How to Organize Your Poshmark Closet

Organize Your Poshmark Closet

I have been a disorganized mess my entire life. However, I do want to discuss how to organize your Poshmark closet because it is one of the greatest achievements of my life. Maybe… not really, but I do work hard at it.

My current and ever evolving system has developed over the past 2 years. I have some challenging elements as most of us do… I live in a condo that does not have storage space. No generous closets or extra rooms here!

While my system is pretty basic and tucked out of sight in a stingy closet, it has proven effective for me and has relieved so many stresses that come from selling things online. I am finally in control and my “inventory” feels like less of an annoying roommate. Big achievement for a self- proclaimed mess.


When I first opened my Poshmark closet and had 40-50 listings, I kept them all in a single bin in the corner of my bedroom. As my closet grew and I became more obsessed with Poshmark, it became increasingly harder to find what had sold. I would frantically rummage through the bins, adding lint and wrinkles to my stash.

I had to find a better system.

The first step in my progression of organization was to find a way to separate items into groups. For a couple of years now I have sorted my items into bins, keeping like items together (denim, long sleeve, short sleeve , etc). These shown are stackable bins that I labeled according to style or category. This worked well at first for my 200-250 listings.

Even though it was so much easier to find things, I still would sometimes dread making a sale because of shipping. I am very conscientious about how I ship and I want things to be presented as nicely and neatly as possible so I was constantly steaming and lint rolling. This part of the process is something I have never enjoyed. I hate shipping.

Other problems that would occur with this kind of organizing is that I would need way more room for bulky pieces like cardigans and would waste bin space on compact ones like shorts or skirts. I was slowly outgrowing this system.

Over the years I have asked others how they organize their stuff and have been inspired by so many. So my system is a culmination of many ideas- tailored to work for me!

Finally I am able to find exactly what I am looking for easily and also have removed the tedious parts of shipping.

How to Organize Your Poshmark Closet

When I reopened my closet in January of this year, I knew I had to change a few things. I ordered plastic inventory bags online and as I listed items I would fold and pack them in the bags as if they had sold.

Yes, there is now initial work, but for me, someone who despises shipping- it has been life changing!

Now, after I carefully fold and bag them, I place them in a bin that is labeled by the alphabet (you can use numbers or symbols or emojis- that would have been fun!) according to which bin has room. No longer do I have to put cardigans with cardigans and jeans with jeans!

These are the same stackable bins I showed you earlier. They are front loading and are stacked as high as they will go without falling over. I can fit about 20 or so items in each and the rest I have in larger regular bins that can hold 30-35.



These are the bins that hold 30-35 items. I label them with the alphabet as well, and as my closet grows I can add more.

I am currently on “R”.

These bins are stored in a shared storage closet. Not super easy access but luckily they are out of the way!


Here is the entire process that keeps me organized:

  • Describe. I measure all item and take notes of any flaws etc.
  • Photo. I take basic photos and also photos of the material content and care instructions now that we have 8 photos. This cuts listing time and eliminates error. The photos speak for themselves!
  • List. I combine the measurements, details, and photos online within the app.
  • Bag. I go over the item with a fine tooth comb, a lint roller, and sometimes a pilling remover. I prep it so it’s ready to ship out and then pack it in a clear bag. There are pros and cons to this and I will explain…
  • Store. I determine which bin has room and store accordingly. All bins are labeled with a letter.
  • Update. I update each listing with note at the end with which bin the items are located.

I do each step in bulk, not one items at a time.


If you are considering bagging your items… there are certainly pros and cons


  • Things stay neat, while they may have creases from folding they won’t be as wrinkled like they could be
  • Lint/Dust free no matter how long it takes to sell
  • If I am out of town it’s easier to have someone do a quick shipment for me


  • Cost of bags
  • Time
  • Can’t model/update pictures easily
  • Questions are hard to answer

If my inventory were larger or if I sold multiples (wholesale) I may consider a more thorough numbered system for my individual items. But adding a tag and numbering isn’t necessary with my current amount.

To combat the CONS, in my descriptions I try to anticipate ALL questions. I always measure and take ample photos. If I get a request to model, well, in some cases I just have to ask that they refer to measurements.

Now, this may not be right for everyone, but for me, this solved a HUGE stress for me.  Now every thing is shipment ready. I have already done the hard work, caught any flaws, and have an accurately describe item to the best of my ability and can ship worry free!


How YOU Should Organize Your Poshmark Closet

The number one thing you should do before doing a massive organizational overhaul is…

Identify what problem you are trying to solve.


Are you always losing items? Consider bins and organize in a way that works for you and your inventory size.

Is shipping time consuming? Consider bagging the inventory.

Are you simply overwhelmed? Maybe you need a day to just reorganize what you have in your current system.


Remember: Don’t fix what already works!

If you LOVE the shipping process and taking the time with each item making it super cute- then the inventory bags might be a HUGE waste of time and money for you.


If you have an extra closet and can hang your items then packing things in bins may not be necessary.


I think one of the biggest struggles I hear is that, like me, others have a lack of space. In this case get creative. Find one corner of a room and designate that’s where you will allow a single stack of bins. Bins come in all sizes- find one that works for you. You can store under your bed even. If you just can’t create any more space then it’s important to know your limits. If you only have room for 3 bins that hold 100 pieces- then don’t get more to sell until you have sold some. It will be less frustrating if you have set your limits and stick to them.

But how far should you go to organize your Poshmark closet?

Organizing can be a monetary investment so make sure it’s worth it.

Ask yourself “Is the money spent on organizing going to pay off?”

Right now I have found that I can really only have 500 items stored before I potentially lose my mind. While I don’t see my closet getting much larger than this, I have considered renting a storage unit. However, I would have to be selling enough for this to even make sense. Right now it doesn’t.

But bags on the other hand have been well worth it to protect my sanity.


How do YOU organize your closet and what creative ways do you create room?


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17 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Poshmark Closet

  1. You have no idea how much I admire you and your creativity! I currently have 6 or 7 tubs and a spare closet to store my inventory, each labeled with specifically sorted contents and the closet holsing the more delicate or excessively bulky items. But as you creatively stated, they feel like an annoying roommate. When I need to add to my inventory from my personal closet (I don’t do boutique), there are at least 2 more tubs or laundry baskets that get added to the mix until I can get everything photographed, described, listed and organized. It all gets to be quite a headache, constantly shuffling tubs out of the way to do one thing, then moving it back when I’m finished. A separate room to dedicate to Poshing would be a dream!

  2. Hi what size bags do you use and where do you find them online? I found some food grade bags on Amazon but not sure if these are right? Thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. Hey Kate! I have ordered several different kinds from Amazon, I just did a “poly bag” search. My favorite so far are ULine ones because you can open them and reseal them easily. I purchased an assorted size bundle and have reordered sizes as I have run out.

  3. Great post! I recently moved all my Posh stuff (and my young adult daughters’ listings) to a closet that wasn’t really being used in our house. Now it is our Posh closet, and everything is hanging, in bins or shoe boxes–and we still sometimes can’t find things! It’s better but not perfect (doesn’t help that my girls sell for their friends too and we’re running out of space quickly!) Thanks for all the great ideas. I love the bagging idea especially. Lint rolling is so tedious!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your system! I am where you were…binning things by category…but it’s hard because one bin will be stuffed full and another may have only a couple of items! I have recently started pre-bagging…but think I will be adopting your lettering system…thank you SO much for sharing! I LOVE your front loading stack-able bins too…do you mind me asking where you found yours?

    1. Hey Erika! I got them on clearance at Target a couple of years ago… I have seen similar ones at Home Depot, I think they are called recycling bins…

  5. Elle, I’ve been struggling with this recently. I have a decent sized second bedroom, but I lack the motivation to organize and store Posh stuff more efficiently besides dealing with my regular (second bedroom) clothes stash…which is out-of-control. What’s worked for me though is storing in CLEAR bins. I separate by type of item, but can see whats at the bottom 👌🏼. Your bag idea is incredible though…may have to try it. Another awesome post as usual! 💓

  6. Can you tell me what the letters on your bins correspond to? I’m just about to completely organize my inventory but with upwards of 1000 items it’s going to be difficult and time consuming. Can you suggest the best place to purchase the bins and plastic bags because I’m currently using large tubs from Target but only fog shoes, bags, jewelry and makeup and my garage is filled with about 6 hanging racks and my guest room I can’t even walk in as it’s full mostly of things that need to be listed. I do have closet space for things that must be hung as well as about 2 rolling racks in the garage that are really sturdy but I worry the clothes will get ruined hanging in the garage. Btw, I just LOVE your blog!!

    1. Hey! 1000 items? Wow! the letters on my bins correspond to the letter in each listing. I only have 400-500 so that’s easy enough for me. I have seen some sellers use numbers for a more exact system. I believe all of my bins are from Target purchased over the years. The bags I like most are U-line brand but there are many different brands and types out there. Hope that helps!!

  7. Hi Elle!
    I’ve been bagging my items in ziploc bags after I post them, and it seemed like such a great way to have everything organized and ready to ship, but recently I noticed a brand new white top that I had bagged started to yellow!! I did a google search and found that bagging clothing can cause it to yellow or also mold and mildew as it traps moisture inside. Have you had any problems like this?? I feel like I need to go home and pull everything out of the bags!! But then I will have a mess of unorganized clothes! I’m like you, I dread the shipping aspect of it but it has been sooo much easier with the items pre-bagged!

    1. Hi Kristi! No I have never heard of that… I’m not sure what would cause it- if it’s about moisture in the air, or moisture on clothing prior… but I have never had an issue. Probably why a lot of places use silica gel packets though.

  8. I only joined Poshmark in January, but I’m already hooked and have bought a few things on clearance to add to my own inventory of my own used items. Although I haven’t made any sales in a week so I’m already starting to stress out a bit that I’m investing in a website that people are starting to turn away from due to high shipping and all of the “spam” from the new feature that rolled out this weekend. ACK

    I ordered a cheap 10 tier shoe shelf on Amazon last week, and have it hidden in the corner of our small bedroom with a tri-fold room divider screen hiding it and all my flattened USPS boxes. The rest is still hanging in my closet with my regular wardrobe.

    Anyway, I LOVE your blog and am reading every single post over the last few days. Thank you for all of your great advice!


    1. Hi Kara! I’m glad you are enjoying Posh! I wouldn’t worry about people leaving Posh… there are people who LOVE and HATE every new feature or change. You should have seen what happened when they allowed men’s clothing to be sold! It takes a while for everyone to adjust… sure some people leave- and so many more join!

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