Best Lighting for Your Poshmark Photos

Best Lighting Poshmark Photos

No one denies the importance of a great covershot on Poshmark. It makes even the most mundane cardigan look like the answer to all your life’s problems. Or at least promises to fill the gap in your wardrobe. Not only do we know that covershots are important but we know that lighting is the key to achieving great Poshmark photos.

This time last year I was pretty happy with my photos… I had discovered the best wall in my home to take them and was getting insane natural lighting. While they were not the best shots on Poshmark by far… I knew I was pretty much maximizing my potential. I did a full post about Natural Lighting and I felt I was good to go.

Then… we redecorated.

We repainted our living space and my previously white wall became a gorgeous dark gray accent wall. I have no regrets… but I started to feel like my Poshmark photos were suffering. The clarity wasn’t there and it was certainly skewing the true colors.

Here is an idea of my dilemma… the wall.


It’s an ordeal for me to take photos regardless of the color of the wall… I have to move the coffee table and couch to the other side of the room just to have space to take photos.

Now to the actual photos…

Here is a black and gray pullover in front of the gray wall. This is using only natural lighting.

This is a sheer black shirt in front of it. I’m not kidding… same wall.

The biggest struggle is with gray and black colors (which happen to be my favorite and I list tons) but check out a yellow shade in front of it…

I can’t win.

Adding to my frustration, of course the time changed and the small window of opportunity I could photograph was happening later and at an inconvenient time. I wake up really early in the morning and I waste so much time waiting for optimal lighting. This has been really discouraging me from listing.

Yes, I am only using the camera on my iPhone. I could probably use my real DSLR camera but I don’t have time (ok, I refuse) to do the extra steps of downloading, editing, and then sending to my phone to upload to the app. Nope.

I know a lot of Poshmark sellers struggle with lighting and may not have multi-camera options. So… what are we supposed to do?


I made a big decision…. I did what I probably should have done years ago. I ordered a lighting kit.

Now that I am not fully reliant on a sunny day and I can use any wall I want… my Poshmark game has completely changed! I am using a lighter gray wall as my background and have only minimal furniture to move. Plus I can start listing when I am fully awake and caffeinated at 5am!

Here are the details:

I went with the LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Lighting Kit 24×24

I purchased this from Amazon.

*Please note: this is not a sponsored post and there are no affiliate links that I benefit from. These are all my opinions based on personal experience and you should make your own decision based on your own research.


This is why I chose this particular lighting kit…

I did some research because there are so many different options and prices out there. The choices are overwhelming!

There are two main kinds: umbrellas or softboxes. I went with the latter. Although I know some Poshmark sellers have purchased umbrellas and love them.

  • I went with softboxes as opposed to umbrellas because reviews claim it gives more even lighting and shows details better than umbrellas. Never having used either, I went with softboxes based on reviews.
  • The LimoStudio set was highly rated on Amazon with a price I could justify.
  • Pricing was a huge factor. For 2 light boxes it was only $75 + shipping. It comes with 2 light bulbs, replacement lights are pretty expensive so I figured I was getting a decent deal.
  • I needed something compact because I have to stow these away when not in use.
  • I purchased lights only because I do not need/want a backdrop. If I had a room or area specifically for this use then I may have gone with a full studio set up.

Here are the results!



Even though I am using a different, lighter color wall there are still variations in the background color. I’m fine with that because the color of the clothing is truer than before. I want buyers to really see what they are getting!

Here are more details about my LimoStudio kit. Remember, you can spend hundreds (if not thousands) on lights. So these are pretty basic and quality seems to reflect the price. The box you receive it in is super small so you know they are very compact. But once you set them up they are HUGE.

The lightbulbs are large and heavy, the soft light cover attaches with Velcro.

To balance the basic tripod… you need to keep one leg forward to make sure it doesn’t topple over if bumped.

They are reasonably sturdy but will be more wobbly if you are on carpet. Once you set them up you will have to adjust height, spacing, and distance to get the lighting right for your particular studio area.

Last thing… as soon as I showed my friend @briewineposh my set up- she immediately purchased the same lights!

Here is just one listing she updated in her closet…




Should YOU invest in lights?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you selling just to clean out your closet or will this be an ongoing expanding business?
  • Is capturing natural lighting a struggle and holding your back from doing more?
  • Are your photos compromising the true colors of your items and causing confusion?
  • Will a lighting and/or backdrop kit pay for itself by elevating your photos?

There are sooooo many lighting options to choose from! Don’t let what I purchased limit you from what you can do. There are some really awesome kits with backdrops and setups. Do your research!

I still believe that natural lighting is best but if time and availability are holding you back (like they were for me) it could be time to search out other options!

Sometimes it’s the little things… if you feel better about your photos it can motivate you to list more and share more. Listing and sharing as we all know are key to making sales! So, will a lighting kit boost your sales? You know I will let you all know if I see a difference in sales this month!

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Do you have a lighting kit or strategy to achieve your best lighting? Please share in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “Best Lighting for Your Poshmark Photos

  1. As always, nice post! Getting good lighting can totally up your game! I just want to say that if you’re just starting out, you can go broke investing in equipment and lighting. Don’t do that! Use your best option that you have right now and save for your equipment. You’ll be much happier that way. A cheap alternative is buying a set of clamp lights (about $10 ea) from the hardware store and putting in really high lumen lightbulbs (like 1000 lumen, about $6 a pack).

    1. Awesome advice! I completely agree… like i mentioned in questions you should ask, you want to make sure this is going to be a long-term thing for you- otherwise it’s not money well spent!

    2. Yes, I agree. Like Elle said, you need to ask yourself a few questions and determine if this investment is worth it for you. I made the same decision a few years ago about a mannequin. They’re not cheap either, but I realized I always had clothes to sell from my closet and other friends’.

  2. You are awesome! I am sold! Even though I am happy with the natural lighting photos I currently have and I Finally have that NYC city chic look here in Denver, I am always looking to up my game. Excellent advice! 💕😘💕

  3. This is DEFINITELY a game changer! Being able to take pictures ANYTIME and create a designated room/spot for my photos (couldn’t before because of awful lighting) is priceless. THANK YOU for doing all that research because when I looked a few months ago the prices were just too out of reach. It’s nice for Posher’s to know that there ARE affordable lighting kits out there. Awesome blog as usual…can you believe the difference in that LOFT top you posted of mine! It’s mind-blowing!!!

  4. Great post Elle. I recently invested in the same lighting kit. Lighting has been an ongoing struggle for me. I’m still figuring out how to position them so I don’t have weird shadows. Any tips? Thanks for another great post!

    1. Hey Shannon! I am still playing around with them and since I still get a large amount of natural light I have to reposition them. If there is shadow I pull them out wider and angle them towards the sides of my mannequin. Not sure if that’s the “correct” way but it helps. Also I have mine at eye level- well, if my mannequin had eyes… 🙃

  5. You addressed it. I retake alot because after awhile I become critical of my postings. I seriously need to look into the lighting kit to increase my productivity in this area. Thanks again for your blog

  6. Hey Elle thanks for this post. I am wondering, will this help if used in a basement with fluorescent overhead lighting? I live in Brooklyn in a decent sized apartment but the ONLY room I can use for natural lighting has closets on one side, doors in the middle and the remaining wall is a peach/pink and it’s driving me insane! It’s almost impossible to capture the color blue and black properly. I have a rack full of gorgeous items and I just can get the lighting. My basement is huge and I have a whole storage area, racks of clothing and a packaging stations (lol,”station”) down here but there are no windows. Do you think this lighting kit would solve this issue? If you want to see this pink wall in all its tormenting glory look at my posts @danicaccs it’s RIDICULOUS!! Xoxo

    1. Hey! I just looked at your closet and I think your lighting actually looks great! But of course I am a believer that YOU need to feel good about your pics too… I honestly do not have any experience with fluorescent lights when it comes to taking pics and VERY limited lighting experience overall 🙂 I would hate to steer you wrong…

  7. Hi Elle!
    It’s my Christmas break. I’ve got a line of clothing WAITING for their photo shoot and the sun.will.NOT.come.out! I’m ready to order a lighting kit, but wonder one thing: Do I really need two umbrellas or soft boxes for 1 mannequin? Thank you for your time and for all you do! Stephanie

    1. Hey Stephanie, thank you so much! While I’m no lighting expert, I feel that 2 are pretty necessary. By positioning them on either side of the mannequin you are able to eliminate the shadows. I have tried just using one because I didn’t feel like setting both up and it just didn’t work for my setup. I would perhaps do some photograph research or go into a camera store if you have one in your area and ask someone who may be able to suggest different set ups. Hope that helps!

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