Calculating Your Poshmark Sales

It’s the first day or a new month so I wanted to send you all a quick note about tracking and calculating your Poshmark Sales…

Why do I keep talking about this subject?

Like I said, I was a retail manager for almost 1 million years.

If you have every stood on your feet, in heels, for 9 hours a day then you know exactly what 1 million years feels like.

Also, you all know that I like numbers… I have always liked to find different ways to look at sales figures to see what strategies work best and what the sales trends are doing. It’s part of who I am at this point. Tracking your sales is key in determining patterns and what is or isn’t working in your Poshmark closet. Time after time- my feelings and hunches have been proved wrong by consulting sales reports.

… and it’s happened yet again.

My mind was completely blown this morning as I did a few very simple calculations.

You know how I have been saying that sales seem down… slow… and it feels like I will never ever sell another bundle?

As I calculated my sales for August and reviewed what was going on last September, I did a cumulative calculation of where I am YTD (year-to-date) this year versus last year.


I am trending up! I never would have guessed it!

Just because it feels slow doesn’t make it a reality.

I have had some really horrible months but I have also had some pretty busy ones too!

If you are up- you can see where you may end up at the end of the year… if you are down- you can diagnose what is lacking (shares, bundles, not listing as much) and set yourself some attainable goals.


So today I challenge and encourage you guys to do some calculating and see where you stand.

Not tracking your sales? START TODAY!

If you haven’t been tracking- no problem- you can look at a history of your payments. Just go to “My Balance” and then to “Redemption History” and calculate what you have cashed out OR for a more accurate # just take a few moments and add up your sales history.


Check out the full post Tracking Your Poshmark Sales for advice on how to get started!

Don’t forget: the only Poshmark Closet you should be comparing yourself to is… YOUR OWN.






5 thoughts on “Calculating Your Poshmark Sales

  1. Hey Elle, I ALWAYS read your posts, but I just had to go back and re-read your “tracking” post. Now I’ve printed it out so I don’t forget to follow your advice 😉 btw, I thought of you right away when they posted the “suggestions for new feature”. I know you have lots of great ideas!!

  2. I didn’t know you were a retail manager, love it! Another great post and I’m experiencing the same “it feels slow” issue. I have not tracked sales as you have mentioned so I should try this. Thanks for the great advice! I think I might be surprised as well!

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