Are you talking SHIP?

Twitter Google+   I was not around in the Poshmark world when shipping was $6.99… I joined just after it had been drastically dropped to $4.99 for packages less than 5 lbs. Sounds pretty reasonable right? Apparently not. Ever since Poshmark has spoiled us with 0.99 promotional shipping… things seemed to have changed… shifted. Have […]

What to do when you have done it all

Twitter Google+ You are sitting at your computer and your finger is tired of clicking the mouse to share listings. So, you switch to your iPad or phone. Click, share. Click, share. Now you absent-mindedly check your Instagram to see if you have any likes… Now back to Poshmark. Click, share. Click, share. Oooooh… Facebook…. […]

Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

Twitter Google+ I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets. Really??? I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers […]