Hosting a Poshmark Party Update

Poshmark Party Hosting Update

There have been a few changes lately with parties that we haven’t discussed yet so it’s time for a Poshmark Party Update!

Hosting a Poshmark party is a coveted spot and one of the biggest honors you can receive on Poshmark.

I was fortunate to be able to Host this past Monday’s “Cold Weather Vibes” and I must say that the experience was slightly different from past hosting opportunities. I have previously shared a Step by Step Guide to Hosting a Poshmark Party

So what was different this time?

The Hosting Situation

Well, let’s start by talking about the party hosting situation.

Back in the day, there was only one “Hosted” party with Host Picks and that was the nighttime party at 7pm PT. NOW there are 4 parties a day and 3 of them are User Hosted with Host Picks.

Here are the 3 user hosted parties:

(Times are in PT)

  • Category Party (12:00pm – 2:00pm)
  • Department Party (4:00pm – 6:00pm)
  • Style Party (7:00pm – 9:00pm)

It does still seem that the nighttime Style Party remains the most coveted.

Poshmark Party Attendance

Another difference is ATTENDANCE. I’m just throwing out general numbers here… but I remember the Hosting Email sent from Poshmark Staff would boast that the parties would have 400k in shares to the party. Yeah, if you look now- a well attended party has upwards of 800k shares!

I’m going to read between the lines on this one… PARTIES ARE HUGE. As I have said before, I admire the people behind Poshmark because they make some really smart decisions, so if they are adding Parties and adding Hosts then they know if will increase user engagement and make it more profitable for all of us. I mean, they aren’t gonna put so much emphasis on something that isn’t working.

Again with the difference this go round, the second I was named a Host when the “invite” was sent to all users, it was unlike any other time. My notifications were INSANE. Yes, in times past you definitely get a lot of traffic on your party announcement post but this was way more intense. I have to chalk it up to the sheer volume of users.

Closet Activity

This of course will vary the most closet to closet… but there was a difference in mine.

I hate to admit this… but rarely have I ever sold anything during a party… but, I got strategic the other day. I had a Nike tank that I needed to list and saw that a “Nike party”Ā  was coming up. I listed it as soon as the party started. It sold within the hour! Not saying that is gonna happen every time… but I am saying that it can’t hurt to be strategic when possible. Then, this past weekend before they party I made several sales and sold something during the party. I really think this was a first!

Needless to say, I think it’s time for me to jump back into the party circuit. While I still won’t be awake for the nighttime style party (I am in bed before the party starts on the East Coast),Ā  I am going to start paying more attention to the brand and category parties during the day.

and the Biggest Poshmark Party Update…

Requesting to Host

I recently reached out to Poshmark regarding 2 hosting related topics.

First one is the requesting procedure… there was an official form emailed out at some point by I could never find it again.

Second.. this is a biggie… why some Users have been hosting twice in the same week or month. I heard your questions loud and clear so I wanted to get clarification.

While I never heard back directly (if I get a response I will update this post), I JUST received the “SU Scoop” email and it clarifies both.

The SU Scoop is the monthly email sent to Suggested Users with upcoming info, contests, and overall tips.

So, it looks like if you request for all three of the parties… sometimes you are going to end up hosting close together as each party time has its own wait list.

To request to host one (or all) of these parties, you can find the “application” link here on the POSHMARK BLOG


Hope this has helped clarify a few things… I know that from here on out I will be focusing more on my party attendance!











19 thoughts on “Hosting a Poshmark Party Update

  1. You are one of the lucky ones with your sales related to hosting. The majority do not see a difference in sales. A bunch of us got together and chatted about the pros and cons of hosting. One was the lack of sales .. the same for HP’s … but I totally enjoy hosting and getting HP’S. Wouldn’t take back any of it. PS thanks for the HPšŸ˜Š

    1. You are so welcome! Yes, the biggest benefit of hosting is the fun of it! This was the first time I have had an influx sales prior to a party- it was maybe 4 sales Fri-Sun. That however is an “influx” for me and would be crickets for others! My sales have been less frequent due to closet closing and not a ton of listings. Thanks for commenting! Xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about hosting! I have not hosted a party yet, but I was curious about the guidelines. I noticed a party about a month ago where one of the hosts shared like 50 of her listings as HPs, including her “Meet the Posher” page. I personally found it really obnoxious. I get that you can use the hosting experience as an opportunity to promote some of your own listings, but I assume that there is a cap & she exceeded it. Are there ramifications for such behavior?

    1. Hey Andi! When that happens I seriously question if the host meant to do that. When you host, your account is linked to the party, so every share goes to the Host Pick Showroom. If a host doesn’t understand or forgets, and they share their closet during the party (even after they have shared chosen picks) it ALL goes there. Most people have a friend share their closet to the party to prevent this. I’m SURE this isn’t the case every time and some just want exposure. No clue on if there is a penalty…. I hope you have gone ahead and requested!! Xoxo

  3. Last time I hosted a party (best in makeup) the other host was a newbie. Only on posh for 3 months. It was awful. She kept choosing unsupported items. People started questioning me about it and I had to let them know that I had nothing to do with it. I reported it to Posh who said that they were aware of the situation. That was it. I think it totally turned me off of hosting.

    1. Some people get super passionate about the rules… even if you aren’t the one breaking them! I once had someone make some snarky comments because I choose an HP from my own closet (ummmm you are supposed to!). But you can’t please every one and when you are in a high exposure situation you have to take the good with the bad. I hate that it ruined your experience!!

  4. I recently hosted my first party on a Saturday evening. My closet was being shared WAY more than usual in the few days before and I had a noticable bump in sales. I had a few offers during the party and a few sales within 24 hours after. Exposure IS good for sales!

    But by far the most fun part was sharing host picks. Choosing great items from smaller/newer closets just felt good. I remember when I started last year, getting a Host Pick brought so many people to my closet who might not have ever seen it. I loved having the opportunity to helping bring more exposure to those closets. It took time to search them out and check for posh compliance, but it was worth it to me.

  5. And I am one of those people who was asked to host three parties close together. First the evening one in late January. I’m also signed up for Style and Department parties in February. Trust me, I have zero inside connections at PM. So to anyone wondering when they see people hosting multiple parties, it’s not a conspiracy! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for explaining it, Elle!

    1. Sharon, Thank you so much for chiming in! I have learned that usually there is a perfectly good explanation for most things and glad that we got to the bottom of it and you are proof! Glad that you have had such good experiences with your closet traffic and sales when hosting! If you haven’t already, please tag me in your party posts so I can share šŸ™‚

  6. I love the whole party concept, as others have said, it’s a great way to get your items in front of other eyes and what sets Posh apart from other selling platforms like eBay. I try to share to all the relevant parties I can and while I can’t track a sale to a party, I have to believe there’s a correlation Though I will say, it seems to me people don’t buy at parties, they share, share, share and then someone you don’t know will buy something a on Tuesday evening! I’d be flattered to be asked to host but honestly, I’d probably take a pass.
    Elle, I really enjoy your blog, I always learn something new, like why I’m getting emails from Posh a couple times a week. Must be further confirmation of my SU status, lol.

  7. Is anybody else having a problem logging onto Poshmark? It keeps telling me that my feed won’t load. Ironically it just updated. HELP! This is the only way I can reach anyone from Poshmark.

  8. Hi! I just found your blog this morning and absolutelyyyyy love it. It’s answering so many of the Posh questions that I had!!
    Now I know why some Poshers are on a handful of parties back to back thanks to your explanation above ā˜ŗ, but I have noticed that there is one party host that seems to have hosted at least one party a day for about a month now. I’ve been a little confused by it, do you have any insight? Thanks!!

      1. Oh wow, I had no idea that in addition to the “PM editor host” that there was also an employee that is listed! Well that solves that. Thanks so much for your response!

  9. Commenting again on this thread…I just got a comment from tonight’s party host that she selected one of my items as a HP, even though the party is 6 hours away. I’ve never had a host do this better. I’m assuming that she will share this to the party tonight even though she just shared it now. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else before? I’m happy about the pick, but I was just surprised to find out so early.

  10. Thanks for the link to application…. I have hosted before and didn’t realize you now have to apply. It has been almost a year since I last hosted (and I knew it would be a long wait), and I was wondering what was up.

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