Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party




Editor’s Note: This is not an official guideline. This is merely an opinion piece based on my experiences and how I personally organize and manage hosting a Poshmark Party! Timelines will vary and experiences will differ for everyone.


The day has finally come! The dream of hosting a Poshmark party going to be a reality. You opened up your email and there it is:

“You’re Invited to Host a Poshmark Party!”

In this blog installment I will go in-depth with what to expect every step of the way When hosting a Poshmark Party. All based on my multiple co-hosting experiences.

Working out the Details

(3-4 weeks before your party)

Step 1: You get the email. You will receive an email asking you if you are interested in hosting. Of course you are! Reply back ASAP and thank them for the opportunity!

Step 2: Your Poshmark Party Representative (staff member) will email you a potential date. Check your calendar and either accept or work out another date.

Step 3: Upon determining your date, you will receive the list of expectations (how many HP’s you get- 100, how many you can choose from a closet- 3, etc.)

Step 4: Celebrate! Call your BFF or PFF (this may have happened directly after step 1) to celebrate and then find the perfect picture to post for your Party Alert!! You will want to include the date of your party in the post, and even a quick note about how you will be choosing picks- it’s up to you! Try not to mass tag unless it’s your closet friends that you have permission from. Once the invite gets out- turn off your alerts or notification because your device is about to BLOW UP for the remainder of the evening! Enjoy the chaos!

What Now?

(1-3 weeks before your party)

Typically you will have 1-3 weeks before the party. Spend this time sharing your Party Listing, and other closets- make sure to be really active in the days leading up to your party for maximum exposure. You can list your “Party Listing” at a high price and then have fun “dropping” the price every few days. When you do this- a lot of the closets who “liked” your listing will immediately share it- flooding news feeds with your post! Please note: refrain from doing this too often as it can get annoying and/or cause people to “unlike” your listing.

You can start to place potential listings in your “likes.”  Once I know I am hosting, I will “like” my own Party Listing and know that everything from that point forward will be a potential host pick for my big night!


Party Prep and Discovering your Theme

(Week of your party)

You will receive your party theme and co-hosts approximately a week prior to your party via email from Poshmark OR you can find it out the week-of by visiting (they post a party line up for the week on Mondays).

What to expect: Once this is announced you will see a LOT of traffic in your closet. You will be getting lots of shares and Host Pick requests.

Now is the time to really get down to business picking those Picks! Here is my advice to get organized.

Step 1: LIST. Make a list of closets you do NOT want to forget (you will forget someone- I promise). I add them as I think of them or when I run across a closet I like, and then highlight my list once I have chosen an awesome item. At this time, I ensure before highlighting them , that they comply with Posh Rules (to the best of my ability). Accidents do happen, and you may over-look a prohibited item or a PayPal conversation. I doubt Poshmark will reprimand you on an accident! However, if you clearly are in violation and are choosing prohibited items as host picks- you probably won’t get asked to Host again. Also, if such a mistake does occur- the “Posh Police” may come after you- but don’t let it get you down! They are just jealous you were a host 🙂

Step 2: COUNT. Keep it to 100 picks. Again, you will not “get in trouble” for picking 104-112. They want to keep it a manageable shopping experience in the showroom and so that the Host Picks get visibility.

5 Hosts x 100 picks= 500 Listings

Sometimes there are fewer hosts (maybe more) but you get my point. After I get my final pick count, I determine if I choose from my own closet (why not? It’s your big night!) and you can also pick an item from your co-hosts closets.

Step 3: CHOOSE. Figure out what you want your Host Pick announcement or “tag line” to say … You know the one, it can have tons of emojis or a little rhyme. Some like to use a fashion quote, just do whatever matches your personality! Some hosts do not comment on the listings they choose. Sure, that’s the easy way, however- this is your opportunity to get your name out there in 100 closets! Why not use this as a small promotion??? Poshers also like to thank the Host… the email announcements are not sent 100% of the time. A comment let’s them know it was you.

Step 4: FIND A PFF. Ask a PFF to share your closet during the party or see if anyone offers. You will not be able to share your own closet (except the listing you are picking of your own) to the main party, so you need a friend to volunteer. You may have someone offer. Typically you thank them with a Host Pick- it’s how the back scratching works. Never thought of doing that? Well, now you know.

Step 5: ENJOY. The week prior to your party is your week to shine! Add new listings, share as much as possible, and negotiate to get sales! This is prime time to make sales and good impressions. They may not shop now, but this experience will lead to future sales.


Final Hours

(Day before your Party)

The day before your party, the PM_Editor will send out the invite to all of Poshmark. The floodgates will now open and EVERYONE who hasn’t already asked, begged, pleaded, for a Host Pick now will. Do not get overwhelmed. Feel free to choose a few if they are drool worthy; or, if you already have all your picks, that’s okay too.


The Big Day is Here!

(Day of your Party)

The day of my first party I was stressed! I didn’t know what to expect. It was barely my 5th month on Poshmark and I did not have much experience. If you feel the stress coming on- just breathe and try to relax and follow these steps…

Step 1: Set up your Party station. You will want at least 2 devices. You can do it on one- no problem! I use 3.

Make sure everything is charged and ready to go. I will explain further how to use them…

photo 3

Step 2: Go to the grocery store. Yes, go to the grocery store! Get a fun snack, grab a pizza, and pick up some wine! I like to have Chinese food delivered (Princess Chicken or tangerine chicken) and eat prior. During the party, I enjoy a Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec. It’s your night- live it up however you choose!

Step 3: Review your Picks. A few hours prior, go through your “likes” and check for SOLD listings, yep this will happen. If it does- don’t panic- just go to the Posher’s closet and “like” something else. During the party you may find that something sold or a co-host shared your listing first (!!!) just stay calm and pick something else- I promise you will have time during the party.

Step 4: Find your halfway point. I learned from my first party to figure out the half way point in my likes (or my 50th “like”). That way I know where I should be as I approach the 2nd hour of my party. If you plan on sharing the entire 2 hours- map it out. It’s SO EASY to accidentally share too fast thinking you will run out of time and finish half an hour early (yep- happened to me!).

The Party has started and you are HOSTING


This is where your multiple devices come in handy. I use my iPhone, my iPad, and my laptop. First make sure you have “joined” the party on each device.

photo 1

iPad: this is where I copy my “tag line” and will paste the comment  then share. I do my “Picking” from this device.

Laptop: Immediately after I share, I refresh the Host Pick showroom. I MAKE SURE my “share” entered this area. I use my laptop because it has the biggest screen. I obsessively refresh to make sure my picks show up and also to check to make sure my Co-Hosts did not choose an item that I have lined up. (If you are co-hosting with a PFF it is very likely this will happen- keep an eye on the showroom and be prepared).

iPhone: I set my Poshmark “push notifications” to comments only. It’s fun to see the ticker alert me of what people are saying during they party! I love to see the reactions when a Newbie gets a first Pick- it’s PRICELESS and easily the absolute best part of hosting!!! Do NOT be surprised to also see people pleading for a pick DURING THE PARTY and AFTER! Don’t believe me? Just wait. My second experience was insane! It’s also good to leave your phone available if you need to text a PFF or Co-Host.

In case you missed my post that included tips on getting a coveted HP, you can find it HERE.

It’s officially PARTY TIME! Here is how it works:

1. Join the Party (on all devices)

2. Go to your likes

3. Click on a listing

4. Hit comment- Paste your “tag line”- send/post

5. “Share” listing TO THE PARTY

6. Go to second device, “Refresh” showroom, and see that it showed up!

7. Go to next listing and repeat! (Some advice i have been given is that you need to “unlike” the item before moving on… I have never done that- but would be helpful if using one device. Once I share an item I “go back” and the item has moved to the top of my likes and I can continue to the next- much like how sharing your own closet moves them to the top). You can start with your first “like” if you want or start from the bottom… It’s up to you!

8. Enjoy this time! It will go fast because you are so busy! You will easily wake up tomorrow morning and have 1000-2000+ notifications waiting for you (number depends on how well attended your party is).


The Party is Over

(The Day After)

Despair. You are no longer a celebrity. You feel like a child star all grown up.

The rush is over. The frenzy has died down.

A few Poshers will share your listings… you get a lot  “thank you’s” and “Great Party”. You find your self asking anyone and everyone “Did you enjoy the party? Did you have a great time???”
It’s a good idea to respond to the “Thank you” comments… sharing back will be a massive task, and is up to you if/when you tackle that!

Mark on your calendar 3 months from this date. That’s the day you can request to Host again.

I hope this post gives you some insight on what actually goes on when you host! It’s a blast and thank you to everyone who attended my “ROCKSTAR STYLE” party last night!I had an incredible time and had amazing Co-Hosts!!!






12 thoughts on “Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party

  1. Thank you, Elle!!!! Omg! I didn’t realize there was so much involved in hosting a posh party. Your step-by-step guide answers a lot of questions and makes it all more manageable. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wise advice! Every posher should read it.

  2. Elle, thanks for all this info! I am LOVING your blog!

    I have a silly question – what is the point of “joining” a party? I’ve never hosted, but I’ve always wondered as a regular user what benefit there is to clicking that button. I usually just go to the showroom and share from there, then refresh to see the new shares and host picks. Am I missing something?

    1. Not a silly question! On most devices, you have to “join” to be given the option to share TO a party. Or you can click on the party to get the same effect. You want to share your listings TO the party so they will show up in the showroom.

      1. Interesting…I never “join” but during party hours I am given the option to share to a party, or to share with my followers.

  3. Hey Elle, of course THANK YOU for all the info in your blog-it’s all extremely helpful. I have some questions for you about your Posh hosting experience to fully understand the hype. It seems to be a Host requires an intense amount of work, like you’re a Posh employee working free of charge-almost like it would be a dishonor if it weren’t such a public event. Does Poshmark give you any sort of incentive for hosting? How do you manage the barrage of requests for host picks especially when you don’t even have a theme until like 7 days before your party? What is the most efficient way to check closets for Posh compliance? Closets with tons of listings must be a turn off because of the volume of review that would be required. Do the notifications sometimes not work on Host Picks? I had a cool purse chosen once (got the notification) but never got one comment on it so I guess it didn’t “stick” in the HP section?

    I hate to beg anyone for a host pick (especially when there’s no theme announced) but I like to suggest other people’s listings for PFFs hosting if I see something amazing in a closet I don’t mind helping on the compliance check. Is there something we can do to help hosts with host picks that would save them time?

    Thanks! Your Posh customer & friend, @amberindallas

    1. Hey Amber! Where do I start?! It’s actually not much work at all…I am 12 days away from hosting right now and all I have done is write down a few closets that I don’t want to forget! Yes, without a theme it’s hard to even think about picking items. Let’s say I made a few decisions and then found out it’s a “retail” theme party- well there goes all my pre-owned listings! Honestly, there are closets that will jump out at you – or you can request a certain way like “tag me in a listing.” I will spend a couple of hours choosing things but it’s FUN! The incentive it the attention and promotion your closet gets- future sales are the payoff. They may not buy now but now they follow you and have heard your name. You can pretty much tell quickly if a closet follows the rules. This is also why Suggested Users tend to get a lot of picks- because the MAJORITY of SU closets DO follow the rules. I have heard of glitches before in the email system and whether or not it shows up (rare occasion)- make sure to report to Poshmark support so they can fix it. Honestly, the best bet for getting Host Picks is when your PFFs Host 🙂 Also, once you get to host- you will get host pick “paybacks.” Whew, did I cover everything? LOL. XOXO

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