Things I wish I Knew about Clothing… in my 20’s



I promise this is not a lame fashion post about tired topics like “What to wear to the BBQ this weekend!” or “How to look effortless during festival season!” I mean, really? Well, you might still find it lame but whatever.

Like most of us, I have a full closet. I also suffer from “I have nothing to wear.” For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have a small selection of only my favorites. A few pieces that when I open my closet door I get overwhelmed because I want to wear everything THAT DAY.

Days I have felt that way so far? zero.

I hated everything. I used to buy tops just to wear them once or twice and end up despising them for whatever reason. I spent too much money at LOFT and then never wore what I purchased. Normally I would hate the way they felt or the fit was wrong but I loved owning them and liked having them hanging around in my closet.

Recently (within the past few years) my mind has been completely blown as I discovered a few things about clothing (and myself). If I could go back in time- this is what I would have sat down and told myself over a cup of coffee.

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The Crazy Cat Lady



First off, nothing makes me more excited than society’s sudden acceptance of all things CAT.

Look around you, shirts are adorned with the word “Meow!” and kittens dressed as astronauts. Also, the coffee world has embraced the market’s demand for kitty themed mugs. Pure bliss for a cat lover such as me!

But can we ever get away from the stigma of “Crazy Cat Lady”???

Long ago I decided to embrace it. Why? Well, you have probably decided that this mythical woman is nuts and must be avoided. Maybe it’s time to meet her…Continue reading →