How to Compare Yourself to Others

How to Compare Yourself to Others

“Are sales slow for you?”

This question is asked approximately every 5 seconds on Poshmark.
Ok, I totally made up that statistic.
BUT, I personally get asked this all the time. Honestly, I find myself asking my friends this question too!
There are times I see people posting photos on Instagram of all of their packages towering in a stack, and I just want to throw my hands up and quit because I haven’t had a sale in two weeks!
Then there are the times I have had to duck my head when asked… knowing I shipped out 15 sales that weekend.
If there is anything I have learned in the past few years of selling and completely overthinking the entire process is that sales are a complete roller coaster, so there is a much bigger question to ask…

Can we really compare our closets?

If we are going to talk about sales and you asked me today how sales have been, according to my records, my sales have climbed by approximately 25% over the past year.
But that figure in no way will indicate how much growth you will see or how your Friday sales will be.
For starters, Poshmark is growing and improving. I have to laugh when I hear people complaining that “Poshmark is only out to make money!”
Ummmm, yeah? Isn’t that what we are all doing? Remember, for them to make money, WE have to be making money. SO bring it on!
Outside of company/app changes and improvements, this is what I have done to bring in growth in MY closet:
  • I have been more strategic with what I list
  • My photos have vastly improved
  • Listings are more competitively priced
  • I share my closet more effectively
  • Consistent promoting through Social Media
These are personal goals I have worked on. Maximizing your closet’s effectiveness is something each user has to learn for themselves. You can read every blog, attend every PoshFest, take online courses on how to use Social Media to grow your business… but if you don’t learn how to apply it so that it works for YOU … it won’t matter. You have to find your niche.


But don’t limit yourself to 25% growth.

Your improvements might be greater– maybe you will double your sales. Even still, you might end up flat to last year because you had it figured out from the beginning. Just because (for me) sales have OVERALL been better- you could still be selling leaps and bounds more than me! Plus you don’t know what my first year was like… you could already be squashing my numbers… that is, if we were to compare.
So with that said…

How do you effectively compare yourself to others?

It’s so EASY…You DON’T.
You simply cannot. Everyone is in a different place; we start out different, we grow different.
This is why I am such an advocate of tracking your own sales.
To determine your success, you have to compare yourself to… yourself.
But our natural inclination to compare closets doesn’t revolve solely around SALES.
Here are some other common comparisons you should avoid:

Follower Numbers

Followers do not equal sales. PERIOD.
One of my first Posh friends made Suggested User and she soared to 80k followers quickly and I was struggling to get to my 10k goal. She kept telling me “There is NO difference! Nothing is happening!” To which I would secretly roll my eyes. Alas, when I became an SU, I would tell people the same thing. YES, more followers can bring you some more sales- but overall there are more important and effective things to focus your energy on.

Hosting Opportunities

Yes, some users may be on their 4th, 5th, or 6th hosting gig. They would probably be the first to tell you that it isn’t as big of a deal as you think. Hosting a party doesn’t mean uncontrollable sales rolling in or massive amounts of new followers. I will say, your first party is the most exciting, then the next party to really look forward to will be if you ever get the chance to host with a PFF. All hosting opportunities are an honor and I am not downplaying that fact BUT it’s nothing to lose your self-confidence (or should I say “closet-confidence”) over.


Suggested Users

The Suggested User program does mean more followers, but like I have been screaming – it isn’t the direct flight to sales and wealth. I can’t tell you how many times a PFF gets the announcement email and their friends are scratching their heads saying “You aren’t already a Suggested User?” You can be awesome without this status. Be a leader, a mentor, a trustworthy seller and SU status will follow.


Listing Numbers

You really can’t judge and compare based on how many listings someone has displayed in their closet stats. It certainly doesn’t mean they have sold that many items! Some users have so many “fluff” posts (closet announcements, sale posts, chit-chat listings) that if they cleaned up their listings their number would be far less! I personally keep my closet mostly down to only SOLD banner listings… for me it’s more of an obsessive thing. Still, I have had to remind myself of this fact when I see closets with leaps and bounds more.



Yes, I am bringing it up again… But I’m not just talking about percentage of growth.

This is the easiest one to get caught up with… we all have fallen victim. One word that can sum up why you shouldn’t compare things at face value: MARGINS.

What do I mean? Well, you may have picked up an Anthropologie sweater in a dollar bin at your local thrift store and sold it for $40. But that huge bundle someone else sold… you know the $260 bundle you are envious of? She may have paid full price and LOST money because she was selling something she owned and didn’t wear any longer. Technically, you are the winner here with your smaller sale. There are sooooooo many aspects to a sale that are private and we just don’t know. You can’t take everything at face value



But doesn’t this apply to life too?

There will always be someone who gets promoted faster, seems to have achieved more, has better hair, has better relationships… But we don’t know what is going on behind the surface or that Facebook and Instagram account.

The best person to compare yourself to is truly YOURSELF.

If your closet doing better than last year? What have you improved on? Are you hitting your personal goals? Working out more, reading, spending more time with family?

I would challenge everyone reading (including myself, for sure!) to sit down before the New Year and figure out which goals are most important and make a plan on how you will get there!

For more posts on this topic to help get you started:

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Do you get caught up with comparisons? How have you overcome the urge to compare and gained closet-confidence?











10 thoughts on “How to Compare Yourself to Others

  1. I loved this post. It is so very true. It is an age-old lesson, to never compare yourself to anyone else. However, I think we all can get caught up on comparing ourselves to others. I did this often when I first started Posh and still do to some degree. This is a powerful message to begin the new year.



    1. Rosanna- thank you so much for reading and chiming in! It’s so easy to get caught up for sure! I know I will be making some new goals to go along with re-opening my closet. XOXO

  2. Elle you are the best girl!!! You keep it real like nobody else I know when it comes to Posh. Thank you for this. You are right about followers. My bff in real life just joined and she is already sitting on a few thousand dollars in your bank acct thanks to Posh. Another friend has less than a quarter of the followers I have and she makes a ton of sales and bundles (something that hasn’t caught on in my closet). I appaud them! We’re all on Posh for different reasons, but ultimately to make money. When my sales are slow I just want to figure out what I’m doing wrong and I compare my closets with others. Wrong move. Thanks for reminding me to stay in my lane. The first 2 weeks of the new year, I will spend away from Posh spending time in the real world. Something I can easily forget to do when I’m obsessing about my closet. But when I come back I’ll have a strategy to make my closet the best MY closet can be! Thanks again Elle!

    1. I think that it can be wise to step back and re-evaluate, especially if you are getting overwhelmed like I was. I have definitely gained some clarity as to what I want out of my closet from taking a couple of months off. XOXO

  3. Confidence can only come from yourself. When you concentrate on what you are doing and stop concerning yourself with what others are doing, it makes you more productive and more likely to raise your own numbers. I like the ideas presented here very much. Every sale is not productive. Even in high volume closets, you can see people are selling at or below cost just to get numbers up and get some money in the door. That’s why it always pays to make offers. You never know what will be accepted. Sellers who get insulted by low offers baffle me. Don’t you want to see EVERY chance to make sale? I know I do! But no I won’t be accepting a $30 offer on a $380 jacket that I have listed for $180. (True story!)

  4. This post is so so true, and so needed! I kind of checked out lately and let my closet coast…because I saw an IG post with a cart full of boxes and was like I’m so over it. And you know what was so funny…I had no change on sales lol
    But I feel so much better, I’ve had more time for my kids and husband and the gym! Life is good, I love Posh and I’m definitely not quitting but it has to work around me, not me around it. Elle, you are the 💣 xoxo 💕 ✌

  5. I wonder if those IG posts of usps boxes are empty?! 😳🙈

    Nice post btw.. I was super addicted to Posh, but now I part time Posh and I don’t let it interfere with sleep, or my life. I’m interested to know more about effectively sharing your closet..

    Happy Poshing! 🙂

  6. This is a perfect post- and every first time as well as experienced poshers should read this. I’ve caught myself wondering Whyyy this or that individual makes bank on all of their items but you’re 100% correct- finding a fantastic bag/sweater/pair of boots at a thrift store, estate sale, etc for $2-8, then selling for even just $15-40, could give you an estimated $10-30 profit even with fees taken out. You’re right- it’s completely up to how you profit and ENJOY running your closet. And figuring out the most effective & efficient way to do so. For me, it’s taken 6 months or so of part time poshing, and I’m still working on it. 💕💕 lovely post!!

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