Meet My PFF

Meet My PFF BrieWinePosh

One of the oddest acronyms you run across when you first join Poshmark is PFF.

There was probably a moment early on when someone commented in your closet “Hey PFF!” leaving you bewildered. It was even MORE confusing after you found out what it meant!

“This person thinks we are Posh Friends Forever? What?? What do I need to do?”

For the new Posher, rest easy, it’s mostly a term of endearment. But if you have been around a while and have built these unique online friendships, it can be so much more. They become your sounding board, your support system, and your biggest cheerleader! I mean who else is going to understand the world of Poshmark?

I want to introduce you to my PFF. We crossed paths when she made a purchase from my closet over 2 years ago and we just clicked. We bond over our love of animals, sarcasm, and a finding great deal. She is about to host an upcoming Poshmark Party and celebrate another huge event… but I will let her tell  you about that!

GrayAsparagus: Hey Brie! Why don’t you start out by telling everyone your closet name…

BrieWinePosh: Hi Elle, it’s @BrieWinePosh

GA: How did you learn about Poshmark?

BWP: I saw an advertisement on my iPad …I think on YouTube… in 2013. I can’t believe it’s been FOUR YEARS!

GA: I know! Time flies! What has been your favorite part about Poshmark?

BWP: Of course making extra money, but I oddly get so much satisfaction knowing that someone else is going to love something that I no longer can wear. Plus of course meeting YOU!

GA: You are too kind! You once told me that you started out as a buyer not a seller… What has been your favorite Poshmark purchase?

BWP: I’m actually wearing a sweater from Posh as I write this, but my favorite purchase would have to be a Steve Madden purse I got.

GA: What is your biggest piece of advice for someone just starting out?

BWP: Share your listings!!! Then when you’re done…share them again!

GA: You are co-hosting a party on Friday, 3/10 but it also coincides with a big life event, can you explain what that is?

BWP: I’m celebrating 7 years cancer free from Leukemia.

GA: Whoa! That IS something to celebrate! Can you elaborate a little more?

BWP: This March 9 will be seven years since I had a bone marrow transplant for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. It’s crazy to see how fast time has flown. The beauty of time is that the longer I stay cancer free, the better the outlook. You see, there’s no cure for Leukemia, but having the transplant gives me the best shot at keeping it away. My life has changed dramatically since being diagnosed at 30, for better and worse. It’s been an uphill struggle getting post-transplant issues at bay and mentally adjusting to the fact that I can’t have children. But on the flip side, I learned so much about myself emotionally and physically while being on this journey. It’s truly the craziest experience to go through but I wouldn’t change a thing.

GA: Those are definitely big changes to adjust to, I can’t even imagine… has this experience changed your outlook to life?

BWP: Cancer has made me a better more confident person. So on March 9 I say f*@k you and thank you Leukemia—but i gotta go find host picks.

GA: I agree, from the moment we “met” you have always struck me as a very confident person! You have such a great outlook on life too and such an inspiration! So we know you will be celebrating 7 years cancer free on March 9th and then hosting a Poshmark Party on March 10th at 7pm PT… what is your favorite thing about Hosting?

BWP: I still remember my very first host pick almost three years ago. To be recognized by people I don’t know on such a big platform just made my day. I love giving that to not just new poshers, but my friends on Posh too.  Everyone is so supportive on there (Posh), and it’s nice way to give a “thank you” of sorts to them.

GA: I know you are a teacher during the day… so… why do you Posh?

BWP: Good question! It takes up A LOT of my time, but I have an obsession with clothes and like I said earlier, it makes me happy to see something I adored, get a good home! Plus, you can beat making some money back on items that were barely worn, if at all!

GA: Has Poshmark helped you reach any life goals?

BWP: Not really, but I will say that it’s allowed me to sell my clothes, something I’ve always want to do but didn’t know how. I have a somewhat steady part-time income that I can do in my pajamas at home! It definitely helps pay medical bills. Win-win!

GA: How do you define your success on Poshmark?

BWP: I feel successful when I package the item neatly and carefully and ship the next day.  (I actually stress out if I don’t get it out the next day. I feel like they’re staring at the “in process” icon waiting for it to change! LOL) Later when I get a five star rating with a sweet love note, it just makes me feel like I’m making a good name for my “business”.

GA: I know you won’t brag about it- so I will… I have seen your stats and you have over 600 ratings and average a 5 STAR!

BWP: Awe, thanks for noticing Elle! It’s crazy to imagine I’ve sold almost 1,000 listings. I would have NEVER thought that when I downloaded the app so long ago. But I was hooked after that first purchase.

GA: Other than (obviously) being a highly reputable seller, what do you think makes your closet stand out?

BWP: I have a LOT of tall stuff since I am 6’1 (skyscraper tall) and I also sell other family members stuff. So you’ll see tons of sizes (including mens) and different brands.


I hope you all will go to Brie’s closet and celebrate with her by commenting and SHARING!

Let her know you read about her on theGrayAsparagus!

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12 thoughts on “Meet My PFF

  1. Hi this is the comment I tried to leave on Brie’s closet but her comment page is full so I will leave it for her here
    “Hi I just read about you on Elle’s post. Congratulations on 7 years cancer free. I am also a 7 year breast cancer survivor and I also love Posh! Kate”

    1. Thank you Kate!! And so cool to find a fellow Posher with the same anniversary. It’s sad but cool….that make sense lol?! 💪🏼💗

  2. This is such an inspirational post! First let me say I have shared in groups with briewineposh. She is awesome! I will definitely show her some love today. PFF’s are so much more just like you said. They stand behind you, motivate you, help you, and I would be loss without mines! I have many but there is always that one PFF that is so near and dear to your heart. My favorite thing about Poshmark has been seeing so many hard working woman with an entrepreneurial spirit! They are so motivating and I admire them all! Elle, you helped me in the beginning understand a lot about Posh and how to handle certain situations. I appreciate your posts and all the help along the way! Never stop writing! It’s a natural gift where your inner spirit gets to shine within your words!

    1. Hi Aundrea! I don’t know your handle on Posh, so say hi and reference this on my party listing! Thanks so mich for your kind words! 💗

  3. I’m new on Poshmark – since February and I am loving it. I have tagged and shared tonight’s party and can’t wait. Thank you for opening up about your experiences on Posh (both of you). As a newbie, I have made some sales and have so, so much more to list that it often becomes overwhelming in my mind. However – I was feeling pretty stagnant and “stuck” in my life this winter; Poshmark helped me over the everyday predictability and I find myself excited again. Coming home and checking my listings and follow #’s have helped immensely. I will be sharing all over this party tonight (with my glass of wine) – any suggestions on my listings would be appreciated! Congrats on your anniversary and celebration tonight – @VintagePirate1

    1. Hi! I totally agree. Elle’s blog is a HUGE source of information and just …fun. I’m going to go look for you…get you a host pick!!

  4. Hi Elle! Thank you so much for the shares! Question (I hope this is an appropriate place to ask – still trying to figure out Posmark etiquette). Do you know the rationale behind only allowing priority shipping? The new price increase is difficult to manage when selling small value items. I encourage my buyers to bundle, but I feel for those who just want one thing. Have there been any discussions about allowing (maybe only high rated sellers to start) to offer free shipping at the regular USPS rate? I know that Poshmark makes $ off of the shipping costs, but as a business model, wouldn’t allowing other shipping options also drive sales? Just wondering what others are thinking, after getting some feedback from my buyers. Also, as an avid reader, I love your book recommendations. Sophie Kinsella is one of my faves. Check out Sarah Addison Allen – if you haven’t already. The Sugar Queen got me started with her books, she is fantastic!

    1. Hey Stephanie! I always love to “meet” others who love books! I will definitely check out Sarah Addison-Allen. If I were to comment on the shipping situation then it would be purely speculation. As a consumer I like that I receive all my packages in 2 days and they are easy to track online. As a seller its super easy to use the same packaging for everything and I get paid in the same time frame every time. I’m sure there is a valid argument for first class but Poshmark MUST have an agreement with the post office and/or some sort of research behind their decision. I just am personally glad that as a seller I am not responsible for shipping costs on my own. When my PFF purchases from my closet it is $6.49 for her to receive her items… when I send her a Christmas present it costs me almost $13 for the same weight package-same priority shipping.

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