Pricing Strategy on Poshmark

Pricing Strategy on Poshmark

You may have noticed an underlying theme in my recent posts. I truly believe that most customers shop on Poshmark through searches. Based on this assumption, my focus has been in making my listings show up (and stand out) in searches.

For instance, I share my closet first thing in the morning. This is not so that a follower will see it on their feed but so that it shows higher in the “just shared” default search. So in looking for new ways to get my listings noticed, I realized a major opportunity I may have been missing this whole time!

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Poshmark Basics: Shipping

Shipping on Poshmark

I distinctly remember my first Poshmark sale. Now, I don’t remember getting the “Congrats!” alert or even how much it sold for off the top of my head… what I do remember is the anxiety of shipping. What do I do?!?!

Seems silly now, but from comments and questions I get (even from my friends making their first sale) I know I am not alone in the immediate panic.

But take a deep breath… it’s super easy! Right?

  • ┬áPrint the label Poshmark emailed you
  • Put item in box or mailer
  • Attach label to outside
  • Take to post office

What could possibly go wrong???

Not a whole lot, but beyond the basics of how it works, there are many extras you can do and it can be confusing what is required.

So here are the Required, the Extras, and the Gray Area.

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Poshmark Basics: Listing on Poshmark

Poshmark Basics Listing on Poshmark

Listing on Poshmark is easy they say. Poshmark advertises that it takes 60 seconds. I haven’t timed myself but I probably could throw a basic listing up in a minute. Poshmark walks you through how to list- and it really is just taking a few pictures and filling in the blanks- no major decisions about shipping choices or anything of that sort. It IS simple and easy.

But, if you have stumbled onto this blog, I would guess you want to know how to take it to the next level.

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New Poshmark Feature: Private Offer to Likers

Poshmark Private Offer to Likers

There is a new Private Offer feature on Poshmark.

Let me preface this by saying that as of today, not all users have access. Once this rolls out to all users there may be tweaks and changes. If you are reading this long after the fact- some details may be different. But this is from my experience the weekend after the launch.

So what is this new feature? Well, you might be wondering why you are receiving offers on items that you have only “liked” in passing. This, my friends, is the new Private Offer Feature!

I know, I know, the Private Offer Feature has been around for a while… for BUNDLES. But this is far more useful and effective. And, yes, it lives up to the hype.

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Poshmark Basics: Likes on Poshmark

Likes on Poshmark

One of the most basic of all functions and often the most misunderstood are Likes on Poshmark.

New sellers may be baffled: Are they about to purchase? Should I thank them? Should I wait around to see if they have questions?

Before you can decide what to do when you receive a like on your listing, first we have to discuss the basic functionality and then possible reasons someone may be liking an item.

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Closet Value and Selling Goals

Closet Value on Poshmark

I am an avid lover of stats, figures, and tracking things related to my Poshmark Closet. It should come as no surprise that I am thrilled about the Closet Value amount added to our Poshmark stats!

If you haven’t noticed this yet, go into “My Posh Stats” and right below your available listings you will see a figure. Before you can really use this amount, you have to determine if it’s accurate. This Closet Value number is the sum of all of your available listings.

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How to Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

We all want more Poshmark sales. Including myself. While I am a self-proclaimed “part-time Posher”, recently I have decided I want more. I am tired of being complacent. For the past two months I have been focusing on what I KNOW I should be doing. As I made my game plan and charted out my course of action, I began to believe that perhaps we tend to overthink our Poshmark strategies. What do I mean by that? I am beginning to think it’s a little more simplistic. Yes, there are tons of features and layers that have been added over the years that can fine tune your sales tactics and get you major results. However, I am now of the belief that the best tactics to full throttle your Poshmark closet are quite basic.

While this post will present strategy we have discussed before, I am going to explain what I feel are the two major factors to getting your closet in a position to make sales and get your closet charged up and into a full throttle mode.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (I have mine) and let’s chat!

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Happy GOLDEN Birthday Poshmark!

Poshmark's Golden Birthday

It’s Poshmark’s GOLDEN Birthday!

It has been 6 years since Poshmark first began… time flies, huh?

I was not among the first.

Back in 2011, I was using my Blackberry Pearl… then my Blackberry Curve, and then my amazing Blackberry Bold!

I didn’t get an iPhone until 2014. Heck, I’m still using my 5s.

This is how my Poshmark story started…

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Stop Chasing Other People’s (reselling) Dreams

Stop Chasing Other People's Reselling Dreams

Stop Chasing Other People’s Dreams… it’s not a new statement, I didn’t make it up, but it’s real and it sometimes happens without us even realizing it. I wanted to write about it in case you needed to hear it, because I certainly do.

When I find myself burned out and unmotivated I have often times found myself chasing someone else’s dreams and goals.

While I am referring to selling in general, I’m sure you can apply this to other things.

But for the sake of this post, let’s talk about selling on Poshmark (or insert your selling platform of choice)…

Here are a few of my most recent mistakes and what I have learned:

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Stylist Match on Poshmark

Stylist Match on Poshmark

I have a few thoughts on the Stylist Match Feature on Poshmark. In case you haven’t noticed, Poshmark is making a huge deal about the launch. Why? Probably because it’s a huge deal.

There has to be something behind it all, right?


But as with every new feature, there will be lovers and haters. Let’s look back:

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