Closet Clear Out on Poshmark

Closet Clear Out on Poshmark

Although I have mentioned Closet Clear Out in many posts when detailing certain strategies, I realize that I have never talked about the basics of the promotion. So for those of you who are new- or if you just like reading about things- here is my opinion about Closet Clear Out… what it is, and how I personally use it.

What is Closet Clear Out on Poshmark?

Closet clear out is a promotional set amount of days where anything you “mark down” on Poshmark will receive discounted shipping. That’s the basics of the program. BUT, of course there are little terms and conditions in the fine print!

Poshmark always announces it first with a dark burgundy banner at the top of your newsfeed. I do not have a screen shot of an actual CCO announcement but there is always an informative banner and this is where it’s located:

Later in the day they will send out an email to all users.

In the fine print it will tell you the duration of the sale. SOMETIMES they will extended it, but not always.

To qualify for promotional shipping discount- you much be marking the item down by 10% (and that means 10% lower than you have ever marked it down) AND the final price must be at least $10.00.

History of CCO:

According to my memory 🙂

It has not always been an event. It started out as a regular occurrence when you markdown down listings. It was insane! Buyers would immediately pounce on items in fear someone else would snag it. Back then sometimes shipping would be 0.99. Yep- you read that right. It eventually evolved into an event with varying discounts.

So, what happened? Well, in my opinion (and yes, this blog is all just my opinions), Poshmark created a monster.

After the initial excitement over discount shipping- it came to be expected.


This is a typical comment you might have received:

“Can you hold this for me until the next 0.99 shipping???”

“I want this but I am going to wait for 0.99 shipping.”


It was pretty frustrating.

Now, 0.99 shipping was expected. No longer did people want 2.99 or 3.99 shipping…

As a way to wean us off of our addiction- Poshmark went cold turkey on us. It went away for a while. It seemed like it was months- but when you were used to it every few weeks, it hurt.


Fast forward a year (maybe 2) and you have Closet Clear Out on Poshmark. It’s a great time to purchase, but for some of us, it leaves us nostalgic for the good old days. Markdown alerts are met with mediocre excitement and a couple bucks saved on shipping.

Looking back at this years calendar, it looks like it comes around once a month, typically the 3rd weekend of the month. DON’T hold me to that as fact. I’m just stating the pattern I see on my personal calendar. (See how useful keeping records is??)


How do I use it?

For me personally I don’t markdown my closet every time it’s CCO. Sometimes I will mark down stuff when it’s NOT CCO. I will do a test and mark down 5-10 things and sit back and wait to see what happens. If its peak time, and a lot of users are on- I may see shares and likes on that item. If nothing happens I move on. If it’s getting attention, I may do more. I also have a close friend who will try this too and we will compare notes as to whether it’s a good time to markdown. This past CCO I went all in and marked down a TON. I did make some sales but honestly I probably marked down at least 100 items and 4 sold. As usual when I mark things down- I get even lower offers. I made several other sales on regular listings as well so sometimes markdowns can serve just to bring attention to your closet. Which is why I don’t always wait for an event.

A couple of things to remember when marking down for Closet Clear Out on Poshmark

  • If you markdown a listing and someone makes a lower offer and you accept- they will not receive discount shipping. The offer feature cancels promo shipping.
  • If you have previously lowered an item and then marked it back up- you must mark it down to 10% less than the lowest you have ever had it.


Nike Sweatshirt priced at $20.

Last month you marked it down to $15 and no one bought it. So you brought it back up to $20.

This month you will have to mark it down to $13 for it to qualify for discount shipping.

Please note: Poshmark deals in rounded whole dollars for CCO.

I’m marking stuff down, but why isn’t my stuff selling?
  • It cold be a case of old “likes”. Even if you have 100 likes, it doesn’t mean 100 people still want it.
  • The person who wants to purchase has to be online and purchase within the hour that you mark it down to receive the discounted shipping.

So you see, it almost has to be the perfect storm and sometimes it is!

Regardless, Closet Clear Out on Poshmark is a great tool to make sales and bring your target audience’s attention to your closet. You just have to figure out how to make it work for you!


How do YOU use Closet Clear Out on Poshmark?








7 thoughts on “Closet Clear Out on Poshmark

  1. I don’t any longer… I can only go so low … plus dropping everything now makes next CCO even more difficult. What really bugs me is it is ONLY good for ONE hour. While I feel like I am on 24/7 I have missed “some deals” because I decided to have a life for a few hours and when I see it the dropped shipping hour is long gone. I feel all day dropped shopping would be better. So I just post a sign saying I will drop shipping if you find something you love and discount but contact me … hmmm how many times did that work?

  2. Yessss I thought the shipping discount was much lower at one time. When I saw the banner I was crazy excited yes mark down everything back 2013! Ha… but now a dollar off ughh no….and yes when I’ve marked it down someone tried to low ball me on that price biggg time and offer me lower. I used to be upset because I would mark down an item right before closet clear out when the discount was good…it sucked I wish there was a way of the of us know when it was going to happen. I’ve been trying to clear out a lot of old stuff from my closet so many items are very low priced except for a few items. I know this has nothing to do with what we’re talking about I got an offer for a dress of $4 yesterday I usually don’t say anything but I explained to the possible buyer that I would earn a dollar and explained to her the process she was so surprised and had no idea that posh took so much she was only worried about the shipping cost which I understood. She also explained that she bought a few things I didn’t fit on Posh and kept it and was afraid to spend too much money. I told her I would help her sell the items that she has, wanted to be nice and she never said anything back …oh well haaa tried to help!! You ladies going to Poshfest? It’s my first time. It’s an hour away from my house so I thought, I’ll go.

  3. EVERYTHING Lacie said 👆👆👆 I’m pretty much over it. I came on when the $.99 was winding down and I definitely see it as less effective. Generally speaking, I think buyers do better making an offer than saving $2 on shipping…I sure do wish Posh did free shipping over $XXX I think it’d help us sell more bundles ✌💕

  4. I really became active when the .99 shipping was winding down. The new rate of $6.49 was a shock to the nervous system. However, as with most things, you complain for awhile and then move on. I don’t think I have ever sold anything during CCO that received discounted shipping. It would be nice if they offered the discounted shipping for at least a few hours before it went back up. I believe CCO gets more people in your closet, so I make sales of items that are not on sale.
    Despite all the things that are not perfect I still like Posh better than other platforms I have tried. I like the ease of your shipping label being emailed to you and you just print out. So you only pay Posh and don’t have to worry about an additional fee from Paypal.
    I wish I could go to Poshfest, but family illness prevents it. I am only 4 hours away rather than a plane ride.

  5. CCO also takes place on holiday weekends – Labor Day, Memorial Day, and (probably) Columbus Day. I’ve been an active seller since January of this year so I had no idea about the .99 cent shipping! I think I would be much more likely to buy with that type of shipping but I can also see how that would be a difficult model to sustain financially since Poshmark has grown so much. $4.99 isn’t an impulse buy like .99 cents would be – which is the whole point of CCO and why they only give you an hour to decide so, while the concept is a good one, it might need to be revamped to give you the feeling that “it can’t get better than this! I have to buy now!!”. As mentioned by a few others, in the past 9 months I have never once sold during CCO. I have sold when I’ve done some price drops on my own, but people will bundle items in response to my price drop versus purchasing a single item.

  6. I personally believe the CCO has ruined what was good about Poshmark. I too keep detailed notes and ever since they started doing these once a month my sales have dropped dramatically as now everyone wants something for nothing. It’s started a terrible trend of buyers waiting for the CCO and then offering even less than the discounted price so I’ve decided to ride it out and don’t normally participate in them anymore. I think Poshmark has made a huge mistake by having these and so often because it’s no longer the same Poshmark where you find designer clothes, new or like new at a fraction of the cost of retail and now it seems more like an online garage sale. If I had the funds and know how, I’d start another app like Poshmark used to be with the social side of Facebook combined with resale clothing etc.

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