How to Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

We all want more Poshmark sales. Including myself. While I am a self-proclaimed “part-time Posher”, recently I have decided I want more. I am tired of being complacent. For the past two months I have been focusing on what I KNOW I should be doing. As I made my game plan and charted out my course of action, I began to believe that perhaps we tend to overthink our Poshmark strategies. What do I mean by that? I am beginning to think it’s a little more simplistic. Yes, there are tons of features and layers that have been added over the years that can fine tune your sales tactics and get you major results. However, I am now of the belief that the best tactics to full throttle your Poshmark closet are quite basic.

While this post will present strategy we have discussed before, I am going to explain what I feel are the two major factors to getting your closet in a position to make sales and get your closet charged up and into a full throttle mode.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee (I have mine) and let’s chat!

How to Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

Step One:

Listing new items.

It’s basic. It’s what you are told to do when you first sign up. Quite honestly, it’s obvious. (See link at the end to read a more in-depth explanation about listing). Yes, photos, descriptions, keywords, all that good stuff are key. But the basic act of posting is a huge factor to making sales. You can’t sell what you don’t have listed.

Why it works:

  • When you list a new item you show up in searches.

When you shop for something, I am willing to bet that you shop by using the search engine. Sure, as you share or randomly look at your feed- you may be compelled to make a purchase that you weren’t planning on (this is where eye-catching photos come into play, and thorough descriptions with measurements help seal the impulse purchase).

So, how do you show up in searches by listing?

When you type in an item to search the default is Just Shared, but savvy shoppers know that JUST IN will show them the latest.

The first time you share a new listing to a Party, it goes into the First Look Showroom tab.


Plus, when someone is following you, it should show them you have new listings.

If they click on your profile, all new listings will appear at the top of your closet (regardless of how they are sorted) and be outlined in red.

Don’t have anything to list? Re-List.

It is a broad belief that new listings give you higher ranking in the Poshmark algorithm. However, I will make no definitive claims. I can say that based on my experience, I get more activity when I list and it’s usually obvious a couple of days later. If I am listing every day… then I see more activity on a consistent basis. By activity I mean: shares, likes, adding to bundles, and of course purchases. Also, I’m not talking about listing one thing a day, I am referring to 10-30 new listings (again, not an exact number just giving you an idea).


Once you have added new listings to sell…

Step Two:

Sharing your own closet.

If you have nothing to list, or if you don’t buy into the whole “relist” strategy… that’s ok. You can share.

Side note: It’s not selfish to share your own closet. You are not a bad person for sharing your own closet. You have followers who want to see your closet- so share it to them. Believe in yourself and your listings and get them out there for shoppers to see!

I have to expound on this before we get to the “why.”

Need more coffee? Pour some more, I can wait….

The most frequent questions I get are along the lines of “Ugh, sales are so slow! Any tips?”

The first thing I have to ask is “How often are you sharing your own closet?”

Nine times out of ten they proclaim: “ALL the time!” “My fingers all falling off!” “All I do is share.”

When we get down to it, sharing typically FEELS like more than it really is.

100-300 individual shares a day are NOT going to boost your sales. Will you get sales? Sure. Wanna boost them? Share MORE.

Why? Because it has worked for me. I typically do not throw out my personal numbers because comparisons are never a good idea. My apples mean nothing next to your oranges. But I can tell you that I saw a boost in MY sales, a boost from MY trend, when I focused on sharing upwards of 2000 shares a day. I went from 400-500 shares a day to 1500-2000 and am seeing results.


I get it, you don’t have time. Neither do I.

So, how do I find time?


Regardless of how you share, know how long it takes you to share. The easiest and fastest way to share is on a computer with a mouse. I timed myself and discovered that I could self-share my entire closet (approximately 450 listings) in 17 minutes. On my phone or iPad it is more like 30 minutes. If I want to accomplish 1500-2000 self-shares, I need to find an hour.

I purchased this timer for 0.88 at Walmart. When it’s time to share, I will set it for 17 minutes and I cannot stop until the timer goes off. It’s like a little supervisor who helps me get things done.

Now that I knew how to get it done… when? Where do I find this hour?

I decided to see what the heck I was doing with my time so I printed an hourly calendar from the internet. Using a highlighter I blocked the hours in a week with what I needed to accomplish.

Granted, you and I are different and have different things going on and this calendar is a general example and doesn’t include much of what I do… so don’t zoom in and get caught up in that. But I challenge you to block your time. I, for one, do not watch much TV. But you may have a nightly viewing schedule. Can you share during then? Do you have 15 minutes in the morning when you drink coffee before work? I share first thing in the morning while drinking coffee. Do you have an hour lunch break that you usually devote to creeping on Facebook? Share instead!

Some days I found secretly hidden spare time and then other days I had so much time I wondered what I have been doing with my life.

Maybe you honestly don’t have an hour. Don’t get discouraged. Maybe you can find 25 minutes. If you are typically sharing your closet once a day and can find time for a second full share… you are going to see some sort of results.

Why it Works:

  • Search engine optimization.

Point blank, when you share your own closet you get bumped to the top of the “Just In” default search result. If you share your closet throughout the day, you keep your listing closer to the top. This increases you chance of being noticed by a potential buyer. (To read more about why this works, check out the link at the end)

When it comes down to it- I am giving examples of what I personally have been doing. Being consistent with listing and self-sharing more than ever has made a huge impact on my sales. This goes without saying, and I’m sure you already know, I can’t promise that you will see the same results and that my general examples of numbers are NOT the super-secret algorithm triggering numbers to get yourself into power-seller mode. But…

Perhaps we tend to over-complicate things. Maybe it’s truly simple after all.


Side note: Big discussions are happening about whether sharing too much is futile.

Easy work around: If you are seeing results- Keep it up! If you aren’t seeing results- Change your strategy.



Click here to read more about Listing Strategy

Click here to read more about Self Sharing


Have you found any new strategies to full throttle your Poshmark Closet?



25 thoughts on “How to Full Throttle Your Poshmark Closet

  1. I never knew what the red boxes around the items meant. Thanks for sharing! I’ve also been upping my self shares and noticing results. I have about 450 active listings and shoot for doing a full closet share 3-4 times a day.

  2. I am so grateful for your blog and you taking the time to share your Posh experience. When I was first getting started on Posh I reviewed and subscribed to a number of blogs in an effort to find what I felt was the most realistic, reliable, and honest.
    I now subscribe to ONLY ONE – yours 😘

    I am still learning and certainly finding my wings, your guidance & advice has condensed my learning curve tremendously. I have also found that my experiences/expectations are very much in line with yours.

    There is so much factually incorrect information being put forth by other bloggers, that it creates a handicap in my opinion.

    Case in point: regarding the “too much sharing is futile” debate – I came across a blogger who claims that each item is only good for three shares a day – effectively anything more than three and your “clicking is meaningless”. Speaking from personal experience, I would have to say that this is absurd for a number a reasons. But, to condense the concept, I know that the more I share my closet and others closets – far more than three per day of my own closet the more likes, shares, and sales I see on a consistent basis.

    My thought process is similar to yours… it can’t hurt, you’ll find what works for you, and I’ve applied this logic to sharing and my Posh behavior in general.

    I do about 2,500 shares a day, and I absolutely know it makes a difference in my sales.

    Thank you again for you blog and guidance, I am grateful!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Great points made. I know personally I am an over analyzer and thinker by nature so getting back to the basics is refreshing lol! I didn’t know that about the self shares. I will have to try that out. One thing that has always helped my sales is having nice clear pics. I did a closet overhaul years ago and it really helped boost my sales. I think when scrolling through tons of thumbnails the ones that are the most eye catching I’m more prone to actually shop their closet too.

  4. Thanks for proclaiming the basics, because trying to figure out the almighty algorithm hurts my brain! But I do have a question: when you share your own closet, are you doing edit/next/list each time?

    1. Hi Kate! At one time I felt that edit sharing somehow got more activity going, but I no longer feel the same. I do edit share in the mornings on my phone because it’s easier (and any other time I am on the go and sharing from my phone). I feel like I see the same results/activity when I am on my laptop sharing the regular way.

  5. Love the post!! I know I for sure need to share my closet more, and add more listings on a regular basis. I believe these two points will make a ton of difference for me.

  6. You are consistently brilliant and so humble about it. Loved reading this with my coffee this morning! You are so helpful and this newbie is super grateful! Thanks, Elle!

  7. Hi – I’m somewhat new to Poshmark (started in Dec) and LOVE your advice but have a question. When you say ‘individual shares’ do you mean sharing directly to another individual who may have interest (targeted sharing I guess?) ? Or just sharing to your followers as a mass push?

        1. I haven’t had a sale from “styling” request direct sharing. I have had good results from direct sharing that is purposeful and tailored to that person. Not blindly direct sharing to random people.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I really appreciate reading how others successfully do things. I find that I am much slower than you are in shares (not for lack of effort, LOL!). When sharing from my computer I can share approx 222 listings in 15min 12 sec. There is no delay in my computer and I am clicking on 1 right after the other. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you so much for your advice,

  9. Elle,
    I noticed that you “like” some (or all??) of your own listings. What is your reasoning, and how has it helped?
    Kris @adaptations

    1. Hi Kris! Good eye, thanks for checking out my closet! It was once believed that somehow the more likes on a listing the better visibility you get, so a lot of users will like their own listings. Who knows if it’s true, however- I like some of my listings mostly as a way to sort things… my own personal organization.

      1. LOL. I noticed the “likes” on your Instagram story today, as you shared your closet. I read/watch everything you’re doing to learn more. I revamped my closet, changed my user name, bought a dress form, set up a natural light photo area in the spare bedroom, relisted items (already stale after just 5 months), and more because of all the tips in this blog and on your Instagram. I think some things are picking up a bit because of it. My local thrift store has a bag sale so I added to my inventory last week and this week. I listed 15 items today and have a whole pile to list yet!
        Thank you so much for all the info!!!
        Kris @adaptations

  10. Hi I love your blog I just want to know are the 1500 shares a day all u or 1500 shares of others items.
    If they are you do you just share your uremscover abdvover for that one hour or through the day? Thx!

  11. Thank you for this post! I used to be able to share twice a day to poshmark parties, but with my new job it’s nearly impossible to attend a party, especially the one at 10PM EST. But now I will try to share during my spare time watching TV after work, and hopefully I will see a boost in sales. In regards to relisting, do you ever relist items even if they have 1-3 likes? Or do you only relist items with 0 likes?


    1. Hi Gabby! I don’t relist at a certain number of likes or if something has zero likes. I relist when it feels right even if it has 100+ likes. I don’t have a set time… just whenever! Thank you for reading!

  12. Thank you so much for your honest advice about how to increase sales! It really does work and you are awesome!!! Thanks again for sharing the knowledge!!

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