Hi, I’m @GrayAsparagus

Like many of you, when I first downloaded the Poshmark App, I had NO CLUE what was about to happen.
I didn’t know that almost 2 years later I would still be buying, selling, and now blogging about it!
When I signed up and had to quickly choose a closet name, I didn’t think much of it… I didn’t think ahead to having a little store, making friends, networking on social media…

To be honest, some of us ended up with really odd names. With that said…

My Poshmark Closet name has changed!

@vance289 is now…



Have you been considering a closet name change?

There are a few things we should talk about…


Do you need a name change?

Well…. ask yourself these questions…

How easy is your name to remember?

I had a few numbers at the end of my closet name and have been concerned for a while that they may be difficult to remember… I sometimes can forget my PFF’s closets that have numbers! I always remember catchy names best.

Does your name represent who you are?

Your name, just like your profile picture, gives people a first impression of who and what you are about. What does you name say about you?

Can people find you?

If you use social media to promote your closet- can people connect the dots to find your closet? I certainly didn’t want to be missing out on any sales!


Ready for a change?

Email support@poshmark.com and request the change. First check to make sure it’s not already taken. Your new name must stay at or under 15 characters.

It take only 1-2 days for the change to go into effect once you email. I emailed on Saturday and heard back the following Monday afternoon that the change was complete. Once they alert you of the change, your new name is already in effect for everyone to see. For you to see it inside your app you must log out and log in with your new name. Your old name will not link back to your new account so let your friends know!

What’s next?

Make a listing letting everyone know of your name change and keep it at the top of your closet for a while. Don’t forget to tag your PFFs and frequent customers.  Also, in your “about me” section there is now an “info” option that you can write whatever you want! Might be a good idea to add “Formerly @_____” for a while.

Right after I sent the email, I started to prepare. I made the cover shot for my name change alert listing (you can see it here), I also made a list of users in my iPad notes so I could copy and paste to tag them quickly and not forget anyone. I only tagged the closets that I share with a lot. Of course, I also wrote this blog post!


Before you make this big change- you need to know the CONS:

I really only see one main CON…

Some people may not be able to find you. This is a given and what has stopped me from doing this sooner- on the flip side, if you are using a new catchy name- you will have more closets drawn to you!

Like I said, your old closet name will not redirect people if they click on it. Getting the word out is key.



I am so excited for my Poshmark Closet to now be called @GrayAsparagus! Make sure to come by and say hi.

BTW, I love when you comment and leave your closet names- I always go and check them out 🙂

Have you changed your name? Leave any tips you may have in the comments below!



P.S. If you want to help me spread the word about my new name AND let others know about the name change process- please share this post on social media!


20 thoughts on “Hi, I’m @GrayAsparagus

  1. Yes, this has happened to me as well. @mturn2 was taken on other social media so I have also been deliberating a name change myself. As my closet evolves, the more I would like my name to stand out:). I love your gray asparagus name and perhaps on one of your blogs, you could tell us where you got the original name! Thanks for all you do:)

  2. Elle, I think your name change is great! At first I did think that it was “@grayasparagus” since that was unusual in itself, lol. Mine is @lakeforest. When I created my acct. August 2013, I was at my nephew’s home and he & his family used to live in Lake Forest, CA. in Orange County. I wanted a name that was easy to remember. However, I have entertained the possibility of changing it to our business name @ineverycorner so we’ll see!

  3. Good article! I recently changed my closet name from @disnejanes to @shoplittlebird and I am so happy with my new name. I left a name change notice up inmy closet for a while and tagged all my PFF’s and it all went smoothly. Congrats on your new name!’

  4. Hey Elle! The GOOD NEWS is that your name change transferred on everything-all your old posts, tags & fabulous Host Picks! You have lots of branding that is unique & catches the eye of your fans…your signature perfect lighting, your intriguing no face photos, and now your blog matches your closet name. Posh perfection if you ask me! I’ll be interested to see if you feel your name change affected your sales at all, I imagine that most of your followers found you quickly. You’re so active in the Posh community, I’m sure the bulk of active users identified you immediately! Congrats on the new branding!

    XOXO, @amberindallas

  5. I think I’ve said I like your new name a lot! Unifies you into the one and only grayasparagus. I had a heck of a time initially finding your other name and then remembering it. When I signed up, I used the name I’ve been using on all web activity for over 15 years. Lots of people actually think my name is Jewel, LOL! At any rate, everyone sees the name and knows it’s me. I like that. I like that a lot!😊

  6. I love your blog !!!! I signed up for posh in 2013 and forgot about until feb 28th of this year and I have become addicted ! But now that I’m more active I want to change my username from @ayenik0le I picked that when I first started because it was just the same as my email My name is Ashley Nicole and that’s how I abbreviate it lol but now I can’t think of anything really good I love your name it’s very catchy and chic ! lol

  7. Hey! I’ve read several of your posts now, but I haven’t seen an explanation of what “the gray asparagus” means. I’d love to know where you came up with that. Do you think @julesjax is easy or mid-level to remember? I am jules615 on Instagram and Twitter but it was taken on pm. 😁 Anyway, HAPPY EASTER!

    1. Hey Julia! I agree that JulesJax is much easier to remember! I feel like I have benefited by having consistency with my social media names… but it’s a personal choice really. Is your insta and twitter personal or “business”? You can always make more !! I actually haven’t breathed a word about the meaning behind the name “Gray Asparagus”… I hold the reason close 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

  8. Haha I just realized jules615 is a number one that would be more difficult to remember lol. But it is my area code. I just wish my accts were the same. Maybe I could change the other ones to Julesjax

  9. Hey Elle!
    I’ve considered changing my closet name, too. So I’m wondering, when you say your old closet will not redirect people to your new name, does that mean that it’s almost like everyone unfollowed you and you have to start from scratch?

    1. Hi Hannah! You will not lose any followers but if you type in my old name or click where someone tagged my old name- it shows up as a “user not found” page. It will not redirect to my closet.

  10. Hello! I am so grateful to have found you!! I am Kimberly we are taking our business to the next level and starting a website 💕💕 your blog is amazing!! I just sent to my partner and new assistant stylist that started yesterday/ she just opened a posh account- super informative!! I am @kfab333 on Poshmark

  11. So glad I could find this post again! Just looking for a subjective opinion…
    So my closet name has nothing to do with my brand now, same/similar story as you…I JUST ordered all new “stuff” with my current Posh closet address on it…should I wait to run through it {quantity of one million}, or just update my cards etc by hand? I’d like to request a closet name change, my name is legally registered etc, and I’m nervous someone else might get it before I can. What would you do?

    1. Hey Renee! With only having the details you gave me… it sounds like you are taking your business seriously and want to grow your brand. By “legal” do you have a business license under the new name? If so it would be very important in my opinion to secure all social media handles. You can always update the older “stuff”. Just determine what is most important. Hope that helps!

  12. I’m so sorry, you replied to me immediately, and it took me days to reciprocate.
    Yes, you hit the nail on the head! I did put I’m my request, as soon as I saw your reply! And like you said; I sent it Friday evening and by the time I woke up Monday at 5:00 am EST, I had a new closet name! You were totally right,I needed to lock down my name before it was too late, I was just feeling a little insecure about losing my standing in Poshverse by becoming an unknown again. Glad I took your advice, it was a pretty painless transition 😉✌💕

    1. I assume you can… but never heard of anyone saying they have. I don’t think anyone would lose it unless they stop following the rules. Not 100% sure.

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