What the heck is a PFF? Didn’t we stop the FF stuff in 8th Grade?

I can’t begin to imagine what a Poshing “newbie” thinks the first time they see the acronym “PFF” on this site where you sell clothes…

All I have to say is… if you don’t know what a PFF is, then you are in desperate need of a PFF!

A PFF by definition is a Posh Friend Forever. Before you panic and think “Between work, my family, my pottery class, my annoying REAL best friend… How am I going to have MORE FFs???”… calm down.

In reality, a PFF is a term of endearment and says- “Hey girl, you are cool, I like your closet, I’m gonna share the crap out of it when I have time, and let’s form an alliance.”

Why do these friendships matter, you ask? I mean, you have sold on eBay for years and never met a soul.

That’s one of my FAVORITE things about Poshmark… you can talk to other sellers… actually talk to your customers… and affect your success by the amount of work your put in.

This is something I learned early on… the benefit these friendships can bring and how much fun they can be!

How to start a friendship:

1) Join a “share group”

2) Ask questions or advice- see where it goes

3) share share share- people like people who share and will share back usually (i will talk about sharing in a later post)

4) Chat up your customers! Follow up with them- see how they like what they bought- some of my PFF are gals I purchased from or who purchased from me!

It may not happen right away – like most friendships but if you are friendly- people will be friendly back!

Why do you want PFFs?

1) Advice- need immediate help with a strange issue and can’t wait 24-48 hours for Poshmark support- ask a seasoned friend!

2) Reciprocating shares- if you have 7,235 followers and she has 9,577… by sharing each others listings you will reach A LOT more eyeballs!

3) Fun. Lot’s of fun. There is sooo many things to talk about, giggle about, and VENT about- that it’s fun to chat with someone else on Posh! Don’t believe me? Try to tell this to your significant other: “So this girl was all like, will this fit me??? And all I am thinking is… HOW DO I KNOW??? I mean, I can’t see her!” You will most likely be met with a blank stare. But another Posher will commiserate with you, send you the appropriate eye roll emoji, and then tell you to list measurements.

4) You will eventually host a party and so will your friends. Probably. A Hosting PFF is a guaranteed Host Pick- and vice versa. Enough said.

With that said… go out there and make some friends!



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