How to respond to Advertising Spam on Poshmark

There is something I have recently noticed in abundance in my Poshmark closet…




Tell me if any of these comments sound familiar:

“I LOVE your closet- come check out mine!”

“I see that you love Free People too! I have some for sale if you want to make an offer!”

“Will you check out my closet please?”


These are virtually harmless. However, for veteran Poshers (or newbie rule followers) they might come across as spam or as shameless promotions.


In your Poshmark dashboard, under “Posh Etiquette” it states the following:



But, as always, I like to look from the view-point of the offender and what may be going through their mind.

I mean WHY all of a sudden am I receiving this similarly worded spam?

Then I made a realization!


When you open a new Closet on Poshmark, you get a “Meet the Posher” listing. It is already filled out with a pre-set statement.Β  Most will go through and edit to introduce themselves and some leave it as-is…

THIS is what it says:



If you have been Poshing for a while you understand not to advertise, but a newbie may have taken these statements to heart and think they SHOULD go to other closets and invite them to shop.

While I feel the intention of this wording is so that people can “Welcome” newbies to Poshmark – I could see where said Newbie would go around to other Posher’s Meet the Posher post (or elsewhere) and invite others to “check out” their closet!


If you find yourself about to go off because of one of these comments…

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Check out their closet and see if they are new
  3. Remember what it was like to be new
  4. Act accordingly

This week I was asked for advice on how to respond to a Posher who posted a similar advertising statement as above, I recommended using one the following responses:

  • Ignore it
  • Say “Thanks” and move on
  • Or a polite response that still gets your point across: “Hi I did check out your closet and it looks like you are fairly new- Welcome! I did want to let you know that when inviting Posher to shop your closet it’s best to do so on one of your own listing as it could be considered ‘advertising’ otherwise. Best of luck as you start out and if I can help let me know!!”


Then, of course, my own patience was tested (and I had to take my own advice) when I received yet again another advertising comment in my closet.

I was annoyed based on the principle of it. I will admit that I almost told the user how I really felt about her bundle discount.

I wanted to post the comment but I had to erase it- I can’t advise a Posher to play nice and then do the opposite by going off the next day. Especially if this newbie thought they were doing the right thing.


I ignored it.


I have to remind myself that I DO NOT want to hurt the feelings of newbies by lashing out or even blocking. Why? I feel it sends the wrong message. These new Poshers are potential SHOPPERS. We cannot complain about low sales when we ourselves could potentially be running sales out of our closets by the way we respond.

Let’s face it, this new Posher has come to my closet, maybe liked a few listing, and wants to introduce themselves in the way they think is encouraged.

I know what you might be thinking…

Some of you are rushing to read the rest of this post so you can comment…

But I am NOT referring to the following comments in your closet:

  • I have this listed too but at a much cheaper price!!
  • This is really cute and I have something similar in my closet!!!
  • If anyone needs this in a size 9, check out my closet!

I have already given my opinion of why these comments are not a big deal in this post Re-List, Rinse, Repeat

Some advanced advertising comments like this are intentional and they may be trying to capitalize on your followers and high traffic. BUT I STILL recommend using the aforementioned comments.

*** Giving attention to spam from “fake” accounts is a waste of time (Posts that include email address, requests to text a given #, the infamous Apple Watch spam). These should be reported to straight to Poshmark Support so they can deactivate the account.***


Overall, making a rude comment to another Posher has a higher chance of losing a sale than a spam comment ever will.


What do YOU do in these situations? Do you have a way of responding that works for you?




26 thoughts on “How to respond to Advertising Spam on Poshmark

  1. Hmmm, I have noticed an increase in these types of comments. I have ignored all of them. I just naturally assumed they were “begging”, so I did not even bother looking at their closet. It never really crossed my mind until now that they may be inexperienced newbies. I would much rather have these comments than the rude people trying to run your business off….those….I block those immediately. Too bad we can’t delete comments tho. Sometimes I have deleted listings because the comments is so harsh and just bashing my closet, and I have even had other Poshers reply to those comments…in a NEGATIVE way….bashing me even more. When will they allow us to delete comments?! That would solve all of these issues! 😊

    1. I too choose to ignore in most cases. I assume that if they are posting this in a bunch of random closets- they will forget who all they posted to anyway! Ignoring also stops me from saying anything considered rude πŸ™‚ I don’t know if they will ever give us the ability to delete comments- it’s part of what helps keep the site honest. Feedback is often left on sold listings and if the seller could remove whatever they want- buyers cannot get a true sense of a sellers quality. It would also make it too easy to take transactions offline… just my two cents on why!

  2. Oh my gosh this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I have responded in a way that to me sounds very friendly, including a cute emoji or smiley face, and simply asking the person to kindly not advertise for their closet on my listings. I have only ever received in response to that – that I am a rude and mean person. Really?! I was so nice in my request to you. And I’M rude?! It’s so hard to just ignore but I suppose that is the best way to respond without getting called rude in return!

  3. I’m curious. When I welcome new Poshers, I invite them to my closet if they have any questions. Would that be considered Spamming them? I certainly don’t want to break any rules or mean any mal-intent.

    1. Hi Jennifer! This is sort of what I am debating in this post. A newbie posher may feel differently and may WANT to find your more experienced closet and also, its what the pre-worded post kinda implies. What kind of response are you getting? Positive or negative? A veteran Posher will almost always view this as self-promotion as outlined in the “Poshmark Etiquette” guidelines.

        1. Yes. I only welcome the new closets that way. I feel if they visit my closet and see what my style is, how I lay it out, etc. They may want to ask questions. I know I did that when I started to Posh this year. I looked to veterans and just asked questions. I still love when I see advice posts on some people’s closets- always willing to learn more and help myself grow.

  4. I have honestly never thought about this the way you just mentioned! I mean, it really does sound like in the meet the seller listing like they want you to go to other people’s closets and tell them to check out yours! I will look at this in a whole different light now πŸ™‚

  5. Great topic! I could easily see why some newbies would go into other closets and self promote based on the canned wording in the “Meet the Posher” heading.. It’s almost like an invitation to go into seasoned closets and do this. Perhaps PMHQ might change this whole feature again. I’m a veteran on Posh (over 3 yrs) so unless I receive inflammatory remarks or blatantly offensive comments, I simply ignore all of them.

  6. I literally received one of these “email me @” posts AS I was reading this post! Blocked and reported. It does seem these are getting more frequent. I’ve gotten a few in past past week. I hope Posh cracks down on these soon rather than later. Thanks for another fabulous post!

    1. Hi Joy! One of my friends just texted me about this… She got an alert of an email comment and when she went to the post- it was GONE! So it looks like there may be an auto system in place!!! Is the spam comment still there?

  7. Totally agree and pointed it out on a FB group where the anger was out of control. My sister recently joined Posh, opened her closet, then asked if she HAD to go around asking people to look at her closet due to the wording in her Posh greeting: No!πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ She thought perhaps that was the way to gain followers😱😱😱 I explained it’s poor wording…you didn’t make it up, Posh did, just don’t do it! We both are cognizant of how a newbie can interpret that single statement! So we’re nicely greeting them and explaining. That could have been my own flesh and blood out there getting slammed due to a poorly word spiel. All others? I try to maintain decorum…I TRY😭😭

    1. Kaye, what a great example straight from a newbie!!! Guess it must be everyone getting worked up lately- I’m not part of any Facebook groups so I have only heard from close Poshers…

  8. This also may be what you’re debating in this post, but I would love your input and any input from others as well.
    Once someone ‘likes’ one of my listings, I leave them this comment on their ‘meet the posher’ listing. (If that’s not available, I ONLY leave it on a Sold listing) : Hey Sally! 😊 Thanks for checking out my closet! πŸ’• Happy Poshing!

    Does this too closely align with advertising? Or is alright just to say hello. I never seek out people first. I have received some sales off of these comments and most usually a follow. Thanks for your time! I love your blog and value your posts a lot.

    1. Hi Olivia! I personally would not take offense to that especially if I had liked or commented on your post. If you are getting positive results then I think it just fine πŸ™‚ xoxo

  9. Myself personally, I don’t like when people comment on my items after I like one of theirs. To be honest, I would much rather they reach out to me on their own listing. I don’t know if others feel the same but that’s just my opinion on it! 😊

    1. Hey Emily, thanks for your thoughts as well! I agree. I wouldn’t leave the comment on their items. Just the meet me listing. I appreciate your opinion!

  10. Hahaa.. I knew as soon as i saw this , it was the advise you gave to me this past month. I also being a newbie did not know if this was appropriate behavior or not . I did as you advised . I checked them out. Come to find out they are a seasoned seller . But hehe! to my advantage the ” oh I have a similar pair back fired as her’s were over $100 more than mine and I will be happy to not wash , rinse and repeat as it shows what a great deal mine are! . Thanks for all you do I have learned so much from you in these short 2 months and will continue as an obedient follower. Your the best !

  11. Elle, been silently reading your blog for some time now, and so appreciate your really practical advice.
    I absolutely HAD to come back to this post, because this only happening to me right now..on 2 listings by the same person!!! I just re-read it and am trying so hard to not get angry, because it’s clearly a new posher, but she’s also very blatantly advertising for another item she just posted by the same brand. It’s times like these when I wish we could delete comments.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your words of wisdom!

  12. Yeah, I can’t stand when people “self-advertise” in my closet. It is not always the newbies. On a good day, I tell them that putting advertisements on other people’s listings is “self-advertising” and stealing business from one of my potential customer’s who is looking at my listing. Sometimes, I will also tag them on the listing in the official_forum closet that also frowns against it. In other cases, I just simply hit “block”.

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