The Real Deal: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

Suggested User

If there is one ultimate goal in Posh World- it is to be a Suggested User.

At least I know it was mine.

Early on when I learned that this status existed…Β  It was the Land of Milk and Honey. A place where sales flowed easily and Poshers vied for you attention by sharing your page for hours on end. Of course, Manish and staff probably emailed often just to make sure you were happy.

So far, since becoming a Suggested User, I am NOT a “Six Digit Seller”, my closet gets shared based on how much I share, and strangely enough- PMHQ hasn’t called me for advice.

So what’s so great about being “Suggested”? I will get to that in a few.

But, first coffee … let’s get to the basics!

I am not sure how the “originals” were chosen (these are the users with seriously 1 million+ followers). These days, to be chosen to be an a “SU”, you will need to request a “closet review.” You can request this yourself, or a PFF can nominate you. It doesn’t matter which happens… just send a polite email to to get the ball rolling!

Before you do- make SURE that you closet is compliant!!! You can check out my post The Posh Police for more details, but here are a few pointers:

  • No mention of PayPal, indicating that you take transactions offline
  • DO NOT advertise what you sold on other site (i.e. SOLD ON MERCARI as the title of a unavailable top)- just delete the darn listing!!!
  • No unsupported items
  • Make sure your closet has 25+ items for sale
  • Have great cover shots! They don’t have to be like anyone else’s… just do the best you can.

Those are the bare minimum things you need to be doing. I’m sure there are tons of little details you can do. Some things are more obvious- like don’t have posts up that are “negative” in nature (complaints or “warnings” about fellow Poshers). You can definitely show you are a great member of the community by having great sharing stats. I can go on and on and suggest small nuances…

It will take several months (on average) for your closet to be reviewed. I do not think they send a “rejection” email if you do not qualify- only an acceptance if you are chosen. With that in mind- make sure your closet STAYS compliant! You never know when someone is going to be checking it out. You can always ask a friendly SU to help you do a quick closet audit… if time allows, most of these ladies would be more than happy to help!

Once you get that amazing email announcing your new status… what happens???

For me, nothing.

Wait, what???

In all seriousness, things happened slowly for me at first. It took a few weeks before I was “listed” in the Suggested list. So if you are not “listed” right away- don’t fret like I did- it may take a couple of weeks to get going. Don’t know what this “list” is?

It’s the list of Poshers located in the “Find People” section of the app.


When ever you are on that list… Poshers new and old will go to this list to find amazing trustworthy closets. Again, this does NOT insure that you will get thousands of followers each time… people will still need to WANT to follow you for this to be effective.

Here are a few things I have determined from my experience… (this is in no way factual or based on any true guidelines- just my opinion):

  • A rotation on this list is a 1 hour time block.
  • There is more than one “list.” I believe there is a main list and then some users see other lists tailored to their sizing.
  • Prior to your 1 hour time block on the main list- you may be listed on the smaller lists 1-3 hours prior. This is how I can tell I am about to be Suggested. I will get a small trickle of followers even though I am not visible on the list that I can see that hour.
  • Remember when you first created your Poshmark account and your were automatically “following” 42 people? I believe one of the “smaller lists” is auto following from new accounts.
  • Depending on how well your closet is being followed during those small list hours will directly determine your placement in the main list.
  • The higher up you are on the main list- the more followers you will receive.
  • When you are being suggested- you will only get a follower notification for roughly every 10 new followers (otherwise your feed would be INSANE). If you see a lot of new followers- check your #’s and you will see them jumping quickly (thanks @bal91 for letting me know this tip early on!).
  • The hour in which you are listed will greatly affect your amount of new followers. If you are listed at 5am, you may get 200 new followers. Party time is GOLD. I have received 2500+ during this time.

I analyze EVERYTHING (can you tell???). I don’t know anyone else who does- so I cannot compare notes. Everything I mention only applies to my closet and others may see different results… the first month or so that I was listed, I was showing up approximately 3 times a week… The past 2 months, it has been 4-5 days a week.

I try to utilize the exposure as much as possible. If I am online while being listed- I will SHARE the entire hour. I will share my own closet and others. Make sure to have your best and most popular items at the top of your closet. When a posher sees you on the list and is making a quick decision on whether or not to follow you- you want your best and most enticing items at the top. When I do this- I see results. I also tend to get a couple of offers.

Here are the main benefits I see to being an SU:

  • Followers (followers can boost sales- but not always!)
  • Credibility- shoppers know that you have a legit closet.
  • Privy emails. Yep! Suggested Users sometimes receive top-secret emails about upcoming promos or changes to the app!

Not long ago, all SUs received an email encouraging us to be positive community members, to follow the rules, and to be an example for other users. That’s really why I started this blog- because I genuinely want to help and see others succeed. With this in mind- You can lose your status by not holding up your end of the bargain. I won’t go into the details of what the email said (ok, maybe later in another post!) but SUs must keep their closets compliant!!!

If you are just starting out… some of the things I mentioned may be a bit advanced. Please feel free to ask any question below and I would love to explain further or point you in the right direction!

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65 thoughts on “The Real Deal: Becoming and Being a Poshmark Suggested User

  1. I have purchased your ombre top……may we Bundle ?
    J’adore your blog. I lived in Carmel, California for many years. The cover pic
    reminds me of the Big Sur area…
    With Sincereitie,

  2. Ah, I can’t believe I didn’t discover your blog until now! I just became a SU (like, yesterday). Becoming a SU is always my goal even I have been using Poshmark for over 2 years and only started seriously promoting/sharing my closet. I am so glad that I’m officially a SU so I go online and search for “life after becoming SU ” type of blogs, luckily I found yours! Thanks for putting up the notes together, now I know nothing will happen until couple weeks later πŸ™‚

    1. Yay!!! Congrats!!! If you still see nothing after 3 weeks or so… Email support just to make sure your status was changed! (I did this!!) and when you are listed- trust me- you will KNOW πŸ™‚ congrats again!!!

  3. Loving your posts! Giving me answers to questions I have been wondering about for more than 2 years! Thanks for sharing <3 Can't wait to read your next entry πŸ™‚

  4. This is a great blog! Thanks for putting your experiences in a fun blog to help other poshers. I’ve sent the SU email so now I wait…the one thing I don’t have in my closet is a bunch of posts about rules or a follow game. I’m wondering if those would help get SU status? I don’t like closets that have all of those posts and it takes a while to get to the actual items and I’m no expert either although I am pretty addicted haha.

    1. Hi! I do not believe that they necessarily help and I am with you about how some closets have too many! I doubt the “follow games” would help AT ALL only because it has nothing to do with the guidelines for being an SU. I personally am not a fan of them and rarely play unless I am supporting a friend. This is because I prefer followers who LIKE my closet as opposed to followers who want followers. I think the only post that may actually be beneficial is one that offers a forum for advice/questions for newbies. Only because the SU guidelines states (paraphrasing here) being a great member of the community and helping others. With that in mind, I did not have one when I became a Suggested User. Only put one up if you WANT to and have a desire to answer questions- because people WILL ASK.

  5. Love your blog! I’ve sent a letter to support about becoming an SU but I’m still waiting. I think I’m doing all the right things but I don’t have post about PM rules or advice, do you think those help in getting SU status?
    I’ve seen suggested users who don’t have them and some that have too many.

  6. LOVE your blog!!
    My only question is: what exactly should be written in the email to posh when you are wanting to become a SU?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Hannah! When I asked I wrote something like “I am very interested in becoming a suggested user. I would love it if you would review my closet and let me know if I qualify…” Really simple and to the point. You will get a generic “auto-response” email that they will respond in 24-48 hours- then you will get another email that says more about the process. I hope that helps! Thanks for reading my blog !!!

  7. So can you check out my closet and give me your opinions? Also I have a nwt/box set of headphones, is that a no-no?? I have seen lots of others even not new being sold?
    Also do you have a blog about the annoying men’s and kids clothes and pet stuff and other NON-posh approved items up? I hate seeing those!!! Lol thanks so much

  8. Actually I did think of a question…

    I know that “my size” has something to do with my exposure. I don’t usually use “my size” because I like to see everything when I’m shopping. Also my closet has a wide range of sizes… xs to 3xl. So should I leave my size alone or just put four different sizes for each category? Does it really affect anything?

    1. Great question! I am not sure if the size selection” greatly alters anything but I heard the same thing you did early on. I have the 4 chosen for each in a wide variety of sizes because I too carry a lot of sizes. Also, I carry some accessories and I don’t want someone to miss those just because we don’t wear the same size pants.

  9. Hi there!! First I love love love your blog. Great information to know that’s for sure! Now question is how many times you wrote to Posh for them to check your profile for SU?

    I wrote it a while ago and haven’t heard anything back. πŸ™

    User name Gin1239GG

    Thank you Elle!!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for reading! I may have asked once and was recommended by friends as well. I became one about a year ago (or so) so I am SURE that the wait is longer given how many poshers there are now! If it’s been 3+ plus maybe send another? From recent experience I know they are going through closets in detail. Hope that helps and good luck!!

  10. I became an SU almost a year to date from joining, but actually 6 months into selling. I spent a few months poking around before posting & selling. I was suggested by other suggested users who then convinced me to write a letter on my own behalf. I then closed my closet, LOL! We were in the process of moving, I couldn’t even find scissors, so I put a vacation sign on my door and said I’d be back in 6 weeks! 2 days later, I got the email. Congrats, etc. My first reaction was, Huh? Then it hit me, I’m a Suggested User!!! And I was immediately put on the wheel. Omgosh! 1200 followers the first night! Overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year. My analysis is: the more time you spend in the app, the more time you spend on the wheel. I’ve been on for 10 hours straight! Do I mind? Not even a little bit. I loved being a Posh mentor before that was an official title. I love sharing snd scoping out closets. I don’t care for follow games, either and I agree with your reason. However, I have lots of ‘I’m not kidding’ signs in my closet. I try to maintain a sense of humor, but some buyers could try the patience of Job: leggings, gave exact colors, measurements, no I won’t try them on, I’m sorry you hips don’t matchπŸ‘€ and NO I’m not throwing in that cute lil pink purse prop in the pic (seriously? My $150 Coach clutch w/$10 leggings???) because as an SU you say I should be throwing in free gifts snd couponsπŸ˜‚ Being an SU is an earned perk, mostly directing followers of like mind to your closet. Being an SU also has it’s moments. Good thing I prefer laughing to crying.

  11. Hi there! Great blog, thank you for the super helpful info! I’ve been on Posh for 3 years now and have always wondered about becoming an SU. I’ve worked really hard to make my closet aesthetically pretty, sell sell sell, and share share share! πŸ™‚ Quick question, I sent an email this past week to PM for consideration, and although I know it may take a while, I did NOT receive an auto email reply… I’m wondering if I should try again?? Maybe I did something wrong…

    Thanks again! Happy new year and happy Poshing! (Posh username: maryinclt)

    1. Hi! So glad you have found it helpful πŸ™‚ I would check your sent folder just to make sure it went to the right address… If that email is like the support account- it will knock your email to last in line. What you could do is have a PFF email separately to nominate you! That way it you will not risk moving to the back of the line.

  12. Thank you!!! I’ll do that, and reach out to my PFFs. Any additional advice you might have for my closet would be so appreciated! You’re a doll!

  13. Hi!
    I stumbled upon your article and I’d love your advice on a posh conundrum. I’ve been a posher for a few years now. I love the darn thing. When I first started a couple years back, I sold one “inspired” listing – a whole $9 pair of inspired earrings that I clearly called out in the description (in no way did the buyer think it was real). Looking back, I now know this was wrong as it is against posh rules. I feel awful as I want to support the great app and abide by all rules. However, I cannot delete the old sold listing. Should I email poshmark with an apology asking to have it removed or is that more risky than letting the listing live on forever down my closet? I’d love your advice!

    – troubled posher

    1. Hi Heidi! It happens to the best of us! I address this in the post The Posh Police… My friend successfully had some men’s items removed. Check it out and see if it works for you!! Thanks for reading!!

  14. The great asparagus I too am an obsessive analyzer! Sometimes my husband thinks I’m procrastinating about doing things but I’m still analyzing! Thanks for your amazing post it makes 100% complete sense to me as a new posher who is still analyzing all the small details and has not posted anything yet to her closet just to make sure I know the correct way and the best way to go about being successful the first time!

  15. Hello Elle!
    I can’t thank you enough for writing this clear and super helpful post! I started Poshmark about few months ago and had no idea there were “rules.” One day a buyer asked me if I merc and as soon as I said I didn’t know what it was, she started explaining and recommending it to me. Since that day I started to feel like my listings were getting ignored from being host picked. Oh no… It took me weeks to figure that out and I had to close my account and make a one. I still sometimes get scared and be uncertain of how I’m doing. I read Posh rules and stuff, but it’s hard not to be freaked out after the chaos.
    Though, Posh has been a huge part of my life and I’m planning to apply to become a SU. But before I do so, I want to make sure my closet is okay… Would you kindly review my closet if you have time? I would be very very appreciated if you do! My user name is @artsunnyh .
    Thank you for the post again and have a great day!

    1. Hi Sunny! I would be more than happy to look it over and let you know if I see anything major. The great news is that it seems that Posh will let you know (so you can fix) any issues that may be holding you back (if any). It may delay SU or hosting but they definitely want Poshers to succeed! Thanks for reading!! Xoxo

  16. Hi there! I am working very hard to build up a great closet and be considered as a suggested user. However, when I first joined Poshmark, I no clue of the wonderful world I was entering (nor the rules!). I have two lightly used make up items that I sold as one of my very first two listings nearly a year ago and there is no way to remove those listings. I am worried that they might negatively impact my chances to become a SU. What do you think?

    1. Hey! Send an email to support and ask for them to be removed, they should remove them for you πŸ™‚ After they do- send an email requesting to be an SU. As long as you are compliant now there should be no issue. Good luck!!

    I have only been with Poshmark for less than two months and am working hard towards becoming an SU. I was eager to start getting sales and started posting right away. I then reviewed the rules about what was supported and what was not. I had some men’s apparel and scrapbooking supplies listed. So I quickly moved my men’s clothing over to a different app but hadn’t gotten to my scrapbooking supplies before someone purchased it (it just happened to be my very first sale). Also when I posted this particular listing, I listed it as multiple items instead of one because it had multiple items. So after it was purchase another listing popped up! Guess what?? No way to delete either of the posts. So I marked the duplicate as none left and then put Not For Sale and promptly contacted PM support to delete both listings. I received a response starting that when you list an item for sale showing multiple and the item is sold., there is no way to delete that duplicate listing. I was also informed that SOLD listings cannot be deleted either as they are a record of sold goods on the app. I addled twice and both times I was told the same. How was your friend able to get Poshmark to delete their listing?

    1. Hi MichelΓ©! It was almost 2 years ago when she has them deleted. It’s good to know if they are no longer removing them- or I wonder if they understood why you wanted it removed?

  18. Hi Elle! I recently became a SU and was wondering about the wheel. I don’t think I’ve been on it yet, because my follower count hasn’t changed that significantly or noticeably. I was wondering if it’s possible to see yourself appear on the wheel, or if your own name doesn’t show up? Thanks in advance for any help you’re able to offer! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Genna! Like I said in the post, it too me a while to be listed. But yes, you can always see your name and you will definitely know by your followers alerts on your newsfeed when you are listed. How long has it been since you received your SU email?

      1. Okay, thanks for much for your reply. I know you mentioned in the post that it take a while to be featured, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to catch myself on there! LoL

        I’m a SU newbie! I just got my email last Thursday! Thanks again for your help. πŸ™‚

        1. Congrats! Give it a couple of weeks… Then maybe send support an email. Apparently they are updating the program and announcing changes at PoshFest, I can’t wait to find out what they are!

          1. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate that!! I’ll keep tracking my follower count as normal (etc.) and if I still don’t notice anything in a few weeks, I’ll email Posh. OMG: that’s so exciting! I wish I could go and will be living vicariously through all of you. Can’t wait to see what they roll out, too!

  19. Hi there! I was selling very good my stuff in poshmark but one customer bougth a. Ah was not authentic she returns my product because wasn’t authentic but you can really tell for the price is not authentic but poshmark delisted all my listing my questions is did you can still selling in the future or they never will let you sell anymore thanks

  20. Hello, thank you for all your advice. I am just starting, and would love to know how to “follow” the people that I am notified that are following me…quicker! I thought I found something that allowed you to click on, but I can’t now. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Carla! You have to follow each person individually but if you go to your closet and click on “Followers” then there will be a list of everyone who is following you and a blue “follow” button beside their name. Maybe that is what you saw before? Hope that helps!

  21. Hi! Love your blog. I’ve been a suggested user for 6 months and slowly creep up an average of 10k followers a month. I’m only featured once a week, sometimes on rare occasions two or three times a week. I never see my name and don’t know where to look for it, I just always wake up to a few hundred notifications. My question is, do you think there is a way to be featured more, such as adding more listings or sharing other users items more? I always get scared that I’ve been taken off if I haven’t been featured in a week, lol but the only way to be removed from SU is noncompliance with the rules, correct? Thanks so much for your input and as usual, love your closet! -81southboutique

    1. Hi Claire! Thanks so much for stopped by πŸ™‚ Since I wrote this, I am listed a lot less than mentioned. Once or twice a week is pretty accurate for me- and there are weeks where it has been zero. I chalk it up to waaaaaay more SU’s in the pool! If you are averaging 10k a month then (in my opinion) you are great-based on convos I have had with other SUs (also I am getting 6-10k) as well. I do not know if there is a way to boost your SU rotations- but let me say- I had no available listings and barely shared for the past 2 months and it did not reflect a thing. I was listed as much and followed the same (most people don’t look at who they are following). Hope that helps! xoxo

  22. Thanks for this post! I joined poshmark in July 2015 and have been doing pretty well. I read your post a couple months ago and immediately sent and email – haven’t heard anything yet but I’m being patient. I would love to empty my closet lol. Have only bought a couple things to resell otherwise it’s all my old stuff I’m not going to wear. And I think it’s fun to pack it all up nicely and include a little thank you postcard (something I did before seeing that PM suggested doing that). I also like being creative with my pictures. So much you can do to make things look more valuable. Anyways, thanks again. You answered a lot of my questions about who these suggested users are!

  23. Hi Elle! I have a question. I emailed support about getting SU status a few months back. I never heard back from them or I missed the email. After reading this blog I’m thinking I may have over looked it because I at certain times of the month I get a BUNCH of followers. How can you tell if you are a SU? Is there a list somewhere? Thanks πŸ˜€

    1. Hey Julie! If you are getting a bunch of followers go to “Find People” and you will see a list of the SU’s being “suggested” that hour. I you don’t see yourself- try again the next hour (it changes each hour on the hour). Or just email support to find out!

  24. Hi Elle! Love the blog. I sent the suggested user email back in October. At that point, I was only a month in and had a compliant closet, enough listings, great ratings, but it was admittedly early to be going for the gold. I never received a confirmation email. I have been Poshing hard since. Made lots of friends, still compliant with the rules, excellent rating, never a butthead to other Poshers, etc. I am in love with this and it has really grown into quite a fun business for me. I love clothes, I love people, this makes sense for me. Anyways, just about 4 days ago I sent the email again just thinking my first go-around didn’t result in the suggested user status. I have seen these spurts of followers in the past few months and today I saw that I had an invite in-app to attend a Suggested User Sneak Preview Webinar of a new feature. I am wondering if maybe I got that golden email and in true Steph fashion accidently deleted it. Is there any way to tell for sure that I am a suggested user aside from that email? Did this invite pop-up for everyone? I appreciate your time πŸ™‚ So sorry for the lengthy post and Happy Poshing!!

    1. Hey! I was wondering too if it was visible to everyone… Not sure! I hope you signed up regardless! If you see a spurt of followers check the list- that’s really the only way to tell. Also, you can always ask by emailing- it can’t hurt πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks so much for responding Elle. I will email. I did sign up, I am always trying to get better at this so I will webinar all day if they provide it, haha! I signed up for the Sunday session. I am assuming that if I am not qualified to be there it will be a no-go if by some chance it was visible to everyone. Have a great night and thanks again.

  25. Hi Elle,
    Finally I get to really understand what a suggested user SU is, and how valuable it will be to become one.
    As of now I’m spending LOTS of time sharing and sharing and sharing, like you I love number and stats.
    So I check responds on different hours of the day, different time zone, and multiple sharing of the same item.
    I got to interesting conclusions, I am not an SU yet, and really wanting to become one!!!
    Can use any help πŸ™‚
    My next stop to check your closet out, you will see me @IHH sharing your listing.
    If you get a chance and times (and energy) allows you, please check my closet, I would love any feedback.
    Nice to meet you and hope to stay in touch.

  26. hi! So I recently got an Email that I am a suggested user… but now what? I dont see it by my name like everybody else @****Suggested user. Why am I not seeing that? I also haven’t gained any more followers. Is there something I need to do on my end?

    1. Congrats! That’s great news! When people have “suggested user” by there name… they added it themselves. There is no mark that Poshmark adds to indicate. Like I mentioned in the post, I didn’t see myself in the rotation immediately… it can take a couple of weeks- but when you are listed you should be able to tell! I would suggest that if you still see nothing after a couple of weeks, just send support an email πŸ™‚ congrats again!

  27. Thank GOD I discovered your blog! You’ve been so helpful. I can’t believe it when I go on people’s pages and they have 21K+followers! I have 5,000 and it’s taken so much time and work! I applied to be a suggested user a couple of months ago, but feel like I will have to wait awhile. Any advice you can give is helpful! My closet is splayer11

  28. I love your full of great information blog!!! I have had a great experience and wonderful success on Poshmark and recently became a Posh Ambassador. Yay!!! My closet is 99% women’s clothing. Once I became an Ambassador, floods of guys, with no listings and no followers for the most part, started following me. Many with offensive profile photos and inappropriate user names. Do you have a possible explanation why they all of the sudden began following a basically women’s clothing closet? Curious if you have an explanation. Thanks and keep blogging – you’re awesome!!

    1. Hi Jeannine! Thank you so much! As with the rest of my blog it’s all based on opinion so that’s really all I have to offer πŸ™‚ At Poshfest the Poshmark CEO Manish said that 1 in every 5 new users is male. Which is fantastic especially if you have men’s! From what I hear, not a whole lot of people sell mens so chances are, if you carry men’s then you are basically a match… That’s my best guess. I do have some men’s clothes so I am more that happy if they notice my listings. Hope that helps!

  29. Hi Elle!
    First, I should say THANKS for your blog!! Now, please forgive me if you have already been asked this question a million +1 times…. or maybe no one has asked it because it’s a dumb question….idk. I’m ridiculously new at this, loving every minute, but admittedly learning. My question is what is the difference exactly between a posh ambassador and a suggested user? Also, I’d love to know what you’re reading right now. ; )
    Thanks again! You’re awesome!
    ~Alicia @twiggyglam

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