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As of 2/8/2017, Shipping rates on Poshmark have increased to $6.49 for Priority Service. Although this blog post post is about the rate change from the same month in 2016… my opinions remain the same.


Well, my friends… I expect today to be a slow day.

New Shipping Rates on Poshmark are now in effect!

Overnight it was announced that standard Priority Shipping on purchases weighing up to 5 lbs will now be $5.95 $6.49 (updated 2/8/2017)

Only a few short years ago, the rate was $6.99 so it could be worse… right???

I have already stated my case in the post Are You Talking Ship? so I will not regurgitate my stand.

Take note of Posher comments in the post- very good examples are listed.

Perhaps, in light of the changes we can remain positive and just start bundling more… right? Bundling always helps to make us feel better about shipping costs… Yes, if you are purchasing a $5.00 shirt it hurts, but Shoppers, look around the closet and see if you want anything else. The seller may have the perfect blazer you have been looking for or a necklace you can not live another weekend without.

I know bundling doesn’t make shipping any cheaper BUT a seller usually will be more open to discounts to offset shipping when you purchase more than one item- I know that is certainly true for my closet!

In case you do not go back to read the aforementioned post, I encourage you to ask a Postal employee how much your package would cost if you were paying for shipping on your own. I think you will be surprised!

For all you sellers out there who are about to jump ship- just give it time! Hundreds of people (it seems) sign up for Poshmark daily! New users are ready to purchase and don’t know about magical 0.99 shipping or the good old days of $4.99…

Some people get mad when their server says there is a charge for extra ranch … you can’t please everyone.

Here are some ideas to help your closet during this time of transition (i.e. while people are getting used to the new cost):

  • Have a Dollar Sale! Take $1 off all purchases made this month! (Sound ridiculous? Well, so is getting mad about the price of extra guac)
  • Increase your bundle discount.
  • When listing new items- price so that you have room to discount to help ease the buyer’s mind (and open their wallet).
This is NOT directed towards those of us who are on a strict budget- trust me, I get it. But this is more directed to those who will refrain from shopping based on sheer principle.


How do YOU feel about the new shipping rates? Feel free to vent in the comments below

OR, let us know what you will be doing to help keep everyone calm!

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17 thoughts on “New Shipping Rates on Poshmark

  1. Here’s my 2 cents on the subject…as a self proclaimed Amazon junkie, with its magical prime 2 day shipping and all that, it’s hard to remember that not all companies live in the world where ferries deliver packages for free. Amazon has messed with all of our heads thinking that free shipping is a constitutional right.
    I had to realize that if I want to get something that I will have a hard time getting anywhere else, I’m going to have to pay a bit of shipping. I live in the middle of nowhere and finding fashionable treasures is about as likely as seeing Big Foot riding a unicorn. So, for me, it’s worth getting a quality item with super fast shipping and usually packaged up so stinking cute that I have a hard time remembering that it’s not my birthday.
    On the other hand, as a seller, I feel like my packaging is pretty top notch but there is always room for improvement. I think it is more important than ever to make buyers feel like they are getting their money’s worth. Though it’s not us charging the shipping, I feel like in order to help buyers over this mental million dollar shipping increase, any little extras things we can do on our end will surely make a difference.
    Thank you for lending me your soapbox, dear Elle. I’m done now 😊

    1. Kyli, your “Big Foot riding a unicorn” analogy made me actually laugh out loud! That is so true that we get used to one company’s policies and it’s hard to reprogram ourselves to another! I tweeted to Poshmark that I JUST purchased swimwear from Victoria’s Secret this morning and it was $18.99 shipping! But I understand the value and it was buffered by the $25 off “promo” they were running. Great call on upping the packaging! I don’t think everyone realizes how inexpensive it is to do (Dollar Store *cough-cough*)!

  2. The cost of doing business has a cost! So, if the Postal Service has raised the rate, which they have, then Poshmark has to do the same accordingly. Just be mindful of this when negotiating a price for that must have item! I knew it was coming. It’s still far below what people charge on eBay, so I’m not complaining!

    Maybe Poshmark can develop something similar to Amazon’s Prime option taking into consideration a bulk fee that could be paid by us Poshers like a membership fee. It can’t hurt to explore it!

  3. I know that this increase will upset some people but like Kyli I too live in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and rely on online shopping to keep me in printer ink and paper and well pretty much everything. Although Free shipping from Amazon is awesome I don’t get it from many other online purchases too often. My postman is my neighbor and when I started bringing all my Poshmark priority packages to the post office he got curious and asked about “my business”. He said “well I’ve never heard of them but they got a sweet deal on shipping if you can ship up to 5lbs thru Priority for $4.99 anywhere in the US”. He explained that it’s not just the weight of the package but the destination as well that factors into the normal shipping cost. He said “for example this package here would normally cost $12”. My jaw hit the floor. So for me this extra $.96 is not upsetting at all. If it keeps my neighbor in a job I’ll forgo the extra $1 shot of espresso in my coffee and happily pay it.

  4. KYLI- you just summed it up SO perfectly. I came on to comment, because, honestly as a seller, I panicked a bit. But girl, you dropped the mic on ’em 🙂

    Btw- I’m SO glad I subscribed to this blog, I have no time for a life outside of hubby, 4 kiddos and POSH! but, I will certainly make time to read this.

    Happy selling ladies!

  5. Ooo I’ve been waiting for someone to start talking about this! I was stalking Twitter when the announcement first came out but nothing, til now 😊

    So… Here are my thoughts. We’ve made the executives & the big wigs of Poshmark very wealthy with their 20% commission. Understandably, to run a successful company like Poshmark, sure they need to take their cut too. Which is a pretty heavy cut in my opinion but I don’t know how much of a commission other older sites took, like eBay for example. I also sell on Mercari… there’s a choice for the seller to decide who pays for shipping, buyer or seller. Mercari does NOT take commission. Yes, maybe Poshmark is more successful than Mercari but I don’t see them going under any time soon. It IS a little difficult to advertise your closet on Mercari. I get random buys here & there, but on Posh all I need to do to put myself out there is follow, share, follow, share.

    So back to my first point of making the higher ups of Poshmark VERY wealthy… Instead of hurting the buyers with that extra $1 shipping why can’t they take it out of their commission? Yes, it’s easy to say to the buyers “come on, it’s only $1” but compare that dollar taken out of a 20% commission? It’s chump change!

    AND the retail portal? I wonder how much Poshmark has made through the vendors… And they took away the bundle feature when buying! Ouy… Don’t get me started on the retail portal! Such a great strategy to get poshers to buy in bulk! Women LOVE to shop… Make them think they can get a deal & profit from it?! BRAVO! They make money through the vendors (maybe? I don’t know) AND they make money when we sell their items… IF we sell them! Genius!!!

    Thank you for this, Elle! Letting us have a platform to vent! I love your blog 😘

  6. I was a little surprised to see the announcement last night as there was no warning (that I noticed anyway). That being said, it’s still a GREAT deal for shipping for the most part. Yes $5.95 shipping for a small piece of jewelry is a LOT compared to what it would be if you bought your own shipping (typically just under $3), but for bundles and bigger things, it is a bargain. I really hope this encourages buyers to buy more in bulk to make the most of it. I’ve gone through lots of different “sale” scenarios in my closet and the one that gets me the most sales by far is just pricing at 75% off MSRP right off the bat. I’ve tried pricing just SLIGHTLY higher and offering a bundle discount (I don’t currently discount bundles, I literally cannot go $1 lower on anything), and ZERO sales. The way I’m set up, I get lots and lots of bundle purchases and I’m hoping that just increases with the new changes to the app. I do wish there was a cheaper option just for jewelry though, especially since that is what the majority of my closet is. I’m definitely not upset over the changes though and I don’t think anyone really should be.

  7. Wonderful thoughts and suggestions… What effect it will have for me is I will now only purchase at closets that have more then one item I “like”. Let me say, that is really rare! It’s like finding *Big foot riding a unicorn*! The bundle feature, yeah, that was very much on my mind last night. Again, it’s gonna be rare if I can find that, and push that “buy bundle” button.

  8. Well I remember the 6.99 shipping and also the nice 4.99. I also experienced right after the announcement I was listing some new items and dropped price and a whopping $3.95 shipping was randomized. So I’m not at the least bothered I will be happy to catch those newbies who had no clue of what was before and move on from there. I hope they don’t bump into negative post about shipping though because this can impact their experience on posh. I and a few of my pffs like to remain positive with change from pmhq and stay 10 steps ahead. Again a well written post and hope to see more.

  9. I actually don’t hate the 95 cent increase. If you go on USPS’s site they say that priority mail starts at $6.45 and can vary depending on post office location. So it was a steal to have shipping at $4.99 and still pretty nice to have it at $5.95. And also, if you shop online with major retailers their shipping costs are pretty much the same or higher or you have to spend a certain amount to get free shipping. Not to mention it takes like 5-10 business days (in other words forever) to actually get your order. As an online shopper I already know that shipping costs comes with territory no matter what I purchase. With Poshmark, I like the ease of the shipping service so far and have no real complaints. But, I do understand the frustration some people may have!

  10. IMHO, I believe shipping has gone up due to the many poshers who think it’s ok to trade by way of cheating Poshmark. Ie, they buy, then immediately cancel just to get the free shipping. In the end, it hurts the rest of us as nothing is really free…

  11. A company the size of Poshmark gets huge postage/postal/shipping discounts on their preprinted labels we download.
    Marking their shipping up was just increasing their profits. Let’s not be this naive.

  12. Correct… The only people that support this increase is people that want to try to bundle and then they’re selling more items because people think they’re getting more for the price of one shipping cost. But for those that don’t want to bundle items it’s ridiculous cost for shipping one tiny little item. If you’re a boutique or trying to sell multiple multiple items then yeah you just get a bundle and it seems like people are getting deals. I don’t want to bundle maybe I’m just looking for one item so I don’t need three or four items just to make sure that it covers my shipping that doesn’t make sense. For myself I have seen my sales go down because like I stated if someone’s looking for just one item $649 is a very expensive rate for like a used pair of shoes or something that’s not even brand-new. For people that say because of where they live sometimes I don’t get free shipping if you purchase online the right way the majority of the time you can get free shipping it has nothing to do with where you live. I would assume posh Mark could make a better deal with the Postal Service they just choose not to

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