywhere unless I know I can sell it for more in the future 😁

  8. Great post and great comments! I came across this topic because I just discovered an item I sold that was re-poshed to a much higher price. To make matters a little worse (at least for me) I only came across it because I was going to do the buyer a favor and share a few of her items… I recently sold a dress, one that I had bought online and, by not fault other than my own, didn’t return within the allotted time period. I sold the dress very cheap because, in all honesty, I didn’t want it around anymore. What really made me mad was how in the re-posh, not only had she marked it up by almost 50%, she also went on in her post about buying it full price in a store and now needing the money. Like really?! She had taken her own pictures but boy did she just score a non-friend for life!

  9. This just popped up again in my inbox, and I re-read my old comment above. It’s funny, because now that I’m doing more selling on Posh, my view has almost completely changed about the re-Poshing of items at a higher price. My first comment was fueled by a backstory involving me finding out I paid a lot more for a re-Poshed item than the seller did. There was also an issue with the material being misrepresented (an honest mistake, come to find out), so maybe that colored my opinion at the time. I am learning that some sellers really just want to let items go quickly, so if take that item and can re-sell it for more, they are probably not going to hold it against me. After all, we negotiated for the price or I paid their asking price at the time. As for the buyer, well … I thought back to that item I “overpaid” for and realized it was up to me to do my own market research and determine the value of that item for myself. The seller had no obligation to disclose her original purchase price to me. And after all, we are selling to make money, not to donate things. It might be a more prudent choice to re-sell on alternative platforms, but the occasional “Posh-flip” no longer strikes me as problematic.

    1. Melanie, so funny that you said this! I was just re-reading the other day and I felt that I too have changed my outlook! I still stand behind my post 100% if you want to avoid a potential issue… BUT, if you bought it- you own it! I do think it is poor form to purchase with the intent to re-sell on Poshmark… just take it to another platform. I say this only because of how “social” Poshmark is and flipped so obviously can become problematic in the long run. An item here and there that you aren’t going to wear- FAIR GAME.

  10. I agree Elle. My first true “flip” was a bag I had purchased on Posh about a year prior, with the intention to keep it. I decided to re-Posh because I wasn’t really using it. However, I really do feel that the seller let it go for much lower than market value. So I listed it quite a bit higher. I ultimately made a profit on the sale. It felt weird at first, but I reminded myself that in each transaction, both buyer and seller had the opportunity to ask questions and negotiate fairly, which we did. Value truly is determined by the convergence of both parties’ viewpoints, which is what you get when you have a final sale price.

  11. Here is a funny one: I offered $24 on a cute bag that was listed for $28. The seller declined without a counter or a reason. Never heard from her. I thought it was bad business and just moved on. Since it was still in my likes I saw when she sold it to someone else for $20 a week or two later. But the best part was the person who bought it relisted it right away for $80. It didn’t sell at that price. I think it sold for $60. But what goes through people’s minds: I’m rejecting your more then fair offer to sell it to someone else at a cheaper price who is going to flip it?

    1. Yes! It happens to me all the time- and I have blogged about it admitting it! I will list something and get a lower-than-I- want offer that I decline because in my mind it will be a hot item. THEN, if there is not much interest I will have to mark it down or accept a lower offer. I just have to laugh at myself and learn from it 🙂 I wrote this blog post quite some time ago- and at this point I don’t care if people re-posh my stuff – that’s a risk they can take if they want. However, I still feel that the suggestions in this post are still valid if you want to try avoid drama entirely. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Hi There! I have been using your blog as reference for my introduction to Posh selling. Thank you for putting all of this useful info out. It has been a great help! So I just had a “bad” experience with a buyer who already reposhed the pair of shoes she bought from me and just received today. I am totally ok with the resale but she reposted my own pictures with an efty price increase of over 35%. I am not sure what to do/think about it. I wished she had first reach out to ask permission to use my pictures. I am afraid to call her out on this because I am just starting selling and I don’t want to scare buyers away. Any advice?

    1. Hi! Actually this happened to me early on as well… I had same reaction! I was mad, insulted, all that. I didn’t do anything and in hindsight- it’s exactly what I would do now. Honestly, if she is marking it up- she is probably trying to break even since Posh will take a chunk plus she may be planning on taking a lower offer. I got the amount I wanted when I sold and the photo thing wasn’t worth my time. You should respond how you feel you should – it’s your business and the photos ARE you property. I just choose my battles for my own personal peace. Sorry for the worst rant, I hope it helps!! Thanks for reading!!!! Xoxo

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