Packing and Shipping your Poshmark Sales

Poshmark Shipping Tips

I have never been a cutesy girl.

I do not wear the color pink, I HATE glitter, and the idea of sitting around with friends painting our nails makes me want to gag.

So what the heck does this have to do with Poshmark shipping?

Well, I have done my share of shopping on Poshmark and the fabulous packaging I have encountered has been quite intimidating! If you are like me and “cute” does not come naturally, it can be a bit overwhelming! The adorableย  wrapping paper- thank you cards- burlap bows- gingham accents- charms- the beautiful handwriting- and the FREE GIFTS!

I will never live up to this pinterest inspired standard!

If you started to have a panic attack just thinking about it- this post is for you!

Let’s talk about packaging and shipping!


Getting the basics about shipping out of the way first…


You can use any box you want- EXCEPT the wrong ones!

You can use any of these priority shipping boxes:


Or even envelopes:



Any random recycled cardboard:


Or shipping bags you can purchase.

You cannot use FLAT RATE. Why? Because you did not PAY for a flat rate. I know, I know, you probably read somewhere online that some girl has been using these boxes with no issue. Fantastic. But at any point- a postal employee might notice and decide to enforce the rules and all of a sudden, the package gets returned to sender or WORSE, there is a payment due upon receipt!!! I would be HORRIFIED if one of my buyers had to pay to receive their purchase when they already PAID FOR SHIPPING just because I couldn’t get my act together.

The Flat Rate boxes LOOK like the Priority boxes and even say Priority but they also clearly say FLAT RATE.

These correct priority boxes are free so there is no excuse!

Also, don’t forget that if your package is over 5 pounds you will have to purchase a heavier weight label.

I always check my weights with this postal scale!


The post office also has a scale you can use.


You can get fancy with your labels if you want. I don’t have time or energy.

I just make sure that its stuck to the box and that there is no tape covering the barcode. I have been scolded MANY times by the post office for covering the barcode with tape or a plastic sleeves, but that’s another story. Whoops!


The two most important aspects in packaging are..


Careful Presentation



Starting off with Cleanliness

Prepping the item:

This is one of the most important elements of the shipping process!

Tools to help with this prep process- lint roller, pilling remover.


I don’t care if your item has been stored in a sealed container and there isn’t a dog within 20 miles of your house. USE A LINT REMOVER! No one wants to open a package and find random dryer lint or stray hairs. They know the sweater is used or at least pre-owned but you don’t have to remind them.

There are several areas that I inspect before sending the item on it’s way:

Even if the item is NWT you still need to inspect!

  • I hold the fabric up to the window and search for the smallest of holes (J.Crew and Vince are NOTORIOUS for holes)
  • Interior Underarm check for possible deodorant residue (if it’s NWTs it could be marked from when someone tried it on at the store)
  • Exterior underarm check for pilling
  • Seams- I look at all seams to make sure all stitches are accounted for
  • Overall inspection for stains or signs of wear

You probably did this before listing, but a thorough second check is important. I have caught issues and I will ABSOLUTELY contact the buyer immediately and let them know of the discrepancy from the description. If the item defers from the description you run the imminent risk of a return. I have had buyers be completely cool with an issue and some have been thankful for my honesty and my willingness to cancel.

*** Please remember- if you sell a BUNDLE and there is an issue with ONE item- the WHOLE BUNDLE is returned, not just the problematic piece***

Side note about the pilling remover. I recommend using this with caution and probably best to use BEFORE the item sells. I once decide to remove some very minimal pilling and actually ate a hole in a sweater! That was fun to admit to the buyer!

“Hey i just ruined your sweater!!!”

Yeah, yeah I know that some people have used a razor blade… but it’s a shirt- not my leg. I will stick to my battery operated removal device.


Now lets move on to Presentation

Why do we love receiving these adorably, over the top, elaborately packaged purchases?

Because of the unspoken statement the seller makes!


The seller is saying:

You are important.

Your purchase means a lot to me.

You are worth my time.


You can certainly make the same statement in you own way without having Rainbow Brite as your shipping manager!




It can be very simple. I tried different things over the past 2 years of selling. I have used sparkly ribbons, stickers, thank you notes shaped like frogs, pastel tissue paper, and other elements that are just not ME. Finally I realized it’s about the care you put into it.

I found a system and packaging style that matches my personality. It’s SO SIMPLE. I neatly fold the item and wrap in tissue paper. I pay attention to details- if there is a large button- I wrap that. If a zipper could potentially cause a snag during shipping- I cover it up too. Show the importance of the piece to the buyer. I finish it off by tying a single string around the package. I also use enough tissue paper around the wrapped item so it does not move in the box during shipping.



The way you pack and present is non-verbal communication of the

perceived value of the item.


A couple of months ago I decided to order post card size notes to include in my packages. I sometimes add a personal note as well. Some Poshers excel in handwritten notes- however, I love the sleek professional statement that a pre-printed note present. It may not come across as warm and fuzzy but it does say: I take this $h*! seriously.


Here are a few more examples:



Here are two examples where packaging could have made a better first impression:




And yes… some swear by free gifts. I’m on the fence. Occasionally I will add something appropriate to the purchase or if I have found something at a good price that I can include. But I do not find it necessary in most situations.


When it comes to actually SHIPPING YOUR SALES… depending on your schedule or where you live- you may have to have your packages picked up from your home.

I almost ALWAYS drop off directly at the post office for scanning and get a receipt! This gives PROOF that I dropped off the package and I have a receipt so that if the post office loses it- I am covered. Occasionally if I do not have time, I will drop in the drop off box, but never a bundle or a higher value item. It’s not a risk I am willing to take.



If you excel in being crafty and packing your sales to pinterest worthy perfection- I LOVE YOU!

For the rest of us… there is hope for 5 Star reviews regardless of our shortcomings.


Now I turn it over to my favorite people- the readers!

Tell me what you do or what you LOVE to receive!!!


Oh, by the way, THANK YOU to all who follow, share, and recommend others to this site! You guys are awesome!!!




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27 thoughts on “Packing and Shipping your Poshmark Sales

  1. I love this! I am like you, opposite of girly! So I have scratched my head many times wondering how on earth people come up with such crafty ideas?! I am on the opposite end of the crafty spectrum..So I did a basic Google search on “neutral colored tissue paper” (can’t go wrong with a neutral color!), and I was directed to a shop on Etsy. I found all natural materials, from the tissue to the thank you card. I am not into all natural things, BUT it all went together and created a theme. So the paper is basic brown kraft paper (recycled), the TY cards are recycled…I have horrible handwriting, but my buyers don’t seem to mind. I finish it off with all natural flat black ribbon and a tiny (all natural HA) thank you tag. I also found handmade body butter samples, so most of my buyers get one! Just kinda depends on how much their purchase was. If it was $5, I make $2.05, so the packaging easily costs that. I usually won’t send a gift in that case. I personally shop as much as I sell, and I have received THE BEST packages and THE WORST. If it is at least wrapped nice, the chances of getting 5 stars is greater. Appearance is a big deal to most Poshers I think. Why else would we need to filter our covershots (which takes me forever by the way!) It really is about selling to the RIGHT people, (I have learned that I do not like selling to teenagers, as most of my less than 5 stars have come from that age group, regardless of how nicely it is packaged and what kind of freebies they received. UGH), and it is about forming friendships and building trust. If your package is presentable, chances are the buyer will come back. I have several repeat buyers, and they always brag on my packaging! Good post Elle!

  2. I think it’s important to put extra care into wrapping as well. I have received items unwrapped, thrown in, dirty, and smelly–it’s not a pleasant experience. I personally don’t use postal bags to ship because boxes are the same price (FREE!); give a better perceived value and protect the item better. I don’t include “Free Gifts” because 1) it eats at my bottom line, and I already give fantastic deals, 2) many “free gifts” I’ve received are trash, and 3) I don’t want it to be expected to get a free gift with purchase. My last pet-peeve is not protecting leather goods, even in a box if the Post man leaves it in a rainstorm, it’s RUINED. I package all my items in baggies. Yeah, it’s not the Pinterest prettiest, but it does the job! I also protect my products with padding so they don’t slide around. My username is @cfiesta (although I’m trying to change it, thanks to you! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) Thanks for the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yay! This is pretty much how I wrap my sold items too๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing fussy, just recycled tissue paper, sometimes in different colors and then tie around the package using semi-synthetic raffia. I then place the item in a plastic bag (sometimes not the prettiest, but they’re clean) because the cardboard boxes do arrive wet in parts of the country where there’s lots of rainfall. If it’s just a top or lighter item & I don’t have a plastic bag, I’ll sometimes put the wrapped item in a USPS Tyvec envelope which is waterproof before placing in a box. If it’s jewelry I always use thick bubble wrap to protect from breakage. My thank you cards are made from Kraft recycled paper, simple looking with the “Thank You” inscribed on the front. I pretty much write the same couple of short sentences showing my appreciation for the purchase, etc..My gift giving depends on what was purchased. I’d say it’s 50/50..if I do it’s something generic like clear lipgloss which I’ve purchased in bulk or hand lotion. That’s about it.. When I make a purchase, I only ask that the item has been inspected, is clean, and is at least wrapped in tissue or something to protect the merchandise, not just thrown in the box!

  4. I love this post. Wish I could have read it when I first started 11 months ago ๐Ÿ˜€ Trial and error is how I figured out what my customers enjoy. I love your packaging. It is very neat and clean looking. I would love to receive that. I have received some pretty ugly packaging but have learned to laugh…if I’m in a good mood ha! I pretty much wrap like you do. I do use colored tissue paper with matching ribbon. I also make my cards out of stock paper because it’s sooo much cheaper and so cute with added stickers etc. I do send free gift (usually earrings) I buy them in bulk. So very economical and the feedback from customers has been awesome. One of loyal customers said ” I feel like I’m opening a birthday gift every time I get your package”. That made me feel so good that she feels so special. Well that’s pretty much my routine. I really enjoy your posts. They make my day. Thanks Elle!

  5. Great post! I on their other hand, LOVE making a statement with my packaging. I like to have a “flow” and “theme” from my closet, cover shots, to packaging. I use the fun printed paper and cards from TJMaxx. And while that may be overboard for some poeple, I like going the extra mile and making it special. It is disappointing though when I put so much effort into my closet and packaging, and when I buy items…they are just thrown into a box. A total bummer. And I totally agree about the folding items nicely…presentation and cleanliness is key. Keep the posts coming….I look forward to all your posts!

    1. Oh! I don’t usually give freebies. If I do…it is in mystery boxes and big bundles. And I use the boxes, and not the envelopes. I think it protects better and has a nice presentation. (@breezymoments)

      1. If I am shipping an item that is small and does not have anything that could be damaged (like a tee or sweater) I lean toward the tyvek envelopes… 1) Because its waterproof and 2) Because the mailman can probably get it in the mailbox. If I use a huge box for a small item then I know it will probably sit outside. For presentations sake, I am with you 100%, I love boxes!

  6. Your writing style is excellent and all your topics are always spot on! May I add that the tiniest of special touches in our packages sets us (Poshmark sellers) apart from all the other e-commerce sites. Thank you for your blog!

  7. I personally don’t care how the package looks if I’m getting a killer deal on an amazing item. However, I will say that when I do receive a nicely wrapped package and a (nice) free gift it does make me smile and remember that seller. Oh and I recently bought 2 pair of Free People sandals for $70 which the seller just threw into a GIANT USPS box with some crumpled up newspaper. I literally had to fish trough the paper to find each shoe. I was shocked because she had tons of love notes stating how pretty her pkg was and she had left several love notes commenting on how beautifully her purchases were wrapped, etc so she clearly knew about the expectation. I love both pair of sandals so damn much I really honestly didn’t care about the packaging in the end but she only got 4 stars. I have received plenty of smaller purchases with less than desirable presentation but the price was so great that I didn’t care. With that said, I wrap my items in colored tissue paper and ribbon bought at the Dollar Store. I recently found a giant spool of purple raffia ribbon there too (I should go back and buy them out) and it looks lovely with any of the colors of tissue. I was using note cards but recently started cutting scrapbook paper (I have a TON and have yet to produce a single completed scrapbook, but that’s a story for another blog post) and punching a hole in it and tying it to the pkg with the ribbon. I might add a cute sticker (do not underestimate that dollar store) to the wrapped item or the tag too. Super cute. Minimal. Easy peasy. Everyone is happy. As far as free gifts go I will sometimes include one if I have something but I don’t go out of my way to purchase giveaways. I have a ton of my own costume jewelry that I never wear and don’t see it bringing in much profit on posh so I will sometimes include a piece of that. Or a tea bag or instant coffee pouch if I happen to have some. If I have established a relationship with my buyer and I know they liked a specific item in my closet ($10 or less) that has been sitting for a while I will throw that in for them. But if I am tight on time and don’t have anything to gift then I don’t fret over it. Thanks! P.S. I love your blog xoxo

  8. Elle, thanks so much for another awesome post! I love your blog!! โค๏ธ
    I tend to go overboard on packaging and “extras.” I stress myself out so much and it seems to take me hours to get a package ready. I’m going to try to quit doing that!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I am one of those who feel that it’s very important to give your items the personal touch when it comes to wrapping, cards, and free gifts. That’s what sets Poshmark apart from other sites. I can order some of the same stuff on Amazon, but I love the warm, fuzzy feel I get when I open a beautifully wrapped purchase. It makes it a present to myself!

    I have received some that are wrapped so unbelievably meticulously that it feels like a crime to open it and destroy a work of art!

    Personally, I am not a Girly Girl, but I think about communication with the buyer, the item, and what I have at the moment to wrap with in order to personalize it and give that same feeling to someone else! I love getting feedback about how much they enjoyed my packaging! Almost everything I use is recycled from packages I’ve received. Free and 100% recycled.

    My customers are important to me, and the little bit of effort I put into these packages is NOTHING compared to the feelings of anticipation and giddiness I get when I read a thankful comment from the buyer.

    This blog post is super important and Poshmark should post it on their site! I’m tired of receiving carelessly tossed items in a mangled bag. One package was so bad that it damaged all the items in it from packaging!

    Nice musings.

  10. Love your post!! Oh and I had no idea there was such a thing as a pill remover! And here I am removing like how they do from the stone ages lol. I’m going to go find one this weekend. Great advice! And I totally like to keep my packaging simple. I do polka dot paper and a postcard. I love receiving just nice notes from sellers too when I purchase something. It brightens my day so I try to share the love with my packaging ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. I rely on Tyvek envelopes because they’re waterproof and yes they fit in the mailbox if I have tissue paper and ribbon well and good but posh puts way too much emphasis on these pretty packages … The amount of fees they take it’s an added expense as are free gifts. This all comes out of the sellers pocket on top of 20% and on top of people lowballing due to the increase of shipping . Poshmark is not gotten in their heads that a little piece of jewelry or a lightweight piece of lingerie or top should not go in a $5.95 priority mail box or envelope . Something heavy is being shipped from coast-to-coast 5.95 is definitely a steal but in many cases it’s a complete rip off to the buyer and the seller usually ends up taking the loss because the buyers want them to come way down on the price. And I’m just not that pussy to take 20 minutes to wrap a package on top of it inspecting the item…which is important. Every other Instagram post is some fancy wrapped package from somebody who sells exclusively on Poshmark and probably has all of the time in the world to do so. Well I’m sorry but I do not and I’m not making enough money to justify the added expense or time because time is money. In what is with poshfest? Do these people really make enough money to justify traveling in pain for a ticket and hotel and food and whatever else? airfare? I mean come on. I enjoyed pass for a little while but I’m over strangers bickering and arguing and having their little clique. It’s too much craziness and prissiness for me.

    1. I agree, I believe items should be inspected and folded. Is there any tree huggers on poshmark? Recycle, just seems wasteful all the fancy shipping, I do wrap in tissue paper and put thank you stickers as well as a thank you note. Because it seems to be required, (lower shipping to first class on under 1 lb. poshmark), I believe it should be about the item and communication, not the color and prints on the wrapping. But thatโ€™s just me

  12. S-
    Take a moment to take a deep breath. I have to agree with you on the shipping. I would love to see an option where the seller can choose between lightweight shipping/heavyweight shipping. Although I don’t know all the mechanisms of the postoffice or Poshmark to know if this is possible/practical.
    As for Poshfest, I would Love to go! Do I make enough money to justify it? Absolutely not! But I love Poshmark, fashion, shopping, and all these great ladies. To me, that’s what would justify the trip, if I were to go. Are there people that do make that kind of money. Definitely. And hats off to them. They put in a lot of hard work.
    As for the fancy packaging, I do my best. I don’t make a whole lot of money on Poshmark.. yet. But I have fun with it and make the best with what I can afford. My ultimate goal would be to make Poshmark my full time job. I feel like I really found something I love and if I can make money from it, even better! I used to sell Jamberry with the intent of just making money. I hated it and needless to say, I didn’t do well.
    So S, if you’re reading this, what I’m trying to say is that you gotta find something you love to do. There’s gunna be downsides to everything. But what makes the difference is if you’re doing something you truly enjoy, the downsides won’t seem as big of a deal to you. It’s gotta be about more than just the money. (But obviously the money has its part too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Ahhh…shipping! When I started I ordered from someone who floored me! I mean her presentation was awesome. When I finally started selling…I remembered: I’m the mom who put baby gifts in gift bags. I wasn’t born with the wrapping gene๐Ÿ˜ฑ Fast forward to the grandmere’ who put baby gifts in gift bags! That’s what I did until I thought uh no, not going to work out! What I took away from that first seller: branding! I could distinguish her meticulously wrapped and beribboned orders from among 30 boxes. So, how could I replicate that style and I couldn’t wrap AND I sell mostly shoes? I picked my 3 favorite colors: black, white & hot pink. I searched for pink and white poly mailers. I bought white tissue only. I bought 3 shades of pink curly ribbon. I got on my computer and made thank you cards, just write in the name (I can’t read my own handwriting) I store my shoes in photo memory boxes…I bought lots (I don’t mean a lot I mean I bought them by the lot!) And they fit in the USPS boxes like magic. I’m a gooooood folder!

    I’m doing final check before liftoff: turn garment inside out, check seams, pockets, loose thread, hems. Clip, tighten, lint roller, repeat on the right side out. Lay tissue, lay garment, fold, insert into poly mailer. Write buyers name on card & hole punch. Add gift in 4×6 cellophane bag (clothing mini lint roller & keyring measuring tape). Tie w/curling ribbon onto card. Insert into Tyvex…it’s outta here. Shoes, same process, except I wrap heel and dongles and hardware in tissue first. I use pink, black & white boxes and the gift changes to a mini pedicure kit I make up with eBay supplies. Bundles? bigger poly mailer, same process. Net result, I’ve branded myself. I’ve made it a no brainer, same exact thing, every single time. I get consistent ratings and pleased customers. Cost? Negligible, for the wrapping challenged. Everything is reusable. And it’s all totally stress free since I’m missing an apparently important gene.

    As for me, I love a nicely packaged order, gift or not. Any attempt at packing for delight and/ or safety, I’m happy. Dirt does not make me happy. Hair will make me run screaming from the room. Odors? I glove up and take care of it. Recklessness will make me angry, especially since even newspaper can prevent a horror story.

    I care much more how I send than how I receive. I’m handy, if it’s not too big of a mess. In my mind’s eye I like to think someone opened my package and said Ooooh…WOW!๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  14. Hi Elle! I hope I can get a reply from you. I’ve been reading your blog and it’s been incredibly helpful! I just made my first sale, woohoo! The only problem is, I noticed a defect on my item while inspecting it after I accepted the offer. I notified the buyer immediately (per your advice here), but what should I do if she doesn’t respond? I was reading that PM has a 3 hour window to cancel a sale and have the SOLD banner removed. If she doesn’t respond before the 3 hour window is up, should I just cancel the order myself to avoid the risk of her claiming the item as not as described? Thank you in advance if you take the time to respond!

  15. I was curious how you packaged boutique items. I am a new business license-holder and I purchase wholesale from distributors to sell and am slowly changing my closet from resale to boutique. The wholesale items come in their individual plastic bags, and I feel that it protects them. I pull them out and inspect them, but have been leaving them in their wholesale bags and then wrapping with tissue paper and twine with a note and a thank you tag. What are your recommendations for this? I’m not sure how others are doing it and am very curious on your recommendation, or from what other buyers have seen from other retail sellers. I want it to be special, of course, but not sure how I should package those new items! Thanks for the feedback, I’ve been insanely curious (minus purchasing a boutique item myself and seeing how the seller packages it) and can’t find any advice or examples anywhere! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristin! I personally do not sell boutique merchandise… I sold a couple of pieces from the wholesale portal last year and that’s the extent. However, my OPINION is this- whether you sell boutique or preowned, I think branding is important. A blend of professionalism that exudes your personality. I like how you wrapped the original plastic bag… It’s personal yet reminds people it’s new. You could also do the reverse and wrap in tissue paper and put back into the plastic. The fantastic news is that Poshmark is current having a #poshpackages contest on Instagram- I would recommend going on there and doing a tag search from #poshpackages and you can see hundreds of packages and get some ideas and inspiration! I hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  16. I relate to your feelings about packaging so much. It does not come naturally to me! Packaging is what I struggle with most as a seller, I think because as a buyer I don’t care much about packaging, I care about the ITEM that is in the packaging. Of course, I like things to be tidily wrapped but I could do without the thank you notes, free gifts, rainbows, and unicorns. I’m a selective buyer and I just want what I bought to be as described or better, wrapped in simple, clean, efficient packaging. Great article!

  17. Omg! You don’t know
    How much this helped me. I just sold my first couple items in the last 24 hours and now I’m like uh… now what? Thank you!!!

  18. Thanks so much for the shipping suggestions. I wanted to ask how everyone shipped tall or heavy boots??? Do you guys include the original box with these boots? I have many pairs of winter boots but I just have not posted them because of needing shipping information. I didn’t want to get a bad rating because the original boxes were not including or the boots were damaged because I shipped them wrong. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m fairly new at this and I just want to do it right. Thanks in advance for any

  19. It’s been over a year since you posted this and it’s still helping people like me who just read it for the first time. I have a small organic tea business- and for the most part its a one woman show of blending, packaging, markets and social media. I get LOTS of positive feedback on the packaging whether its my tea labels, shipping or subscription boxes. What I’ve done is similar– I’ve kept it simple, environmentally-friendly as possible, and coordinated with my brand (that has evolved on it’s own as fun, relaxed and colorful) . Packaging often includes a wide range of items in an order. Besides loose leaf teas there are fabric arts, honey, mini-gingerbread houses, paintings, and even tea jellies! So I have lots of different methods of using tissue paper, poster board, and cardboard! (I refuse to use those evil packing peanuts for environmental and child safety reasons). For the most part, I use all white tissue- but I put 2 layers that will overlap at the top after everything is together. This is ‘sealed’ with a 3 or 4″ sticker with my logo. Invoice with a hand written card that includes 10% off their next purchase goes on top. Simple. No ribbons. bows. or whistles. I do have a little fun throwing in a free gift as well- but this is a very small item I purchase in a bulk order from an artist on Etsy. And the freebie is always handmade!
    However, I know when I receive an order that is packaged with a sense a fun I have more fun opening it. So every item is individually wrapped with a little extra flair. Right now during the winter months- there’s Holly sprigs, cinnamon sticks, paper snowflakes ect. even a mini-paper snowman is tied with twine to the honey!
    We all love to open things and creating a special experience for those who purchase from us shouldn’t cost us a lot, even more so if we can create it from what we already have in our workrooms.

    For Angela-I ordered a vintage pair of purple boots a few years ago on Etsy. The packaging was AWESOME! here’s what she did: Inside a regular shipping box (try ULINE) was another box (the original 1980s shoebox). On top with a logo sticker to hold it in place was a business envelope with invoice, care instructions, business card, and a little handwritten note FROM MY BOOTS! The shoe box was actually GIFT WRAPPED in wrap that matched the boots! Yep purple with white flowers! — it was one of the best packages I’ve ever received and yes I ordered more from her within a month of the boots! So I’d recommend measuring your boot box, think about your packaging for that item. You said winter boots? how about a snow theme? snowflake tissue paper? A Top-Ten List of What the Boots Love about being with Customer X this Winter! ( #5:The fun squishy sound and feel of slushie sidewalks while keeping your feet dry & warm for you”) #2 Your kitten crawling in while I sit in the boot tray on the heater grate) …. Nashville Wraps has a great deal going on– I think the design is called Swirl– snowflakes with blue swirls. I bought a ton of it! Anyhow- be creative and and have FUN with packaging… it’s what will make you stand out from the rest! Hope this helps– Cheers Everyone!

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