Hey, I like your photos!


So, you wake up and start scrolling through your Poshmark feed and you see a photo of yourself…. Wait, I thought I sold that top?

You are half asleep and very confused. Finally it dawns on you that the person who purchased that top from you has listed the item again. We call that a “re-posh.” It happens all the time- and is a great way to re-coup your money and keep your wardrobe fresh. Once you get over the disappointment that she did not end up falling in love with the top (that used to be your personal favorite until you gained 10 pounds), you realize “Hey, THAT’s ME!!!”

It is actually NOT ok to use someone’s photos to sell an item. If you use stock photos from a website or one that comes up in an online search… it is at your own risk.

What should you do if you find your photos filling your Posh feed and it creeps you out?

1) Politely let the Re-Posher know that you don’t mind them using your photo as long as they first get your permission, and then also give you photo credit (I mean, at least if you worked so hard to take a photo that others want to use- they should promote your closet!)

side note: I would recommend contacting/tagging them on the SOLD listing of yours instead of calling them out on their post.

2) If they do not respond, alert Poshmark support so they can potential remove the listing (Hey- you gave them 20% of the sale- they can do your dirty work for you!)

3) If the Re-Posher gets rude or refuses… BLOCK and then do step #2.. Report.

To help prevent this issue from happening- you can watermark your photos with your closet name… It’s a great way to get shoppers to see your user name a lot and can instantly stop the majority of photo “borrowing”… It just seems like a lot of work! I am considering starting to do this.

Regardless, if you are uncomfortable with it, you should say something and not let it go… If you work hard on your photos- protect your rights!



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