Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

Seeing the Poshmark alert “Congrats! Your Bundle of …. has sold!” on my phone screen is on of the most beautiful sights! Now that shoppers can make an offer on bundles there is more potential to see it!

I started out editing my original post Bundles: Strange Behavior Decoded… but I decided to post a new one and add links. It’s more fun to start a new discussion about the bundle feature anyway.

Looking at the date of that post, I was actually shocked that it has been almost 2 years since the bundle feature was introduced- time has flown!

Ok, let’s get to it! The new(ish) offer on bundles feature…

First, you have to know how to make a bundle.

How to Make a Bundle

1. Go to the item that you want to bundle and tap the icon in the top right

and select “Add to Bundle”

2. Do this for all the items that you want (note: you can only bundle items in the same closet)

3. To view and purchase, go to “My Likes” inside your dashboard

4. Then tap on “Bundles” to view all created bundles.

(Note: if something you added to a bundle has sold or is no longer available it will prompt you to delete the item)


5. Then you can proceed to check out as normal


You can MAKE AN OFFER!!!

How to Make an Offer on a Bundle

Here are the basics when you make an offer…

Start by adding items into a bundle and then view the bundle

I love that at the bottom right to the left of the offer option tells you how much the bundle is prior to making an offer

(not including shipping costs)

Now if you offer too low it will let you know the lowest you can offer which is approximately 20% of the bundle price after seller discount (if any)

Or, if you didn’t pay attention to the discounted amount- it will tell you if the discount is LOWER than what you were willing to offer

After you have decided on an offer to submit, this is what the seller will see…

Right above my offer of $30, the seller can see how much the bundle would have been if I had just taken the preset bundle discount. I love this because it can help you put the offer into perspective.

If the seller were to accept my $30 offer- then that is what I would pay plus shipping. The discount does not apply additionally since we were agreeing to a price lower than the discount.

Things to consider as a BUYER:

  • You may not know this is you are a buyer only but sellers can get their feathers ruffled over low offers (and may not counteroffer because if it). So sometimes it’s best to just place your highest offer and hope for the best. You want them to accept on the spot and they want to as well!
  • Pay attention to the preset discounts- if they are already giving you 20-30% off, that is already a huge discount (and Poshmark fees are an additional 20%)
  • Kindness goes a long way- commenting along with an offer is typically well received, i.e. “I placed an offer, I hope you will consider it!”

Things to consider as a SELLER:

  • One negotiation mentality is this: the expectation of meeting in the middle. Let’s say your item is $60 and they offer $20. They might REALLY be willing to pay $40 but think if they start at $40 they anticipate that you will counter with $50. Make sense? Of course everyone is different but I always consider the middle amount and if it works for me- I will try to meet them there.
  • There is VALUE in selling bundles! You can potentially be paying less commission. If you have 2 items at $10 each- you will be making $7.05 each if sold individually, paying $5.90 total in commission/fees to Poshmark (making $14.10 combined). If you Bundle the 2 equaling $20 then you pay 20% which is $4 (making $16). Accept an $18.00 offer and you are paying $3.60 (making $14.40). Sometimes you have to decide if it’s worth holding out for the extra dollar or two. It rarely is. This only works when dealing with items under the $15 threshold- but it’s worth mentioning in case you had never thought of it that way.
  • Repeat customers. You want (NEED) repeat customers. If you prove yourself as a fair negotiator you are more likely to have repeat buyers- and honestly- if you can get one or two of them it can make the world of difference in your sales.


Even if the offer is too low for me to accept or if I am completely firm on my price, I am still grateful for all offers. It means that someone came to my closet and liked what they saw. Reactions are everything. I’m leaving that there and adding this link Think Like a Store Owner if you want to read my opinions on that subject.

Lastly, I just have to mention…

Rumor has it that some users have a function within the make an offer feature that let’s then “hold firm” on their price. It seems to still be in beta mode and unfortunately I do not have it… more to come on that subject…


Have you been successful with the bundle offer feature? How do you negotiate?




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10 thoughts on “Making a Bundle Offer on Poshmark

  1. “Excluding certain listings from closet discount” has been one of my suggestions for quite awhile.

    I’m happy to know it’s in the works.

    Keep up the great posts.

  2. I agree with much you said in this article. I am actually really comforted that their’s certain restrictions already in place, i.e. someone can’t offer me $5 on a bundle. Just so you know, the android screen of this looks completely different, like completely different. And if you would like those photos, you know where to find me on IG. 🙂 Keep up the good work! You’re the best Poshmark blog out there. Christine @makelemonade

  3. Bundle offer feature, meh. I heard this was coming out, thank you for writing about it. I’ve been on Poshmark for a year this month and I think I’ve sold one bundle, so from that perspective, I guess this isn’t going affect me too much. Just in my relatively short time on Poshmark I’ve noticed a real garage sale mentality when I receive offers. Not everything on Poshmark can be purchased for $15, lol. A lot of my stuff is $20 and up but I do have some “charter member listings” that are $15 and less. So, to say I’m not excited about getting low offers on bundles, well that’s an understatement. I’ll probably change my discount to 0% and then work from there. Oh, and please, please, please use the decline feature so I can get on with my day, lol.

  4. ELLE,
    I wrote a whole three paragraph message to you and ended up deleting it on accident so I’m going to be brief. I think you are amazing when it comes to explaining and the way you word certain things to let especially new POSHERS, understand how to buy and sell. I have been doing this for close to four years. I don’t sell anywhere else never even sold on eBay I saw Poshmark on GMA one morning and my life changed🎊🎉💵
    Haha….seriously it did. I’m from Atlanta but now I live in SOUTH WEST FLA. Which to make ends me as a single mother I was selling items such as clothes purses and accessories on my FB GROUP FOR SOME???? reason the area I live in could NOT keep my group Limited –to what I asked it to be which was no 🚫knock offs🚫nothing listed BUT Womens FASHION ITEMS ONLY! And in return I was constantly running around for five dollars people standing me up wasting gas it just got insane to wear till this day I truly have nothing to do With FB I’ll get on it once in a blue moon then regret it. It wasn’t working out for me at all. PM literally gave me a chance to not only make extra income for me and my daughter.. My niece has a little closet and my daughter likes to screenshot my items and puts them in “HER” closet haha! Now she’s at age in her teens were she wants nothing to do with it unless she can use my earnings to buy something. OK basically I went through all of that useless information to get to telling you how remarkable you are on advice when it comes to Poshmark. In the four years I have been selling on PM I have never came across anyone as great as you are when it comes to explaining certain things about it especially to the newbies. I was going to ask for your permission with anything I do use that You have done (I Promise 💯% to ©ELLEMYERS @ELLEMYERS I’m not sure what your screen name is I just looked up to see on your comment your name.but I would absolutely love to use some of your information and pictures such as showing newbees on my closet how to make a bundle And so forth. If I can’t use your information I completely understand I’m not very well on explaining things into words my vocab sucks✍🏻👆🏻 I’m sure you can tell by reading this👎🏻🌸

    Elle, I wish I could explain things like you I am definitely 💯going to sign up for your Blog & CLOSET ON POSH AND WORDPRESS. EVERYTHING 🛍🎁🎈!!!!!!!
    I have taught myself things along the way I have learnt my lessons on dos & don’ts on PM. But, by far are you are the best when it comes to explaining and helping ppl on topics that need a little more explaining I have buyers ask me all the time searching questions and I have a hard time explaining things. I have never been good at writing and so basically I would love to use some of your literature and your posts on helpful tips on posh etiquette and all kinds of things that you have worded so wonderfully and amazing that I would love to use it in my closet. I promise 100% that I will not use anything without permission from you and I Also PROMISE TO LIST @ELLE…or however you want me to state that you are the one that wrote that article! My phone is going to die so I wanted to speed this up before I lose this one 😮😱😪it will not be funny, thank you Elle

    Sincerely ,
    Jessica Pacz

    EMAIL ME PLEASE @ JESSICAPACZ0412@GMAIL or you can also reach me in my CLOSET @jessicapacz thank you very much for your time and I am looking for to hearing back from you and hoping I get your permission to use your listing information. and explanations on how to help use pm features for newbies . Right now my iPhone is reading all of your posts out loud ??? What did I DO??

    LOL I always had a Samsung NOTE UNTILL LAST MONTH I PURCHASED A IPHONE , Day by day I am learning this device so that is also a hassle factor right now🤔😦🙏
    I would love to ❤️🙏To hear back from you and I hope I get your permission. THX ON THAT NOTE
    P.S I have 2-3 questions that you may be able to help me up with?????——-

    1.) I have repeat buyers and a lot of new buyers I am trying to figure out the new feature they just play on the phone I updated the app and underneath the buyer it would show theyre LIKES
    For the first time a week ago I had a take a wk off!!!!Due to the fact that I had to have a medical procedure and it had me out for two days which put me 25 packages behind and took me for ever to get caught up . LEASON LEARNED
    Do you by any chance know the person who put together a EXCEL spreadsheet do you how I can get that spreadsheet again it was a link???

    ?#2 Do you have any advice on keeping track of buyers what is my best way to keep a list or a track on Excel or in a notebook? I even purchased a binder with dividers (A-Z & 1-31) just trying to keep track I can’t remember everything i sold and keep track of buyers so I can be MORE PERSONAL ALWAYS WHEN they come back to my closet to shop the last thing I want to do is forget that they bought a bundle last month just trying to figure out a way to keep track of buyers and what they bought and how much ?? ❤️💛💚💙💜💗THANK You so much ELLE FOR your time!

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for all of your kind words! You can use whatever you would like and can tag my closet which is @GrayAsparagus OR just cite this blog
      1) I am not sure about the spreadsheet… what was the function of the spreadsheet?
      2) I have tried different ways of tracking customers but the time and effort it takes did not justify a good enough reason to do it. I wrote this article recently and its what I do now if I need to access previous customer purchases.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment! I hope this helps 🙂 XOXO

  5. I see you wrote above to Jessica it’d be ok to use your words and images here in a posh listing & after reading your phenomenal communication I too wanted to put a link to this in a listing I want to make about how to bundle, hoping that would be ok? I’ll tag yr closet @GrayAsparagus & cite this blog. I’m actually just getting started on sellerdom n whatsort in the past 2-3 months needing to get rid of stuff quickly and I think communication is a huge barrier. I just found yr blog and I’m so excited bc it’s like I hit treasure. Just followed ya on insta. Thx so much for putting yrself out there and feel free to reach out and lmk how I can best help spread the word re: yr awesome writing, etc 🙂 have a great day!

    1. You are so sweet! I don’t mind at all, I’m just glad that these posts have helped someone- that’s all I want to do! I remember what it’s like to be new, and I certainly know what it’s like to have questions! If you think someone else may find value- share however you like! ❤️❤️❤️

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