If I hear “sharing is caring” one more time, I will give you the Care Bear Stare

Just kidding.

Although you will hear and read this over and over.

Is sharing really important? Where do my shares go? Why do I want to promote someone else’s closet when I have my own stuff to sell???

I know it seems like you are passing out someones virtual “business card” by hitting that share button… but here is what really happens:

When you hit “share” on your own listing or another Posher’s listing you are making it appear in the “feed” of your followers. It doesn’t mean that all your followers will see it, they have to be scrolling their feed to see it (much like a twitter or instagram feed- you miss a lot of what is posted). This is why you want your listing shared as often as possible.

So why share another closet? Two main reasons: friendship and sharing back.

There is no better way to be a friend (or a PFF) than to help out another Posher… If you share your 7FAM denim to your 10k followers that’s great! But if you can get another share from another closet it will go to their followers! It expands your audience immensely and quickly. It’s always amazing to get that share back from the gal with 253k followers (!!!) but don’t be a snob… the closet with 833 followers may have a lot of followers that have never heard of you. That equals sales.

***Editors Note: I have had pretty much the same amount of sales when I had under 10,000 followers as I have had with over 10,000 followers. Yes, in the long run, more followers=sales but DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED***

When and How:

For your own closet: try to share your closet (or at least parts of it) several times a day, at different times. Remember there are Poshers in every time zone! I have made sales at 4am, in the afternoon, and while I am sleeping! You never know who is up and shopping!

For other’s closets- this depends on your personal style of sharing…

Here are a few different Sharing Styles:

1. Share list- make a list of your favorite people to share- share them often and diligently

2. Share back- share who ever shares you

3. Share who is sharing- go to your feed and share active sharers

4. Share from your feed- get on your feed and click away!

I do a mixture of all of these styles so I don’t get bored.

***Editors Note: In my opinion- your “share number” at the top of your closet is as important, if not more important than your follower #, fellow Poshers pay attention and if you don’t share then trust me- you are getting the Care Bear Stare***




4 thoughts on “If I hear “sharing is caring” one more time, I will give you the Care Bear Stare

  1. **LOVE** your blog, so on point! Shared so other poshers can find you as well. Here are some questions from a newbie that maybe could inspire future posts:

    On sharing, how do those with 10k+ followers really keep up with all the shares, followers etc? It seems like that would be a full time 24 hour a day job just to reshare for those who are sharing (I’m really new so this is not my problem yet!).

    How do ladies manage closets with an insane number of listings? What are your organization tips?

    How long does it take for your sold items to fall off your feed? Do we really need to know what people sold a year ago?

    It is tacky to negotiate pricing in comments because you’re limiting the seller on future potential $$. (That’s not a question, I just hate seeing that on feeds).

    How can you kindly let someone know their closet is very overpriced without offending?

    Accurately rating a seller-it appears people are worried about retaliation feedback if they don’t give a 5 star. What is the rating structure anyway? How do I rate someone who took 21 days to ship my package? Sent dirty clothing? I want the Poshmark seller rating to be accurate, but not sure how we can convey to the community.

    XOXO, Thanks!

    1. Thank you SO much for sharing and reading my blog! I actually do have a post in the works that addresses the rating system and also dissecting sharing so stay tuned! You can “subscribe” to my blog and get an email alert for new posts if you like- the subscription option is on the bottom of right hand menu. Thank you for the suggestions- I feel like there are soooo many topics to cover and love to hear what newbies want to know!!

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