Consign, List, or Donate

Consign List or Donate

I am not sure when I became a person who can’t make a simple decision between Consign, List, or Donate.

I mean there are ONLY three options!

Let me back up… I am going to make a huge confession that is one of my biggest struggles as a seller on Poshmark:

The stacks and bins of clothing that consume my personal space!

Typically I can make immediate firm decisions; I usually have a strong opinion before a question is even posed.

But when it comes to clothing- that’s where it ends. True story… I got back from Vegas almost 2 weeks ago and there is this pile of clean clothes that I didn’t wear that I unpacked from my suitcase. This stack has been living in my desk chair. Every morning I have made my bed and then transferred this stack to my bed with the shallow promise that I will put it away. Come bedtime, I remove the stack and return it to the desk chair.


Possible reasons:

  • My closet is full
  • I have no empty hangers
  • There is no logical explanation

It’s been almost 2 weeks!!!
But this is ME.


Anyway… back to my Poshmark closet.

Luckily I have an actual storage area for my Poshmark listings. But would you believe me if I said only about 20% of what I have is actually listed? Many times I have pulled ALL of the bins and my rack of clothes out of the closet and gave myself the firm instructions:

“Each piece goes into a pile: Consign, List, or Donate. No exceptions!”

Consign, List, or Donate

Easy, right?


This stack is for the items that I may have had listed for a while and they weren’t getting much interest. These can be listings that I am tired of sharing. Or perhaps something that is an odd size (or style) and you really have to see it in person and try it on.


This is a given, but seriously, why is this SO HARD sometimes?


I donate items that are out of date or that I don’t want to list. I want to feel good about my listings and love to share them. Also, I will donate if a consignment item isn’t accepted.


Everything goes smoothly until…

“Hmmm, I really loved this… maybe I will keep.” Sets to the side.

“Oh, I need my best friend to look at this purse!” Hangs on back of chair.

“Let me take this one to consign. Oh, this is fall… I can hang onto it until August.” Makes new pile.

“I need to research this one before listing and figure out what brand this symbol is… don’t want to miss out on an extra $5 it might bring!” New stack…

“These jeans are amazing. It would be worth the hard work of losing 10 lbs to be able to squeeze into these!” Throws in hamper to wash because I have literally no other idea where to put them.


Seriously, this is me. Everytime.

And I am going to attempt this again this weekend. Last night, I finally finished reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This book speaks to me at my core. I am ready to tackle my belongings! (kinda).

Wish me luck! I may post pics of my struggle to Instagram if it’s not too embarrassing.

Any advice on how to tackle my piles of clothes?? What do YOU do??






8 thoughts on “Consign, List, or Donate

  1. Oh my gosh! This post could have been about me lol. Back in December I was doing the same thing, keeping everything because I couldn’t decide to list or donante. I’ve even put my Posh closet on hold because I was too burned out to list. My pile of clothes just stressed me out, so I ignored it! I finally got to the point where I wanted to simplify things. So I decided I’m going to keep a few really nice pieces to list and just get rid of the rest. Purge! I don’t want to store anything anymore! Plus I figured if I want to find new stuff to list, I’ll just go through my closet again lol! Great Post Elle! As for the pile of clothes on the chair….just put them away. Piles like that tend to multiply in my house! 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, the boxes and bags of clothing that consume my space too. I totally get it. I’ve got boxes of Posh inventory all over the place (which my husband says he doesn’t notice?), plus a box of stuff to donate that’s just been sitting on the floor for a month… I don’t know why it’s so hard to just drop off!

    I thought I was the only person in the world that would have items to list and not actually have them listed!!! Whoever decided you could quickly “snap” a pic and list in under 60 seconds had to be a man. As for piles… bedroom floor, the closet in the “office” /bedroom is full..but it also stores a sewing machine & craft stuff. A rack in the laundry room, a new rack in the “office”. And piles, piles in the chair in the office, piles/ boxes in the floor of the office. “I need to wait” until the right season, I need to get my neighbor to model this….PLUS a lot of this is going to be sold for charity..donated items that aren’t really what my ministry needs. Oh My the PILES & Racks & Boxes. If you get help, send them to me..the queen of procrastination.

  4. This WAS me. Then I stopped to think: a. My clothing donations to Cancer Shop would help fund the Hospice in small way, b. Donations to a “women in need” org may help another in some way.
    Now it’s absolutely easier for me to sort between Posh & Donate. I have a couple favorite donate-cause shops. I only consign high end designer pieces.
    Think about how your “donation” may help others. The $5 sale becomes meaningless. Go! Put donations in car immediately. You’ll have your piles cleared significantly.

    1. Yes! Thank you so much for pointing out the donation factor! This is how I feel about consigning… I usually lose money but the consignment shop I use is run by a church and their portion goes towards the ministry. Definitely motivating!

    1. Hi Theresa! I typically do not remove listings to donate. I tend to donate the clothing that I don’t list for one reason or another. If it’s an item that I just can’t seem to find a customer for, I will typically consign locally. Hope that helps!

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