Get Styled on Poshmark

Get Styled on Poshmark

Sometimes a blog post subject will come along that I am excited about writing. This was one of them. Particularly because I got to do things and test things and then report what I learned. So keep that in mind. This is just an opinion piece not necessary factual and your results will vary… so like with all my posts, it’s all my thoughts and opinions that are probably wrong anyway.

This post is about Requesting to be Styled as a Buyer through the Style Match feature.


If you haven’t used the feature, here is what it looks like… you will see this or something similar in your feed:

I don’t have to scroll far to see this on my feed and it’s hard to miss. The most genius marketing of the feature is in the small print:

“Get Styled for FREE Today”

It implies that this is a service that one might usually have to pay for, but luckily, it’s gonna be free today. Fantastic.

My first observation is that the feature is compelling. If I am new to Poshmark or seeing this for the first time- I sure as heck am going to try it out!

What Happens When You Get Styled?

I had to see how it works. I have had style requests since the Dressing Room was introduced and I even have been “matched” and styled a few according to the newer style match system. I decided to see what happens and how sellers use the feature. I certainly could use a few good ideas, and looking through a buyer’s eyes helps.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Once you tap on this feature you get to choose from several styles #DateNight #Athleisure #CocktailParty #BrunchwithFriends to name a few.
  2. After you choose the “Style” you want, you will be alerted when you are matched.

3. Now that you have requested to be styled, you will receive an alert in your news feed once someone starts to style you and the subsequent direct shares to your dressing room.

And that is what it’s like from a buyer’s view. Things can look different based on the sellers tactics…

I made requests over the span of a few days and requested different styles each time.

What I Observed When I Requested To Be Styled

  1. My first observation is that the whole things is very automated. Poshmark, in general, tends to be more interactive and social oriented and this feels mechanical and facilitates little interaction unless someone reaches out and personalizes it.
  2.  When you request to be styled, 7-8 closets get your style request! When I requested to be styled, I immediately looked in my dressing rooms and saw this:

I could see which closets were contacted… So if you ignore a style request, the buyer can see that.

Now not everyone lives in the Poshmark app… so some sellers won’t respond right away. But I just wanted to point out that as of now- you are not anonymous.


My Get Styled Requests

This is a brief recap of the styles I requested and highlights of responses.

Tuesday Get Styled Requests

In the evening, I requested styling for #ATHLEISURE
  • There were 4 sellers who styled me.
  • All ranged from 2-22 shares.
  • Someone sent me a ton of heels. Cool.
I also requested #DATENIGHT
  • I received 1 response.
  • The seller shared 20+ listings.

Wednesday Get Styled Requests

In the morning, I requested #FALLTRENDS

I was actually excited for this one, I wanted to see what sellers thought the trends would be for the Fall…

  • No one styled me.
Later in the afternoon I requested # CASUALWEEKEND
  • One seller sent me 20 or so shares…
  • 2 others styled me for this the next day.

Thursday Get Styled Requests

In the evening, I requested #BRUNCHWITHFRIENDS
  • 1 seller immediately styled me (5 shares).
  • 1 styled me the next day.

Friday Get Styled Requests

Someone FINALLY styled me for #FallTrends from my Wednesday Request!!

In the morning, I requested #DAYATTHEOFFICE
  • I received 3 style responses.
  • Ranged from 4-30+ shares.
  • Sellers seemed to play it safe and shared a ton of jewelry.
  • One of these sellers did stand out… more on that below.


Overall Observations as a Buyer:

  • I sent out 6 request and got 14 sellers “Style Me”… I have 28 open dressing rooms that are empty where no one styled me.
  • Out of all my Style Requests only ONE seller reached out to me.
  • If someone had great pictures, I would go and look in their closet… I wanted to see more.
  • No one really knew my style. For instance, nothing about “Day at the Office” let anyone know my profession, or how I need to dress. There was not a huge chance that I would have made a purchase. However, like I just said- if there were great pics and some compelling/interesting shares- it made me take a closer look.

Thoughts On Styling If You Receive A Request

  • ALWAYS style them! If the response rate is always this low- this is a great opportunity for someone to see your closet. You can at least be the one person who responds even if you can’t do it immediately.
  • Follow. Following the buyer who requests can get your shares noticed, it starts the sharing out on a nice foot.
  • Share your best, MOST appropriate items. Yeah, Brunch with Friends makes me roll my eyes, BUT, you can interpret that style however you like!

I do want to mention the one seller who stood out… I won’t call her out by closet name, let’s just say she is a power-seller and rightfully so…

  • She sent me 30+ shares that were matched well to #DAYATTHEOFFICE
  • Whether she realized it or not, she did this in 2 separate rounds, a few hours apart. This was interesting and actually got my attention. I felt like she was actually into it.
  • After she styled me… She reached out to me! She actually commented and referred to her shares and my request! She was the only one who made an attempt at connecting.
  • Then, she SHARED some of MY closet. Now this won’t work with everyone because not everyone is a seller. But, I never though to go in and share. Brilliant!
  • Out of everyone- I felt she was the only one I felt a personal connection with, not as robotic or automated as the others.


When I style someone I have a listing that I share last:

I haven’t had any responses… and to date I have not had any sales through direct sharing in the Dressing Room. But this listing is how I attempt to open communication if the buyer is interested. Based on my observations from last week and how I felt as a buyer, I am going to try to tag Poshers in this listing with a comment to see if I get any responses.


On the other hand, If you have requested to be styled or if you have fielded multiple requests and it’s just not your thing… I have good news!

You can opt out!

Go to your “Seller Tools” and select “Posh Stylist Settings”

From there you can opt out of select styles that you do not represent OR opt out of the program entirely.


Lastly, I had one huge question about how we get matched.

Does Poshmark “match” us based on SIZES they can detect from our listings OR is it based on “MY SIZE” selections?

Long ago, it was a common practice to have “MY SIZE” reflect what we SELL and not what we WEAR. This matching process could change everything.

I emailed Poshmark Support last week with this question and they responded confirming that they “match” closets “based on the size in your sale inventory and categories.” As for the “My Size” feature, that is for your shopping preferences and is not for selling purposes. Several of you confirmed this in the comments below 🙂


How has your experience been with the GET STYLED Feature?












21 thoughts on “Get Styled on Poshmark

  1. Elle, Thank you for this thought provoking post. I have received several styling requests. I have responded to all of them, whether it be to try and style them with limited information or initiate contact to get more information. All of my attempts have yielded no sales and no comments until last night.

    Last night I sent a new Posher a request for more information and I even asked if she actually requested styling. She replied back to me that she had been tired when she saw the “Request for Styling” and may have pushed it in error. She apologized and asked if she needed to do anything to delete the request. I told her no, it was all good and have a good evening. She replied back and told me to have a good night. The one reply made me feel hopeful. She took the actual time to be courteous and respond to me. That is the total interaction I have had with people since this started, despite my best efforts to make contact.

    I truly do believe that many new Poshers see this and don’t really know what to do, so they just click on a request. I personally, have never been styled by anyone ever in my life and I consider it something that more wealthy people with busy careers or social lives use. I do not mean to offend anyone, for some this may be a common practice. Of course, many people sell Prada, etc. and I won’t know a Prada bag if it bit me. 🙂

    The Styling Request, currently does not feel personal at all. It would be better if it did, IMO. Thanks Elle, for writing about this issue.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience! I DO think that once people try it out and get more familiar with it that we will start to see more responses and more sales.

  2. I definitely have gotten styling requests from closets that do not match “my size” preferences, so it appears that they are matching based on listed items’ sizes.

  3. Also, let me add this was very helpful! I don’t buy much on Posh, but it was great to get a buyer’s insight into styling requests to know how to better approach them as a seller! Thanks!

  4. I only sell Jewelry & accessories. There’s nothing on style cards for that so it’s difficult to know what to share. Most of the requests come from new people & I believe they’re unaware of what they select. I’ve never gotten an answer back from any requests & haven’t made sales from the requests.
    I personally don’t care for the option, but I won’t go as far as opting out.

  5. I do not have the feature yet, you must be one of the beta testers. I’ll take advantage of it when it’s available for sure. Interesting to see if it will help me move my fall/winter accessories.

    Thanks Elle…

    Eat more Asparagus.

  6. Hi Elle, I also do not have the Posh Stylist listed in the Seller Tools, and I am a Posh Ambassador. I have updated the app again and still do not have that.

    Love your blogs by the way!

  7. Great article! I have been getting styling requests quite often. Most the time when I go look at their closet they are new people and they have very little to go on. I have even gotten style request from people that don’t have sizes listed. I often wonder if they are all mistakes and they accidentally asked to be styled and do not know what it means. It’s good to know that they can actually see who they are matched up with. So now I know that I should style them and hope that they do come to my closet and look at other things. And I love your idea of the thank you listing!

  8. I was initially excited about the style requests that came pouring in! I would style everyone by sharing 10-15 items that fit the theme. However, this all changed with one particular request. As soon as I received this posher’ request, I began sharing some appropriate items. After sharing maybe 5-6, I was immediately blocked from the closet. It made me question if not everyone understands what they’re getting into when they request styling. It really bummed me out because I had taken time out of my day to style this posher and was promptly blocked. It caused me to begin ignoring other requests for fear of bothering someone or being blocked. Any thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Erica! Wow- I’m just guessing that is a one-off. I am assuming that this person was new? I have even heard where new Poshers don’t understand regular shares or are thrown off by being “followed” which is understandable when you are new to the app. I wonder in this case if it was a mistake in requesting and then thought maybe it was an obligation to purchase, just trying to think outside the box on why! I would say don’t let it get you down (or take it personal!!), keep on styling when you can- that’s what I am trying to do, and eventually when it becomes more common we will start to see sale!

      1. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate the insight & you’re definitely able to see it in a way that I hadn’t considered. I don’t think the posher was new, but maybe she did request by accident & was thrown off by the notifications. Anyway, thank you for replying & I love reading your blog!

  9. I am soooo glad you addressed this Elle!!! I get style requests and though I have NO clue what I am supposed to share, I just start sharing. Some have their sizes listed and I choose things in their size but some do not have that listed so I just share jewelry or shoes or accessories. I really wish I knew more about how this works. Practice makes perfect 😀 Thanks for all of the info…very useful and interesting!

  10. Hi! I was super interested in reading your post….thanks for the info. Quick question…I followed your instructions and went to my Seller Tools but the Posh Stylist Settings isn’t there. I am a Posh Ambassador and don’t have pending app updates. What am I missing? 🙂 Any info is much appreciated! Thanks

    1. Just heard back from my friend who doesn’t have it either… apparently not all users have the ability to receive the requests but as of now all users can request to be styled. Poshmark told her in an email that they hope to have it available to all soon.

  11. So I was curious as to why I have not received a request to be styled by a buyer, and I went to ‘My Seller Tools’ and noticed that the ‘Posh Stylist Settings’ button wasn’t event available for me. Do you know if there’s a reason why not everyone has the option to style. I am a posh ambassador, so I just found this odd.

  12. Good morning, like you I am a Poshmark Ambassador and mentor and I am just getting started with the blog though I’ve had a WordPress account since 2015. I want to add a box My Favorite Blogs, and include you. My idea for my blog is to link it to my closet, but because it is Gleanings From The Glossies, I discuss things I’ve read or seen (aka, GLEANED)on the web, TIPS ABOUT CLEANING and caring for clothes. Interview with an author I know, a long view from history I have lived through, about wearing sizes from 26 to xs petite, Watergate and now, and so much more. If you have time please check out my blog, Gleanings From The Glossies also on WordPress. Would love to talk with you, please email me at

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