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I took a year off of Facebook and recently re-activated my account. The “like” feature and it’s uses seem to have changed. It’s no longer that you actually like something… it now seems to stand for acknowledgment. Anytime someone comments on my status, I feel that I have to “like” it. If I don’t I fee like I am somehow being rude.

On Instagram, people collect likes… not even sure why I “like” anything on there. I mean, it doesn’t save it anywhere so I can go back and check it out. Are people supposed to “like” back?? Such a confusing thing to do.

Twitter doesn’t get involved in such nonsense… Thanks Twitter!

The there is the ever confusing Poshmark “like”….

Most new Poshers upon receiving a “like” on their listing may jump for joy with the perception that THIS PERSON IS ABOUT TO PURCHASE! Newbie Posher will then immediately comment “Interested???” to the liker hoping to secure the deal. Low and behold, the item sometimes this listing gets “unliked”, but typically you just get ignored.

If you are new to Poshmark, please continue reading… these are the potential reasons for a “like” …


1) They think it’s cute, period. Not gonna purchase though… take every “like” as a compliment and go about your day.

2) They actually LIKE it and may come back later to buy.

3) They “like” it but want to be alerted if you mark it down.

4) What they “like” is your cover shot and want to remember it for inspiration. (I do this all the time)

5) They are selling/or thinking of selling the same item and are just wanting to see how much you end up selling it for.

6) They are book-marking your closet so they can find you in the future.

This is the one we love…

7) They are liking several things and are going to ask you for a bundle.


Poshmark “likes” can be VERY useful to a Poshmark seller. Here are a few ways that I use them.

  • The Markdown. Of course this is the premiere way to use them. Once you build up a good amount (anywhere from 10+ I would say) you could have success selling the listing by dropping the price by 10%. Everyone who “liked” it will receive an alert.
  • Sale Alerts. Consider making a listing promoting promotional sales or new listing alerts. This will attract “likes” and then mark it down to alert them of a sale. Click HERE for an example of the one in my closet.
  • Similar items. This one is slightly more time-consuming and indirect. Find a popular listing in a fellow Poshers closet that is similar to your style and then look at everyone who has “liked” it. Follow the “likers” and even share a few listings in their closet if they are a seller. This will draw attention to your closet indirectly. DO NOT tag them in your listing or comment about your item in this listing that is not yours. Please, I have been tagged and have had multiple people advertise in my closet and it is NOT COOL. You will not be voted “most popular” I promise you.

What are some reasons that you “like” listings that I may not have mentioned? Or how do you like to utilize likes in your closet?

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6 thoughts on “I “like”…. YOU

  1. Thank you for this. One way I like mostly pffs to share daily and they usually know I will be liking several items. I like to purchase as well which I have kept to a minimal. Another way people like and it is so irritating and I call it excessive liking is they like with now intention to buy or share not really interest in your closet per say but they want free advertisement so to be that last like on your item that you and other pffs share your butt off daily. This usually happens with big share queens closet and they get newbies too and never share. It one person that has liked my whole closet and never shares. I don’t personally tag person to tell them to stop I usually would write a comment on my listing just say stop excessive liking u know who u are….and continue to share… As we know the last two comments on listing are visible in feed on social view so it may deter individuals. I think liking has its pros and cons and can be a deal break or a sour turn.

    1. Thanks! Great points! I didn’t even think about “liking to share” but yes, lots of people do that. I guess every good thing can be used in other ways 🙁

  2. Also, many co-hosts “like” items that they’re considering for host picks. It’s an easy way to keep all their picks organized. This isn’t a guarantee you’ll definitely get a host pick, but your item is at least being considered.

    1. Hey hey!! Great advice regarding Poshmark. It does take a bit getting used to the likes without sales, but I also find myself shying away from liking items in closets where the person tags each person that likes the item and asks if they have any interest. =\

      Also, as for your Instagram likes, they are all saved in your profile. You can access all of your likes there so they aren’t pointlesss if you are liking things you wan to go back to later. Click on your profile and then click on your settings icon, you should see ‘Posts You’ve Liked,” and they’re all hidden in there. =]

      I need to figure out a major sales tactic like you have to score the big sale spurt. I’m hoping to clear out my closet so I can start another purge.

  3. I like items for 2 reasons 1) I really like it and want to buy it without having to search for it again 2) I’m looking for a particular item. I like all the possible good ones I see. When done searching, I go back, examine the item for price, wear & tear etc. If it doesn’t meet muster, I immediately unlike it and move on. Keeps me from losing my place in my search by stopping to look at each item as I find it.

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