Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

I once ran across a comment from one Posher to another where Posher A was blasting Posher B for not “following” a lot of closets.


I looked at the scenario, Posher B had tens of thousands of followers but was only following a few hundred closets. The accuser had much fewer followers and was following tons of closets. She went on to tell Posher B that she was not being a positive community member because she did not support others by following them. I was shocked by the bold accusations. I, too, only follow a few hundred! Am I doing something wrong???

To explain my opinion on this matter, let me tell you about my Poshmark following journey:

When I first signed up, I read through all the rules and regulations, I read every blog and commentary I could find. I knew I needed followers to start getting sales and the majority of advice said “To get followers, follow as many people as possible.” So I would follow anyone and everyone I could find. Yes, I received follow backs- I would estimate that 15-20% of people followed back. This is the best way to jump-start your Poshmark closet- if you do not have followers then you mostly rely on key-word searches for shoppers to find your listings.

As I started to get a decent following (I cannot tell you how excited I was to reach 2k… at the time 10k seemed light years away) I stopped obsessively following people. Why? My feed was becoming full of napkin rings, video games, and men’s polo shirts. Yes, there were amazing listings too- I knew it was best to follow closets that play by the rules. I tried to unfollow those closets but it was so overwhelming that I had a hard time sharing from my feed without accidentally sharing these prohibited items. Unfortunately, you risk this by blindly following closets. I also felt that I couldn’t properly share the closets I wanted to share because it was so confusing.

I had to make a decision about what I wanted to see on my feed and how I wanted to utilize it to share. Ideally I wanted to be inspired by my feed and potentially be able to shop. I certainly wanted it to be full of Poshers who follow the rules.

That’s when I made the decision to start over. To do this I started to unfollow. I unfollowed everyone- even PFFs. (Little known fact: when you unfollow the masses you are limited to unfollow a maximum of 1000-2000 a day before Posh freezes your ability to do so for about 12 hrs.). It did cross my mind “What if all my followers did this too??? I would have no followers!” But strategically speaking, I would rather have 900 followers that love my closet and would potentially purchase than have 900k followers who have inactive closets or who wouldn’t shop.

(Side Note- I LOVE all my followers and mean no disrespect- I just want to show different points of view. ALSO do not be discouraged if you do not have thousands of followers- just because some one has more than you doesn’t determine your success!!!).

Why do I have a decent amount of followers then? I became a Suggested User (Click HERE to read about Being a Suggested User).

I am more than just a seller, I shop on Poshmark. Now my feed is full of items I may potentially purchase, I can also sit back and share away with no fear of promoting used makeup and pregnancy tests (Yes, yes they are available on Posh- don’t believe me? Search it). I add/follow closets daily- I add brand new closets that are just starting out and I want to share them, and I add tried and true closets that I am inspired by. I slowly had to find all my PFFs and follow them again. I fully plan on following thousands again, I am just adding them one at a time.

Now, before you side with Posher A and accuse someone of not “supporting the community” by following… go visit their closet and check their SHARING #’s. To me THAT is how you promote and support the community. I share the ones I follow, I even have a private share list on my computer of hundreds closets that I share regularly (some are even closets I don’t follow). I love to see other Posher’s closets succeed because that is what will make Poshmark continue to be successful and continue to rise to the top as an online retailer- taking our closets with it!

All this aside, I am not saying that unfollowing is the way to go AT ALL… I am only stating my current philosophy and why I decided to start over. I wanted to provide another view so that perhaps it could stop a bit of the confusion. I applaud Poshers that can balance their sharing and following! We all have our particular Posh-style and I decided to write this post and voice my (often unpopular) opinion in hopes that as a community we would not be so harsh and quick to judge one another. Before we confront someone who does something different from what we do, let’s take a moment to look at the whole picture.



Agree or disagree? I would love to hear your personal philosophy!

17 thoughts on “Do you FOLLOW the crowd?

  1. What’s worse, Posh code sometimes breaks when you remove 100s of followers and add some back. My “following” list has been broken for months (I’m following 1000s of people, but the counter says I’m only following a few hundred). Asking Posh customer support to help is a bit on the useless side because they says they’re going to fix the problem, but haven’t fixed it for months (some Poshers say this has been going on for over a year, and Posh knows about it).

    In short, the “following” count can be completely wrong because of a Posh coding error, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix on the horizon.

  2. I cannot believe people would actually bash someone for not following enough closets! Every closet I follow is one I vetted for offering clothing in my size (or accessories I like) & include things I would buy. Its at almost 1000, so that’s a lot of shopping and luckily for those closets, I’ve spent a TON of money on them when my whole goal of joining PM was to sell off my excess.

    I’m in agreement-smart following is so much better than blast following every person you can find. Your feed is so tailored to what you desire.

  3. That is so true abt the craziness you see in your feed. I pay attention to feed and try to share from it often and when I come across things like this I unfollow and sometimes the ones who share them are sometimes non compliant so that makes 2 unfollows lol. Yes we get excited and began to follow ppl and then we get the garage sale feed. It abt keeping it clean fun and worth shopping. I would do the same but I’m taking step by step. My followers and following is very close and yes what really counts is your shares. Could do a post abt followers wanting shares but they have zero to no shares put out. I’m loving the blog still reading. Thx

  4. I’ve recently started the unfollowing process, too. And I’ve also seen real horrible things said to people that only follow a few hundred. Shares are the important key to me in deciding to follow someone or not. I think sometimes people follow so many closets that if I share my items, there’s so little chance of them getting seen. I’m trying to follow only close friends and closets that have my size/style. But I just started, and feel like it’s going to take three months to unfollow all those closets!

  5. I am SO glad that I read this today Elle!! It is great!! I think I may have mentioned in a previous reply about the frustration I am getting in my feed of GIRLs and BOYs and MENs clothes!! Ugh it makes me so mad especially when I am getting excited thinking I found something to buy!! Lol

  6. Well, you’re confirming I’m on the right track of unfollowing a bunch of junk. I got so many because initially I was told play follow games as often as you can! Big mistake; no one knows if all those folks actually follow any rules at all. So daily I pick 100 closets in my list, check them out and unfollow if warranted. It’s slow, but I’m not going anywhere! I also check out the closets sent my way due to being an SU one or 2 items I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and mention it kindly. But closets with big old labels: Mens! Just miss me, cuz I’m going to miss you!

  7. Totally agree with you point here. I joined Poshmark a couple days ago and I noticed I was automatically following 40+ people without clicking follow. I unfollowed everyone and has been adding posher that I like and has something to offer. I have been sharing closet by searching on the new people or just by brands I like. Following thousands of people can be overwhelming and I doubt I’ll see there listing unless I’m refreshing my page every second all day.

    Thank you for this article!


  8. Agree! I have taken this so slow that it’s taking forever to get to the suggested user status….and I must say I have a pretty cool closet. 🙂 It’s because I don’t want to see a crammed feed and I’m a genuine sharer. I only share items that I truly like it are sweet deals. … When I figured out that the Poshmark interface is exactly like Instagram I put the brakes on following people blindly. I feel I’m a much more focused and loyal sharer to the closets I’ve built. On that note, however, I seem to have built a team of lazy sharers! I’m very good at it but haven’t been seeing enough reciprocation lately. So I may start deleting and replacing soon. My closet is Seestarrs btw come check me out!

  9. Great article! Where does it tell Poshers the number of followers you are allowed to follow (add) or unfollow (delete) in a 24-hour period of time. Have sent an e-mail to Poshmark Support asking this question and haven’t heard back.

    1. Hi Linda! I have never seen an official statement from Poshmark with a number. The number I mentioned in the post was what I personally experienced at the time. I’m sure it has changed since. I haven’t unfollowed since the time mentioned so I do not have any recent experience. If you find out- please let us know!

  10. YES! I literally just went through my Following list and made a big purge. It makes no sense to me just following everyone that follows you and then sharing items blindly…won’t we just be sharing items over and over to each other? I also wanted my feed to be inspiring and full of beautiful things I would want to buy. Thank you for this post!

  11. Great article. I’ve been in PM for nine months and at the beginning of my journey I followed and shared almost anyone’s closet! Until I compared the amount of closets who shared or followed back and it was not an equal or close to equal my amount and to me that was unfair, because you are spending seconds of your time to follow and share! So I came to a conscious conclusion to check the number of shares (specially) and followers a closet has. I don’t follow those closets who for example have 325k followers and they follow 23 and have 200 shares! And the response has been very positive.

  12. Thank you so much for this article! I was really conflicted about the following vs follower concept. Felt forced into following anyone that followed me. I now know that my gut was right – share, share and share to feel the Posh love!

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