The Importance of Descriptions on Poshmark

We talk all the time about the importance of powerful and attention-grabbing covershots. But sometimes we ignore the importance of descriptions on Poshmark!

Unfortunately, accurate and responsible describing is often overlooked by even the most experienced Poshers. Some closets have such stellar reputations that you know what you are getting will be nothing less than perfect… But what about the rest of us?

I don’t know about you, but I am an impulse buyer. If I allow myself too much time to think, I can talk myself out of most purchases.

If I find an amazing listing on Posh and the description say “Size small, fits like a medium. Good condition” you better believe I’m going to have questions! While I am waiting for a seller response, I am probably looking for the same item elsewhere (in another closet or even *gasp* on another site!). If the seller doesn’t respond by the time I find a better price or a more detailed description- I may purchase from them instead.

With so much competition in the resale marketplace, you NEED that impulse buyer!

Make sure your listings are IMPULSE PURCHASE ready!

Effective Descriptions

  • Condition

    Take it farther than “Good”, “Excellent”, or “Pre-Owned”.

    Describe WHY you would consider it good rather than excellent. What does “like- new” mean to you?

  • Sizing

    Use real measurements. I never answer the question “Would you say this fit like a _____?” That question is so subjective to opinion. I do not ever want to steer someone wrong. What fits like a “medium” to me might be what you describe as a “large.” Don’t get me started on numbered sizes! I can wear anything from a 0-6. THAT is way too broad a size differential to even comment on any # sizing!

  • Color

    Seriously. Especially now with the color selections… If your tank top is lavender, you have to pick “purple”. You don’t want to get into a situation where the buyer thought it was royal blue and ended up with navy- see what I mean?

  • Materials

    Some buyers are particular about materials. I have to admit that I am! Go ahead and include them just in case. I will also add that it might be a good idea to mention if something is “dry clean only.”

  • Anything and Everything Else

    Tell your potential buyer what makes your item unique. Are the pockets real or sewn shut? Is there a side zipper? Buttons that are just for show? Is the embellishment glitter, sequins, or individually sewn on jewels? Describe any thing that is not self-explanatory, and if it is self-explanatory- explain it anyway! If I am deciding between two similarly priced listings- I will usually go with the one that gives the most info. It makes me trust the seller, and as we all know, TRUST is important.


There is no denying this difference in these two descriptions. One for a blazer and one for denim.


fullsizerender33Which would YOU be more comfortable purchasing?


Other Tips for Descriptions

Exaggerate the description.

Did I just say to lie?

um, NO.

But I ALWAYS describe flaws worse than they are…  The severity of a flaw is subject to opinion. So I state worse case scenario. If a sweater has three little fuzzies under the arm I will state “mild pilling” instead of just a broad “good condition.” I will disclose that it has “pulls” if there is a very small one that they may never notice on the back. If it’s a black tee shirt and it has been washed several times- I will point out the fact that it “has some fading due to washing and wear.” Will this discourage some buyers? Maybe. But I would rather have a super happy customer who knew what they were getting than someone who will want to return the item.

Mention your bundle discount or if you accept offers.

This can be useful if you offer a large bundle discount. It already states it in small print but can’t hurt to reiterate.

Don’t assume that just because you show a flaw in a photo that it’s good enough.

Mention everything! Not everyone can see the pics clearly on the device they are using.


Mistakes Happen!

What do you do when you are packing up a sale and see that you inaccurately described the listing?

It could be that you listed as a “small” and it was a “small petite” or you complete didn’t see a small stain on the arm- these things happen!


Do NOT hold your breath and hope they do not notice!

This has happened to me and I will immediately tag the buyer in the listing to let them know. You could also make a new post with photos of the issue. In some instances they have appreciated the honesty and tell me to ship anyway! I have also canceled the order at their request. I would rather cancel the sale instead of disappointing the buyer and ultimately get a return or a low rating. This is one way you can build TRUST.


Don’t be worried if you start getting sales and bundles with zero questions… It’s NOT always a red flag- sometimes you have just already successfully answered what they wanted to know!

What do you do to ensure your descriptions are accurate? I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!


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24 thoughts on “The Importance of Descriptions on Poshmark

  1. Great post Elle, i am dealing with this BIG time this week. I am hitting the decks with an updated description for all my listings and re-shooting some pics. I had 2 case
    openings this week. One was ruled in my favor, the other not. I shoot all my items with an iPhone 6s, pics are in great lighting, I point out flaws and I am still going thru this. I have noticed its newer posh members, in my opinion impulse buyers and/or coming from other selling platforms; some of the language used sounds very eBay. I feel like they are making up stains or creating them to return. I always reply to a case review and add original pics when I can. It’s just super frustrating when these things happen, but your post lets me know and feel like I am not alone! You are awesome!!! 💕

    1. Thanks for the comment Mandy! Accurate descriptions can certainly save the day! Some situations are beyond our control and unfortunately the cost of being a “business owner.”

    2. Hey Mandy! I read your post, and I see you experience things I have! 99.9% of my opened cases or less than 5 star reviews have been from new Poshers who have no listings. I like that Posh is a community full of good vibes. Everyone seems to have such a happy attitude and pleasant to deal with. I don’t think the new Poshers catch onto the atmosphere for a while. I was once new, too. Lol. I left a bad review early on. After a couple of weeks, and engaging with the community, I realized that’s not really how it works. So I went back and changed my rating to 5 stars. I had someone leave me 2 stars on a swim suit. Her reason was that it was not what she hoped for. It didn’t fit right, etc. I went to her closet to see how new she was. She had a few listings, but not much activity. I then saw my swimsuit I sold her! With my photos! I clicked and read the description. In her description of this bad swim suit, she said it was great! Really talked it up. I commented asking why she left me 2 stars claiming it was not a good purchase, yet listed it as a good swim suit. She then changed her rating from 2 stars to 4. Then she replied to my comment and said she changed her rating bc she does like the suit. So why 4 stars?? Lol Anyway, honestly can not please everyone. I’ve seen some closets that have made listings showing their feedback and they had nothing less than 5 stars! And I’m talking about hundreds of ratings! All 5 stars. Jealousy sets in. But selling used clothing and shoes, you’re going to get less than 5 stars. Just have to learn to not let it bother you 🙂

  2. Hi Elle! Happy Monday! Thanks for another great informative post! 😍
    I think I’m guilty of over-describing. I do list all of what you said but not washing instructions unless I’m asked (I’m going to try to remember to do that).
    I don’t usually say what the item will look good with and I’ve seen some amazing descriptions like that plus they’ll say the mentioned items are also available in their closet.
    I hope you haven’t already posted about this..What do YOU say to “Measurements? and/or Model?”
    Thanks so much for your opinion, Wise One! I hope you have a great week! 😉☺️

    1. Ok, I make mention of it in this post . But basically I just tell the truth that “This does not fit me so I have included measurements to help determine the fit.” Or, “If I do get a chance to update photos I will be sure to tag you.” I usually DO model mine unless it doesn’t fit well. If you chose in general NOT to model- I wouldn’t be afraid to be honest and say “I do not model clothing- please let me know if you need any additional measurements to help you determine how this will fit you.” Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Such a perfect post! ‘Descriptive’ and objective descriptions are the single most given suggestion when someone asks me to review their closet. I personally struggle with keeping my opinion about an item to myself. I’m still working on that. I particularly agree with setting your closet up to run efficiency without your immediate presence. I’m not only an impulse buyer, I’m an impatient one. If the strategy is immediate and or frequent interaction with potential customers you better be there or I’m gone. One thing I suggest doing is still, even though every inch of your item is pictured and dispassionately described, please, just politely answer the question(s)! Most people are not out to irk you: they didn’t see the info, have questions about it or they may be afraid of trying to do business with a ghost closet. You know, looks like a wonderfully busy closet, you ring and no one’s home, ever! Even if the question is redundant, get out of your feelings and Just Do It!

  4. Elle, were your ears ringing this past weekend? I talked about you and your blog all Poshfest weekend❤️ Thank you always for all of your info. Your blog is my Posh bible, always helpful and needed.

  5. This is so timely, thank you for writing about it. I have been doing this since March so I’m still learning. I’m agonizing now over a listing I just sold wherein at the end of my description I tell the potential buyer to “pitch that old race shirt and get a new tech tee!” . It’s not new, it’s not marked NWT or NWOT, there aren’t tags in the pics. But I also neglected to mention that it’s used either. My own self, I kind of assume everything is used unless it’s marked Boutique NWT or NWOT. Lesson learned.

    1. Nancy, I think that in that context it wouldn’t be mistaken for a claim of “new”… I too would assume as well that all items on Posh are pre-owned unless otherwise stated. But ya know everyone is different! Let me know how it turns out! Xoxo

  6. I love this post, Elle! GREAT advice! I do state my bundle discount, no trades, and that offers are welcome. If I’m firm on a price, my description will say so. I don’t usually list measurements. Man it takes FOREVER just to create a listing (sigh). But I always respond when someone asks for measurements. I will try to start adding them. I try to point out, literally, any flaws. I point to the flaw and take a photo. But I overlook things, and have had to contact buyer and let them know I missed a flaw and ask if they still want the item. 99% say yes and thank me for being honest. It’s really so hard and time consuming, this Poshmark thing. Creating those cover shots, modeling, descriptions, oh and editing, for anyone who edits. I edit, so I will say which photo is true to color in my description. I don’t like when people list items as a brand that they are NOT. I regulatory search specific brands. I’ve seen so many things I almost purchased, then get to the end of the description and it says “Not from listed brand.” Drives me crazy!! Also, when they say NWT, but you don’t see tags? Then you read description, and it says “Like New”. Or “No tags, but never worn.” It’s so important to read descriptions as a buyer. So I can definitely see why great descriptions are important as a seller!

  7. Another great post. I always try and be very descriptive. I am pretty new to posh (3 months and 10 sales). I had my first case opened on me this week and I was crushed and about ready to close up shop immediately. I sold a brooks brothers factory sweater and the buyer complained that the size was “not as described” … in less than 24 hours it was resolved in my favor I think largely because of my long description and the close up picture of the size label I included in the original post. Whew … I didn’t have to give up poshing after all! On another slightly off subject note … is there an advantage to putting $0 as the original item price? If I can’t remember what I paid for an item, I usually do a little brand research to come up with a close number and I price accordingly … but I have noticed a lot of veteran posh sellers leave this at $0 does this help you in one of the algorithm somehow ? Thanks ! Elizabeth (leithmarsh on posh)

    1. Hey Elizabeth! I have never heard of there being a strategy behind $0 original pricing. I do it on the majority of what I sell if I don’t have original tags or if I am not 100% sure of the original price. I’m glad your case was resolved and you didn’t quit 🙂 XOXO

  8. Thanks for this! I’m one of those that tends to over describe everything that I run out of character#’s and then have to edit it down a bit, lol. I totally agree- I’m inclined to buy from a seller who ALWAYS gives measurements and describes a listing as accurately as possible. There’s nothing more annoying than tracking down a seller just for measurements! I have a close friend who’s also been on Posh 4 yrs now and she told me she hates doing the descriptions especially measurements. I guess everyone has a different take on this..,but I’m with you on this because it cuts down tremendously on any chance of cases being opened as well. In 3.5 yrs. I’ve only had 2 cases; each one resulting in the buyer losing out because my descriptions prevailed. It does take longer to list but in the end it’s worth it to spend that extra few minutes providing concise descriptions.. Dorothy @lakeforest😘

  9. Hi Elle,

    Can you tell me how you add the line breaks into your descriptions. I enjoy the format you have created. Much easier to read instead of all info in one paragraph. Are you using HTML code?

    Thank you in advance for all your insight and inspiration.

    Happy Poshing!


    1. Hi Kate! The only way it know how is when I copy and post from “notes” in my phone. I have a pre-worded description and then I paste and add the specifics. I know a lot of others have the breaks and I hope others who see this will chime in if there is another way 🙂 Hope that helps!

  10. Elle, I love your posts. They are really insightful and encouraging. I often find mttsejf going back and forth between poshmark and your site. Just want to make sure I have all my bases covered. Can you make a post about how you or someone you know have dealt with an open case? And what was done to overcome it? And overcoming the emotions of wanting to close your closet because of the buyer protection?

    1. Thank you so much for that great suggestion! Definitely a subject that I should cover! In the meantime, I assume that you or a friend has had an issue. I would say to view it as a negative rating: Give yourself a few minutes/hours/determined amount of time to be upset/sad/anxious and then let it go. Easier said than done right? There are just too many positives about Posh and positive people to allow any one person ruin something that you love to do. Go back and read all of your awesome reviews and love notes- go tell a few strangers that they have beautiful closets and make others feel good- put some positivity on the internet and it will come back to you and it will be ok! XOXO

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