The Men and Kids have arrived!

If you are an iPhone user, go update your app and see the new  feature!



If you use an iPad or Android then your update will come later.

So if you are one of those who cannot update yet… here is what it looks like…


If you are SHOPPING:


When you choose the “shop” (magnifying glass) option, you can now see a MENS tab and KIDS tab.

That is the first bit of good news! You can ignore it just like you can ignore the Wholesale Portal.




Also, if you are ever doing a specific search… like for “shoes” for instance… You can switch your view from ALL/WOMEN/KIDS/MEN


If you are SELLING:

When you are creating a listing, when you choose “category” you will see this:


When you choose Mens-Shoes (for example) … It will look like this:


So far I really like what I see. If you want to see this in action- Poshmark has a great tutorial video that shows how it works.

To watch the video, click HERE to go to the Official Poshmark Blog.

I have been asked a ton this past week if I will be selling Kids or Mens in my closet.

Here is how I feel:

I purchase and sell what I wear or enjoy shopping for… with that said, I do not typically get jazzed about buying kids clothing. With that said, I do sometimes have “girls” clothes that can fit an adult (size 14, 16, etc) and I have refrained from listing on Poshmark. SO, yes, now I will sell THOSE items in my closet.

I also have mens clothes that I can list, and might… But honestly, I am still trying to perfect my WOMENS clothing selling so I just don’t think I have the desire to jump into another sector. I am pretty excited about shopping the mens clothing section though, because I do at times wear mens shirts (have you ever checked out TOPMAN???).


This is a super short post but I wanted to let you know that IT’S HERE, and it looks like it’s gonna be ok 🙂

What are your thoughts?




12 thoughts on “The Men and Kids have arrived!

  1. Hey Ghirl……

    Love your new post, you are so on it! I’m with you, not super excited about men’s wear and not at all interested in kids clothes. I’m so glad we can segment this out of our shopping feed because I think I will stick #2 pencils in my eyes if I have to look at kid items. (I more of a dog person). I guess I will become a Poshmark OG – I want to buy and sell out of my closet. I’m warming up to retail but don’t not a priority. This is really a hobby for me, not a full time job.

  2. I’m really excited about the new change! I think Poshmark did a great job of organizing and personalizing it all. Goes to show, we shouldn’t get all worked up and worry about new changes. Poshmark listens to its users and knows what they’re doing. I know I will be shopping for kids and men’s items. As for selling, probably not. At least not for quite some time.

  3. Thank you Queen Asparagus! Excellent post, as per your usual. At first I was po’d when I saw the change, then I quickly chilled bc of two things 1. Posh isn’t in the game to lose money with such a large adjustment from the comfort zone, you knew it had to have certain parameters to make long time users comfortable. 2. The more I thought about it, ANY woman can be a predator as much as a man, and any man that REALLY wanted to be on here already could have catfished even thr smartest cookie w fake photos etc. So all in all, I still love Posh, so far, no complaints- and now they can focus on the vibrators and fake bags! Xoxo

  4. I like it! Can’t be afraid of change. It’s usually good if you give it a chance. Thanks for another great post Elle 😀

  5. Thanks for the info Elle–great post. My husband has a habit of buying clothes online and never returning so I have a huge pile of mostly NWT things that I think I will list in my closet now–but I will put that section last, and probably not share anywhere near the extent that I do with my own finds. We shall see if I have any luck!

  6. I am not sure how I feel,but change is constant, I do have lots of kids clothes listed on another site so I guses having it all in one place will work. Thanks as usual for a great blogging.

  7. Hey mamma! I have to say, I threw a few kids and men’s up and so far so good. I have kiddos and a hubby so this is definately another way for me to not only make money, but get rid of out grown and unliked items in my house. I am on board, so far….😘

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