Group Therapy: How a Share Group can change your Life



Did you know that there is a secret society meeting going on right now within Poshmark???

Just kidding.


There really are not-so-secret groups meeting up on Poshmark. Some are exclusive and some have open membership. These gathering of Poshers are called SHARE GROUPS. You probably have come across a Share Group listing in your feed or maybe while browsing a closet. Being a member and participating in a share group can be advantageous as highly effective way to spend your time sharing.

But what IS a “share group” you ask?

A share group is a scheduled/organized “meeting” where participants report to a certain listing at a set time. This group will have a leader and this Posh leader will post a sign up sheet for the group in their closet. This listing will have the rules with the particular way to share and any other important information. The primary goal is to share each others listings but the benefits can go beyond that.

How it Works:

The sharing may begin at a specific time (or a time frame). Others may have you share a long list of preset closets or it may be broken down into smaller daily groups. There are hundreds of Share¬† Groups within Poshmark so you should be able to find one that fits your schedule and style. Once you are done sharing your assignment you will then “sign out” stating that you have fulfilled your commitment to the group.


Benefits of a Share Group:

  • Connections: You instantly connect with other Poshers. This is a great way to make a PFF! This is especially helpful if you are new because you will have a “support group”. Side note- if one of these Poshers is about to Co-Host a party- this could mean a host pick!!
  • Maximum exposure: When the sharing starts your listings get “flooded” into potentially hundreds of thousands of news feeds. Depending on how many followers the other participants have, you will reach more people than you can on your own (HUGE bonus for a new closet starting out).
  • Guaranteed Share Backs: it’s required- that’s how it works.
  • Sales: this is the main reason… you get noticed, you make sales. Period. The odds are in your favor.

How to find a group:

Search “share group” and find the main listing for the group within the leader’s closet (I have added links below as examples). This will explain the rules and regulations. There are MANY types, find the one that works with your schedule. If you find one that you want to learn more about, contact the Group Leader to see if you need to do anything particular to join.

Types of Groups:

I participate in 2 different groups. These work for me on different days depending on my schedule for that day. As I said, there are many types- but I am just going to highlight the fabulous groups that I share with.

Group 1

Host: @erikagannon

Share Group Main Page

You sign up daily and sharing starts at noon. You must share 8 listing from each person. The point is to start sharing right at noon so the news feeds get flooded. The is a super cool group because they are very laid back- if you have to start a few minutes early or late- just let them know and its all good. I love this one because if I am sharing from a computer, I can usually be done in 15-20 minutes and I have made sales during this time!

Group 2

Host: @janismarie

Share Group Main Page

You sign up by 1pm Eastern and you have until midnight (your time) to share. You must share 8 listings from each closet that signed up that day. This can tend to be a large group (depending on the day) but you have all evening to share. I like this style as well because your listings will be shared at random times throughout the afternoon into night.

Group 3

Also in @janismarie ‘s closet you can find one for the night owls!

Share Group Main Page

I would love to share with this group but I am asleep during this sharing session.



There are so many others that range in size and style. These are just the ones that work for me. I prefer flexible daily sign ups because of my schedule.

I still have my own personal “share list” that I share from when I have time. But I definitely like to have the guaranteed shares during the day from Share Group participation. I also do random sharing from my news feed. Not only is sharing from your feed a great way to be a positive community member, it’s also the perfect way to stumble across fabulous closets and shop!

What about you? Do you host a share group or have a favorite one? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!




P.S. I am considering starting a Share Group called “Group Therapy”… if so, are you interested in sharing with me???



3 thoughts on “Group Therapy: How a Share Group can change your Life

  1. Thanks for another great post. I love the name if you start it I’ll definetly try it out. I think I have shared in many and the styles are so different and creative. For myself I have several which are advertised in my closet but I’m not a big tag person so I’ll share them in feed and it like word of mouth but it has been fun laid back.
    My groups include:

    She reigns: this is a weekly group that shares daily broken in mini groups which each idea chosen comes from those sharing meaning we choose a sharing idea every week for our fellow pffs and we share the way she wants to share hence title “she reigns”
    This keeps it exciting and spontaneous

    I heart you: is a share game. Every one who likes listing is shared daily. And if you don’t want to share anymore u unlike listing.

    Twilight zone: An after hours share group btwn 12am est – 9am est.

    I also share from my share challenge list which I have negligented for sometime now.

    Well I hope I didn’t ramble too much and I would definetly look forward to your share group also tag me if you need a fill in at time when you start in.

    Ok until next time.

  2. I love the share groups on PM! They are a great way to meet other poshers, find great items and of course to get people to notice your closet. I’m certain more than a few of my sales have been thanks to share groups. I notice that when I was very active in groups (including one that has been recently re-vamped) that I got a lot more likes, followers and ultimately sales.

    Just be mindful of the group rules and make sure your closets are compliant. =]

  3. My share group has targeted sharing. I love it because you only join a group if you have those items in your closet
    @dierks24 is our host. Without this group I’m sure I’d be up a creek with no sales. Exposure is maximized by like closet Poshers. It just doesn’t get any better!

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