How to Practice Safe Poshing

Amidst all the positivity, buying and selling online can pose dangers and risks. We all know not to post our credit card numbers (duh) and not to mail cash (who would DO that???). But what about the things that can go wrong that are not necessarily common sense?

I am going to tell you about a few ways to be EXTRA careful when buying and selling online. Specifically on the Poshmark app. I will say that I feel 100% safe selling (and buying!!!) from this site. BUT, I have also seen some users engaging and posting things that can leave themselves and others vulnerable.


1. Do not trade.

I know when you don’t want to “lose” that 20% commission or you want something so bad that’s out of your price range- TRADING really seems like the way to go! You and that Posher can pinky swear that you will both send out the items and things will be perfect, right??? Right! AND WRONG. OH, SO WRONG. Here’s a little fun activity… Go to Poshmark and search… instead of typing in your favorite brand- type in “scammer.” Almost every “scammer” post revolves aroung trading. Pop some popcorn, curl up in your favorite blanket, and read the drama. It will basically outline EVERYTHING that can go wrong when you trade. I am not going to further elaborate on this topic because this one borderlines on common sense.


2. Follow your gut.

Do you feel odd about a transaction? I think if you are a seasoned seller, you have had a couple of transactions where something seemed off. Maybe it a first time Posher’s purchase (that in itself is NOT suspicious, we all had a “first purchase”), or they are buying your $695 Rocco without asking a single question. In almost all cases, Poshmark Protect can cover the issue. However, there is one situation you may want to add an extra bit of precaution- BUNDLING. I am not talking about two t-shirts… I’m talking the massive 8+ items sale. Anytime I put together a bundle … sometimes the small bundles too- I use my iPhone and video record myself packing and sealing the box. Why? JUST in case someone were to “claim” that I shorted them an item. Also, you never know if a postal worker is up to no good. It’s a bit of backup in case anything gets questioned. After the bundle is accepted, I delete the video.


3. Get a receipt at the post office.

When I drop off my packages, I always get a receipt for drop off. I do this for a couple of reasons… One, so I have an official record of weight (it can also help prove how heavy my bundle in #2 was) and also so I can prove that I dropped off the package. You never know if something will get lost, fly off a truck, or get stolen from your mailbox before it officially gets scanned in.


4. Do not post personal info – yours or others.

I have noticed posts on Poshmark where someone is showing proof of shipping or even on instagram showing off their sales and they post a photo of their packages. You know what else is in the photo? Their ADDRESS. You never want a personal address on social media. Ever. This segues into #5…


5. Do not post specifics about being out of town.

We like to share our excitement about our upcoming adventure, whether its a Spring Break trip or Honeymoon… but rethink the specifics. Think back to when you were little… do you remember what you were told when you were staying home alone?  When you answer the phone and the voice on the other end asks to speak to your mom or dad, you say “They are not able to come to the phone right now” and NOT “They aren’t home.” Same rules apply here. You have posted in your closet all of your “valuables”… Chanel bags, designer clothes, Prada shoes…. then you put up a big poster I’M GOING AWWWWWWWAY!!! Ok, ok, kinda different, but you never know. Yes, it’s very important to let customers know that you will be delaying shipping. But try to leave specifics out of it, especially implying that the entire household will be gone. Maybe just say you are unavailable to ship until whatever date and post awesome beach photos when you get back.


6. Please be careful what you post upon a “Posher’s” request.

If you are selling underwear or anything else revealing or personal, please think before you post additional photos when you see the request “Model?” Once it’s on the internet, it’s there. Screen shots happen and people misuse photos. If you wouldn’t post it permanently, don’t assume it’s only there temporarily.


7. Know when to move the conversation.

I mentioned earlier about posting personal info. In some cases you will want to share some personal contact info… like giving your phone # to your PFF because you are becoming really close friends and want to text. My advice would be to take it to another site to exchange info. You can send a DM (direct message) through Instagram, or through Facebook. Another creative way is to “chat” on Words With Friends or other game apps! Don’t put it in a previous “sold” listing that is buried deep in your closet, hoping that no one sees it.


As a general rule, you never know who is behind that computer screen. Keep your Poshmark experience SAFE and FUN!

Do you have any other tips? Please comment below! I would love to hear them as would the other readers!






2 thoughts on “How to Practice Safe Poshing

  1. Great suggestions! Love your blog! I’m new to selling on Poshmark, however I have bought about 15 items, with all good experiences.
    I am soaking up all of the helpful hints I can get 🙂

  2. Hi so nice to get some advice thank you😀
    I have been on the other site for over ten years posh is so much better. Nice people and easier to use. Didn’t realize I had to share back when my closet has been shared. Good to know

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