What is the Gray Asparagus?

Twitter Google+ When I get asked “What is the Gray Asparagus?” … I draw a blank. I don’t have that one line explanation or a witty quip that commands a laugh. Now, after three years of Gray Asparagus being a thing, I decided to attempt the not so interesting story of how it started and […]

Week One: the Minimalist Wardrobe

Week One Minimalist Wardrobe

Twitter Google+ I am relieved to learn that I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed by their personal closet! With that said, I have decided to document downsizing my wardrobe. I’m not going to promise that I will be able to guide you through your journey BUT, hopefully inspire you to get started! […]

A Step Toward Simplicity: the Minimalist Wardrobe

Poshmark Minimalist Wardrobe

Twitter Google+ I like to travel, for the most part. When I was younger I loved packing for a trip. I would have my suitcase open in my bedroom a week prior as if to prolong the vacation experience. I would pack and unpack and carefully arrange things while daydreaming of the fun that was […]

How to be a SUCCESS on Poshmark

Success on Poshmark

Twitter Google+ Everyone wants to know how to be a SUCCESS on Poshmark.   You may have read articles about Poshmark sellers achieving success by making five… six… SEVEN FIGURES (!!!) from their closets. Some will read these news articles and take it as motivation and some will immediately assume personal defeat. After hearing about […]

What’s REALLY in My Bag

Contents of my Handbag

Twitter Google+     There is an overwhelming obsession in magazines and blogs to find out “What’s in her bag!” Typically it is a celebrity or other woman-of-the-moment. I can remember being in high school and reading Seventeen Magazine (or was it YM?) and there was a supermodel who was sharing the contents of her […]