I “like”…. YOU

I took a year off of Facebook and recently re-activated my account. The “like” feature and it’s uses seem to have changed. It’s no longer that you actually like something… it now seems to stand for acknowledgment. Anytime someone comments on my status, I feel that I have to “like” it. If I don’t I fee like I am somehow being rude.

On Instagram, people collect likes… not even sure why I “like” anything on there. I mean, it doesn’t save it anywhere so I can go back and check it out. Are people supposed to “like” back?? Such a confusing thing to do.

Twitter doesn’t get involved in such nonsense… Thanks Twitter!

The there is the ever confusing Poshmark “like”….

Most new Poshers upon receiving a “like” on their listing may jump for joy with the perception that THIS PERSON IS ABOUT TO PURCHASE! Newbie Posher will then immediately comment “Interested???” to the liker hoping to secure the deal. Low and behold, the item sometimes this listing gets “unliked”, but typically you just get ignored.

If you are new to Poshmark, please continue reading… these are the potential reasons for a “like” …


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Making an Offer


It seems rare these days to make a single item sale on Poshmark that doesn’t start with an offer being made.

However, there are always those hot items that the buyer knows will go fast or they recognize that the price is a already a steal and so they buy it right away. We daydream about this happening!

Before you decide to close this post because you don’t want to hear (yet again) what constitutes a reasonable offer and BLAH BLAH BLAH… keep reading, you may be reasonably surprised.

I am going to point out a risk factor for the SELLER and tell you why you, the buyer, should make an offer. At the end, get your tissues ready because I am going to close with a very sad story.


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Sharing Update: Getting Noticed

This was originally published on August 7, 2015… Recently it seems to be a huge topic on Poshmark. I feel like there have been no major changes in the way share have been displayed… what do YOU think?

We all want to be noticed.

All of us, from time to time, have that one listing that we REALLY want people to see. Sometimes it’s that hot new dress, a Party Co-Hosting Alert, or a Major Sale Announcement. For me, I get really excited when I post a new blog entry and want to share it with everyone.

For a long time now, it has been widely believed that if you share the same listing over and over, you will “flood” your followers news feed and they will have to take notice. It shouldn’t annoy anyone because most Poshers follow thousands of people and may only see your ten rapid fire shares once or twice. Have you heard of this theory?

I was able to test this the other morning…

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Are you talking SHIP?



I was not around in the Poshmark world when shipping was $6.99… I joined just after it had been drastically dropped to $4.99 for packages less than 5 lbs.

Sounds pretty reasonable right?

Apparently not.

Ever since Poshmark has spoiled us with 0.99 promotional shipping… things seemed to have changed… shifted.

Have you experienced this scenario?

  • Posher is interested in your item… asks for it to be modeled… You model. Then she asks for measurements… you measure. She asks if you will take less… you discuss a deal. Then she says, “Do you mind holding this until the next 0.99 shipping day???”

Or maybe this one…

  • You have item listed at $40.00.  Posher asks, “Will you take $15???” You reply, “No, sorry that is too low.” She comes back with “But if I pay $15 plus $4.99 shipping then I will still be paying $20!”

Yes dear, you think to yourself, that is how math works.

Now, I certainly do understand a budget… and I am not referring to those of us who need to stick to a dollar amount for this week’s outfit addition. I am referring in this post to the mentality that $4.99 shipping is a rip-off.

It’s a hard pill to swallow when sites offer free shipping. Every company these days offers free shipping when you spend a certain amount… why can’t Poshmark offer it on a consistent basis too???

I do not know the financial business model for Posh nor is any of my opinion based on actual behind the scenes knowledge.

But I do know my basic math.

Let me explain how I see it….

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A Word of Advice for Me… From Me

When scrolling through social media sites it’s hard to not become envious of others.
The snapshots on Instagram of the perfect sunset or coffee by the river evokes jealousy of strangers. Then there are our friends on Facebook whose posts are about perfect, loving boyfriends or their amazing weekend road trip…
If you actually were a fly on the wall- you most likely would find that things aren’t as perfect as they post.
The same can be said for Poshmark.
Let me explain.

As I have confessed before… early on I suffered from closet envy. I thought- if I had 100k+ followers I would be selling tons… or If I had the time to take better photos than I would get that many likes! I bet if I hosted a party then my closet would sell out!!!

I recently conducted an experiment.
Well, honestly, I accidentally conducted an experiment.

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What to do when you have done it all

You are sitting at your computer and your finger is tired of clicking the mouse to share listings. So, you switch to your iPad or phone. Click, share. Click, share.

Now you absent-mindedly check your Instagram to see if you have any likes… Now back to Poshmark.

Click, share. Click, share.

Oooooh… Facebook….

Must get on track… click, share.

Oh, a notification! A share back!

You keep sharing. It’s almost like being at a slot machine… the next share might be the one! The JACKPOT!  A Posher might see this listing and HAVE to bundle!

Click, share. Click, share.

Wait, where did that hour go?

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The Game Changer: New People Feature


(This post was updated on April 4, 2016, to reflect the latest New People feature of “Fresh Closets” and “Just Joined”)


It’s rare that I get so excited about a new feature.

The last time I did, was when Poshmark rolled out the “Make an Offer” button.

Now there is a new one that I am so excited about…

It’s the Find New People Feature!

New Closets??? Really??? I know it doesn’t sound as exciting as the upcoming “bundle” feature (oops, that may have been top secret Suggested User info) but let me tell you why you should be excited about this one too.

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I just celebrated my first anniversary with Poshmark (Yay me!). So I have experienced a complete year of many ups and downs. As with any retail business you will see shopping trends. There will seem to be days where everyone decided to jump on the internet and shop and then there will be weeks where you can hear an echo in your closet!



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Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets.


I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers and was following tons of closets. She went on to tell Posher B that she was not being a positive community member because she did not support others by following them. I was shocked by the bold accusations. I, too, only follow a few hundred! Am I doing something wrong???

To explain my opinion on this matter, let me tell you about my Poshmark following journey: Read more