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It seems rare these days to make a single item sale on Poshmark that doesn’t start with an offer being made.

However, there are always those hot items that the buyer knows will go fast or they recognize that the price is a already a steal and so they buy it right away. We daydream about this happening!

Before you decide to close this post because you don’t want to hear (yet again) what constitutes a reasonable offer and BLAH BLAH BLAH… keep reading, you may be reasonably surprised.

I am going to point out a risk factor for the SELLER and tell you why you, the buyer, should make an offer. At the end, get your tissues ready because I am going to close with a very sad story.


When trying to make a deal, the BUNDLE is always going to give you the biggest discount. If you are super new (or live under a rock in the middle of the desert) a “bundle” is the combining or 2 or more listings at a single price and only paying one shipping cost. There is a great feature allowing you to bundle without a conversation with the seller- perfect for those late night shopping sprees after you have had one too many.

To get a deal on those single items… we have the wonderful Make an Offer button!!!

See it? Right there in the middle…



This necklace is a beauty and worth all $22 that BrieWinePosh is asking. I just wanted to show you the button.

But let’s move on to my point…

Here is an offer that I received recently:


This is a NWT pair of $98 Banana Republic pants. I have marked them down on several occasions thinking someone will snatch them up. They have just been hanging out this summer (of course, they are wool) at the extremely low price of $16.00.


My first reaction to $13 is sheer horror. It is kind of painful to think about letting these go for so little ( after Posh fees I will get $10.05). Sigh.

This is what I, as a seller, have to consider…

My options (and the problems that go along with them):

  •  Say No

I could just decline the offer and message them that their offer is too low and that I am firm on the price.

Problem: Probably won’t end in a sale, the pants will sit there for a while longer.

  • Counter offer

Even if I counter at $15.00 I could feel better about it!

Problem: They potential buyer offered $13 and there is always the possibility that that was their maximum and they will decline the counter. Then the pants will sit there!


  • Accept

This is no risk, the item will sell. You get to ship it, and have $10.05 in your pocket to buy something else.

Problem: really there is no problem… you only missed out on a couple of bucks.


So, what am I saying???

Buyers- don’t be afraid to make that offer! Even if it’s just a dollar or two… you can get a deal!

Sellers- think about the offer thoroughly- how long have you had the item listed? Is it even in season? Is the risk worth making a couple of dollars more- potentially weeks or months from now? However, you have every right to stay firm in your price, this is just something to think about.

Now all you Buyers, do NOT go running around offering $5.00 on every Free People Cardigan you see- be reasonable! But don’t be afraid or shy to offer a few dollars less…


Weigh the pros and cons to the situation before you act upon your initial response. Remember, the current market value is only as high as someone is willing to pay.


Potential bonus– if you give a customer a great deal, they may (and probably will) come back to shop again. Two sales are always better than none!


And now for my sad “Make an Offer” story…

Do you have that tissue handy?

There was this necklace… I loved it. It was so me.

The seller was asking around $50 for it and I wanted to spend less, $30 was my highest. I stared at it… visited it often. I knew this was a serious seller and that she knew the worth of her pieces. After a month or so, I did reach out to the seller to see if she considered offers or if her prices were firm. She told me that she loves offers… GREAT!

I was still too nervous thinking I would insult her… what was wrong with me???

Then one day… BAM.

There was the sold flag.


… and it wasn’t me.

Now I live in regret over that necklace that was going to hang proudly from my neck…

Moral to the story: Make the dang offer.




16 thoughts on “Making an Offer

  1. This was a GREAT post! It really is true what you’re saying about accepting the offer even though it’s a little lower than what you’re expecting! I’ve declined an offer before, and then never heard back from the person, only to then regret not taking the offer after the item sat there for another month lol! Btw follow me on posh @supernursemel 🙂 I just followed you!

  2. I simply can’t reduce an item past the point I’ll feel cheated
    or have regrets. However, I don’t generally sell NWTs. The item can sit forever, I don’t care. I will counter an offer 2x…if the buyer won’t meet my price? Bye bye, Birdie! I’ll decline and move on. More times than not, the seller will restart negotiations offering my lowest. I never list or negotiate under $10, it’s not worth my time or supplies. I have a listing in my closet explaining MY version of a lowball offer; we all differ. My buyers know what I will and won’t do upfront. People can miss me with $5 for $30 shoes! I love the decline button!

  3. Awww this is hilarious and sad at the same time. I feel your pain sister. I have a few necklaces and shoes that were supposed to be on my neck and my size 11 feet that I didn’t make an offer on and when I checked my likes… BAM! Sold to someone other than me 🙁 The struggle is real.

  4. Thanks! I often see people negotiating bundle deals in the comments for an even greater discount. Is there a way to make an offer on a bundle?

    1. Hey! Unfortunately there is not… Yet. As a buyer, you could always make an offer in a listing- but the best way to do this might be in a more discreet way- like on a sold listing or on a listing of your own so the seller can feel comfortable.

    2. You can make an offer on a bundle because I have accepted offers on bundles in my closet. Just put your bundle together and press the offer button after

  5. So I have to tell you – I was super inspired by this post, and decided to mark down some items. I have the same thought process – when someone makes me an offer, I like to play around with the numbers and usually it’s only a matter of $4-8 dollars I’d be missing out on and the item has been sitting around for awhile. Anyway – I did some markdowns, and made 6 sales in 5 minutes!!! So glad I read this this morning 🙂

      1. I am!! I started last week 🙂 I did the markdowns around 12pm EST if that helps. I”m wondering if that’s a good time because East Coast might be on lunch hours if they work, and West Coast is probably just getting to work or already ready for a break. That is something I”m super curious about – what day(s) of the week and what hours are most people on PM?

  6. Love it! Great tips! I always get that moment of anxiety when I get an offer that’s below my reasonable boundary line! I always fear the if I counter, they might get discouraged and shut me out forever, which has happened too many times… I’ll read this again next time I get an offer! Thanks! 😘😽🤗

  7. I am the seller. I send offers using the new “offers to liker” button but the likers never reply. Why don’t they tell me something? Anything is better than nothing at all.

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