Let’s be Honest…

Let’s be honest.

How many of you have had a slow month selling?

I am not afraid to say it…

I haven’t had a sale in over a week.

Before you roll your eyes, NO, this isn’t the first time I have had a lull in sales.

You can have the cutest listings, with the most popular name brands, mark it all down to $5.00 and STILL not have a sales… it happens.

But this month of June has been pretty tough… I am not the only one who has been experiencing this based on how many comments, DMs, and texts I have received asking for advice!

However, I do need to go ahead and admit that Poshing has not been my #1 priority. It can’t always be… right?

Things I have been doing instead of Poshing:
  • Working on projects around the house
  • Thinking about listing things on Poshmark and not doing it
  • Reading some great books
  • Running every day
  • Avoiding Poshmark

There, I said it. In the past week I have done some light sharing of my closet and others- NOT the usually hours and hours I normally put into it. Also I haven’t shared with any share groups or added new listings.


Normally when it gets slow, I kick it into high gear which I discuss in detail HERE

But what about when you have a million things on your list of things to accomplish?

I want to hear from YOU…

If you have limited time to dedicate to Poshmark…

What is the ONE thing you find most effective to boost your sales?


I (along with a few of you I’m sure) can’t wait to read your replies!



P.S. Don’t forget to keep checking back for comments from other Poshers!

30 thoughts on “Let’s be Honest…

  1. If I have no time for Poshmark, I put one or two listings on top, lower them, share them every time I have a second and share 5-7 items of very person who likes that listing. I basically put all my efforts into selling those 1-2 listings and as much as I can.

  2. I definitely can relate this month. I just chalk it up as people are on vacation or maybe buying things in the stores while on vacation. I know that’s what I’m doing, refraining from buying so I can shop, til I drop in FL next week. But my phone hasn’t been as attached to my hip as usual. I just think Poshers may be shopped up for summer unless they see something they must have!!!

  3. Glad to know it’s not just ME! I too have been super busy but once I noticed the slump I started doing the parties more again! I’ve been sharing a lot in the evening parties when EVERYTHING GOES! Although I do stick to the theme.

  4. Great post. Very relatable. I think a lot of it goes back to your last post: SHARING. That post inspired me to really make an effort and I’ve shared as much in the last month as I had the entire previous six months combined. I’ve definitely noticed a difference, even having an item chosen as a host pick.

    All that said, it can be very time consuming (not to mention the real estate it all takes up in your brain.) And while I’ve sold 25 items in June (not great, but not terrible; I sell lower end stuff.). There was one week, however, where I only sold two items and a three item bundle. This was in spite of my renewed sharing effort. Some weeks are just off weeks- people waiting for payday, saving for or on vacation, immersed in wedding prep, et al.
    And on the reverse (as you seem to be in), some weeks are off weeks for sellers. While sales are great, I think it’s important to remember there are a ton of enriching activities in life that have nothing to do with PM (kudos on the running). Summer is the perfect time to take a more relaxed approach.

    (Sorry for the novella.)

  5. Slow over here too, but just like the rest of us, I’m not doing a third of the sharing and listing as I usually do. I tried a sale recently, 30% off 3 or more, and I got one bundle sale day one, amd now nothing. I think Cmarshall is right; we are in summer mode…vacations, BBQs, grad parties, beach, and all of these takes $$ to do them. So unless it’s an item you HAVE to have, most aren’t spending it. I’m thinking about trying other platforms to sell. Any tips Poshers?

  6. K.C. it feels so good to just be in chill mode and not have PM on the brain 24/7. This have been the first time in a long time that my entire closet hasn’t been updated/edited/shared in a few days. We know we have great items. We’ll make up for a slow month in time.

  7. The last couple of days have been pretty slow for me. I am in 5 sometimes 6 share groups a day. It really helps a lot if you have the time. I don’t work outside the home so I treat this as I would a reg 9-5. If I’m not sharing or packing to ship , I’m listing or going to upcoming parties and liking/commenting and so on…. It’s also helped my closet when I go back to past buyers and like something in their closet to “jog” their memory. Hopefully it will pick up again soon. I’m thinking a lot of vacations going on as well. Thank you for your sweet honest posts, I love hearing from you!

  8. Lots of great tips here, however, June has been pretty consistent for me. Now May, on the other hand! I had so many other plans I didn’t have time to put into my usual Poshing and my sales reflected that. I even took a week to organize my Posh room, take pics (which I absolutely despise doing) and two weeks hanging out with family and friends visiting from out of town. All of which shows, you get out what you put in. When I put Posh last on my list, that’s pretty much where my sales went…nowhere. However, it was nice to be organized, spend a week with my BFF of over 30 years and walk the legs off my 18 month old grandson. This is my fun money so I spent what I’d made having fun. Now it’s time to make some more, LOL! July 4th is coming and that means more time with the world outside of Posh 🙂

  9. I haven’t shared much this week. Working already at a full time job, I felt I needed to slow it down. I share about 10 items a party and no longer follow/share everyone back. It was burning me out!! My sales are down but I was headed towards exhaustion from getting home at 5, listing new items til 8 (shower and eat 8-10) to be ready to party from 10-12. I’m burnt!! Plus the summer weather…

  10. Fairly new on here but have to say not experiencing what you are all talking about. Sales have just exploded in my closet this month. New listings are added every day. Began sharing every item at every party (the relevant ones shared to the party and the non relevant shared to followers) and finding that a pretty decent strategy. Also, diversity rules! Having items from every single category means you have something for everyone who comes to your door. Make sure you’re quick on responses and tactful on negotiating and it’s ON!!! And last but not least: have fun with it. If you’re not having fun it comes through to the buyers and that could be what is hurting sales. Thanks for the great blog. Just found you and think it’s smart and funny and helpful. Smooches 💋

  11. I honestly don’t have any other way to deal with lulls… I just kinda focus on other things in my life and avoid poshmark lol until I have something new to post, and in order to promote that one thing, I get into craZy mode again. Honestly reading your post reminds me of how sharing is everything and without sharing there won’t be any sales. It’s like hard work right, it doesn’t always guarantee success but without it you can be guaranteed there won’t be success. Not super uplifting I guess.. 😂

  12. I have to agree with D, the more often I lost new items, the more sales I have. I haven’t slowed down in sharing, but took a break from new listings and have noticed the lull. I wonder why that is.

  13. I still think the #1 thing that helps me with sales is sharing in my share group daily if I’m able. Or just sharing my own listings into the main feed. I’ve been a bit obsessive about that this month, my self-shares (shown on closet stats) for the last 30 days is over 55,xxx. Probably the most I’ve ever shared myself, and it’s working!

    1. You shared your own listings 55,000 times in a month? How is that even possible? There are only about 43,200 minutes in a month. This i have to hear…

      1. Hey! I can easily answer that- Totally do-able especially if you do this full time. When I first started out ans was dedicating more time, I was sharing over 35k self shares AND sharing others. I can see 55k being very attainable. It’s super fast to share on a computer and not on a device and once you get in the zone time flies!

  14. Have you noticed losing likes on items after you mark them down for closet clear out? That happened to me this weekend on a few items. 🙁

    1. Yes, but don’t take it too personal! It’s a great way to “weed out” the people who are actually interested! When I receive an alert that an item I like has been marked down, I always re-evaluate. This means deciding if I want it at the marked down price OR sometimes I unlike it because I am no longer interested.

  15. I started posh in March of this year. I focus on selling name brands at the lowest price I can. I have been pretty steady in sales but it’s difficult not to get frustrated when you have days with no sales. Also when you have someone bundle 4-5 items and never buy ( I always have a bundle discount). My personal biggest challenge is not getting frustrated by a low rating. I have had two where honestly they were outright dishonest comments. How do others deal with those? I take it too personally and feel huft by those.

    1. Hi Stacy! All I can say is just shake it off! I know that doesn’t help hurt feelings- but if they accepted the item then that means you were honest about it and the description. You cannot change how a person acts. If you have time, check out the post about ratings http://thegrayasparagus.com/ratings-elles-guide-stars/ and also this one http://thegrayasparagus.com/think-like-store-owner/ about suggestions on how to respond in difficult situations 🙂 Hope this helps!

    2. Hey Stacy, you’re looking at it the wrong way. People are coming in and liking what they see enough to even put together a bundle. Many times people do that just to see how much the total would be. I hope you’re tagging them and thanking them for looking around. I also ask them if they have any questions and mention that I always throw in a free gift on bundles. Doesn’t have to something expensive either. Buy some cute goodies specifically for that… Less then $2-$3 per item.

  16. Sale have been very slow this summer..but I I’m being honest I have been laxed, like you I have a whole lot to list but I keep getting distracted (on purpose)..but I find that following new people and crazy sharing helps a little but it’s gotten so tedious… As usual great words.

  17. I’m a new Posher, and have experienced zero sales. I know, I know…patience is a virtue and all that (I’m working on it, Mom.). I was a “host pick” my very first night; so, I thought “boom goes the dynamite”. Sadly…my high hopes are waning….your blog has been outrageously helpful. But what the frack am I doing “wrong”?
    @bombdotcomme aka poshmark is a question mark

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