BUNDLES: Strange Behavior Decoded



For updated advice on Bundles and “making an offer” click the link below:

Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

For so long we have petitioned and prayed for some sort of cart to make our lives easier and IT’S HERE!

Has it helped? What I have heard most from fellow Poshers is that they have yet to sell a bundle through the feature. The Bundle feature, which was launched in July of this year, allows a buyer to combine listings and purchase without the seller having to create a new listing. This new addition has also sparked some frustration as well as odd behavior (bundle and run?). I have held off on giving my opinion for a while now- because I had not had anyone purchase using the feature either… until recently.

Here are the Pros and Cons that I see:


  • You can shop whenever you want and don’t have to wait for the seller.
  • You can receive a “no haggle” discount if one is set.
  • As a seller, it’s fantastic because it takes away the task of having to mark all bundled items as sold or delete them (tip: never delete them until the purchase has been shipped/accepted/rated).


  • You cannot take advantage of “price drop” promotional shipping discounts.
  • Although you may get a discount, you do not get the satisfaction of “haggling” a better price.
  • There is no limit to the amount that can be bundled- so depending on the items- the seller could be stuck with an overweight shipping label and have to pay additional for it (Hey Posh, can we have an option to mark certain items as “heavy weight”??).

In case you are still in shock that I have actually seen a unicorn  sold a bundle… here are the details:

I advertised a HUGE sale that was about to happen. Secretly I was waiting for .99 shipping to be announced. It has been over 3 months since they have had this shipping rate so it’s should happen soon, right? Wrong. I couldn’t wait any longer- I needed to sell a few things.  That morning my husband mentioned ,”You haven’t sold anything in a while. Maybe you should have a sale.” So after having the “future sale” posting up for weeks I decided to go ahead and mark stuff down. His comments sparked my “Husband Sale” and it has been my most successful sale to date. Over a 4 day period, I had 24 sales which included 38 items.

Trust me when I say that I spent HOURS packing and shipping.

This sudden burst of sales was enough to re-energize me and I had a great week following as well. I had advertised “lowest prices” with an additional 10% off bundles of 3+ (only if you used the feature0. So they did. I sold items at painfully low prices but that’s ok (P.S. my closet still has incredibly low prices now- it’s just not advertised).

So how do you get someone to use the feature?
  • Set a discount and advertise it (like the image above).
  • Let a potential buyer know about it- if you are discussing an item, ASK the buyer if they looked around “Hey, before I mark this down for you- did you get a chance to look around? I offer an additional 10% off if you bundle using the feature…”
  • Be Patient- It’s still “new” so it will take a while… “Make an Offer” was slow to catch on too!

Of course there will be some “What the heck??” moments too. As most of you may know, but some may not… when someone “adds” one of your listings to a bundle you will get an alert. So you may see a Posher bundle several items and then “run away.” This can cause a bit of frustration, or rather, disappointment for the seller who thinks they just scored a sale. Why do people do these strange things????

Here is my opinion: The “Bundle” is the new “Like.”

It used to be that if I saw someone rummaging through my closet and “liking” a bunch of stuff- I thought “Bundle: here we come!!!” Sometimes I would even jump to conclusions and start creating a bundle (true confession!). Now I think- “This person is waiting on a price drop.”

The “add to bundle alert” signals to me that some is thinking about purchasing, really likes a few things, and may be creating a bundle to calculate the cost with my closet discount. You cannot see if they have removed an item from the virtual bundle. So before you get disappointed just assume they are still thinking… and just relax. Remember- it will take some time but soon people will catch on and you will be bundling all the time 🙂



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28 thoughts on “BUNDLES: Strange Behavior Decoded

  1. Sometimes I accidentally click Add to Bundle when I’m sharing…so there is that too…lol I probably shouldn’t drink and Posh hahahah

  2. Like Brooke, I’ve also accidentally hit that “bundle” button while sharing.
    There are a couple non-expected benefits of the bundle feature I’ve found too, primarily keeping al your “likes” in one place for the same seller. I probably have 250 likes on my like page but there is no way to sort them by closet, etc. By making a bundle, I can quickly access my likes by seller (I’m doing this now because I’ve bought bundles in the past then realized she had this other one amazing thing I forgot to include because it was forever ago when I “liked” it).

    Curious what other people think-I think a 10% sale is pretty much not worth much. I can get more than that through the offer button without bundling. Usually on closets with a 10-15% bundle for 3-5 items, I skip altogether because I think the seller doesn’t have much room to move on her prices.

    I DO wish I could make an offer on a bundle though-if I buy 2 items or 10 items, you’d think there might be room for a bigger bundle discount.

    1. It’s so interesting how people see things differently- if I see a closet that has a discount of 20% + I think “wow, her prices must be marked up to be able to do that!” I would LOVE to see a “make an offer” bundle feature!!!

  3. I totally agree about this bundling feature. Everyday I get “added to a bundle” with hopes of a sale only to have a posher go away! Yup, they might as well just “like” it instead😁

  4. I’ve made a few sales with the new feature… I do like to get that email showing I sold three items without making the bundle myself! My biggest frustration is that I wish there were some way to see a list of all the “potential bundles” you have out there and what they consist of. I think some people assume you can easily see it. I have had people add several items to bundle lists and days later ask me something like “Is that the best you can do on my bundle?” …. ….. …. It seemed to offend someone when I had to ask what was in their bundle. Not only was it 203948 notifications ago, but since it doesn’t notify when items are removed, I’d have to make assumptions. It would also help to be able to see “potential bundles” so you would know who to go back to and casually share and remind them you and their bundle-to-be are still there! I actually try to do this by taking notes sometimes (lame..) but I’m not organized enough to really keep it up. Overall, I’m pretty neutral on the bundle feature still. Time will tell!

  5. Bundle isn’t the new “like”, it’s the wishlist or “cart” we are missing. For us savvy online shoppers, we want to shop immediately OR over time. We demand that choice and want to walk away and say “oh yes, what did I want to buy in her closet again?” I can’t return to your closet and filter on the items I’ve liked. But instead, I can return to your closet and view my bundle. This way, I can watch newly added items and add right to my shopping I’ve done in the past. It’s logical. Try it.

    1. I love the bundle feature and it had significantly increased my bundle sales. I made it liberal to attract buyers. I already know what I want for an item when I list it. I add in my bundle discount, the Posh 20% fee AND enough to each item so I don’t get left with an overweight label. I hated haggling, the math and people disappearing even as I made a bundle at their request, manually. I don’t care what or how much you buy, nor do I care about abandoned carts. The only trouble I have with the new feature is the button is too close to the share button; I hit it more times than I’d like by accident. For my closet? Bundle away! I’m not selling furniture, I’ll get it shipped. 😆

  6. I’m tardy to this party but the bundle feature increased the number of bundles I’ve sold. I just look up and POW several items are sold! Fantabulous. As someone else said, I mark to accommodate approaching. As for heavy weight shipping? I sell shoes, boots, jeans and coats….so I’ve marked those items : Not eligible for bundling. So far, and with some distance on having the feature? I like it a lot!

  7. Nope…not so far. I did however, decrease my bundle discount….15% off 3 or more. I did a temp 25% off 2 or more and couldn’t figure out the run on my closet, DUH! It was suppose to be for a 2 hour evening party….and I forgot to change it back. Took a couple of days to realize my oops😱

    1. Hi Kelly! Go to your “likes” then to your “bundles” click on the bundle that contains what you would like to remove- then in the top right hand corner of that item you should see an “X”…. Tap that and it should be gone. This is how to remove when removing on an iPhone with the latest posh app update. Android might be different.

  8. I get confused as a seller over the bundles. Every so often I get an alert saying, “so and so added your item to a bundle.” Then they don’t buy them. Why add something to a bundle if you’re not going to purchase? It’s disappointing in a way. Here I think I will have a bundle sell, only to have them not buy the items. This has happened three times now. Am I doing something to lose the sale? Or is this fairly common with bundles?

    1. Hey! Completely common which was why I posted about it- it happens to all of us. Some people like to store “likes” from a closet in the same place (bundles go into a different tab in your account). Some just want to see how much it would be with the bundle discount… some save it for later! Everyone does it for different reasons… but No, it doesn’t guarantee a sale just like a “like” doesn’t either. Hope that helps! XOXO

  9. Thanks so much for explaining the Bundle feature!! I’m new to Poshmark and I received 3 Bundle notifications last night after adding items to my closet. I wasn’t sure if I needed to contact these potential buyers or just wait. I wish there was a Chat feature to ask seasoned Poshers questions.
    Again, thanks for the information! Very helpful! 🌸

  10. I have a “customer” who within 12 hours bundled 12 items twice and one item 7 times. She hasn’t made a purchase as of yet. When she bundles the items, are they put on hold? Can another customers buy the items if she bundles them and doesn’t buy them? I’m new so I’m unsure of how this all works.

    1. Hey Renee! It’s available to anyone until purchased. Once the “but now” has been hit the “reserved” yellow banner goes up and if payment doesn’t process that will stay for 10 minutes and no one can purchase during that time.

  11. Is there like a how to? I started on posh a month ago… I don’t know how to make it pretty or the tips and tricks to a sale… I have read through all the FAQ but not much help as to how I make my closet stand out…

  12. Hello there! Today I received my first notification that someone bundled one item. The only other option on that screen is to “share to them.” I could do that, but I don’t think that is what she meant. Maybe it’s just a “like” for her. I have not gotten around (and have no idea how) to offer a discount for bundles, so maybe she was looking for that. Should I send her a, “Thank you for… I’d be happy to help you with this… just let me know if you have any questions ” kind-of-message? Thanks a bunch, Elle!

    Love, Stephanie @lovinlife3

  13. Hi!

    Is there any way as a seller to submit a bundle offer to someone’s dressing room? I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, but people have liked a bunch of my stuff, but never bundled it. Is there a way that I can send them an offer for all/some of the listings they’ve liked?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Megan! Yes it is one of the new features! In your profile click on the hanger icon and choose “by me” then in the top left you can filter “bundles.” From there you will see all bundles made in your closet and you can make them a “private offer.” Hope that helps!

  14. I was on Poshmark and I seen this amazing deal and wanted to buy the items in question ….it was a “bundle deal” idk what that is because I’m new to Poshmark but the deal sounded great… only thing is it’s seems all the items have been listed in one posting …so how do I pick out the items / number of them I want and put them into a bundle?

    1. Hi Jazmine! You would need to ask that particular seller. She could have made a pre-made bundle, some people may do that. But if it’s an individual listing you tap the arrow/box on top right and you should get the option to add to a bundle.

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